b'PROJECT PROJECTTYPE TYPECATALOG # CATALOG #LED Dusk-Dawn Security / FloodLED Dusk-Dawn Security / FloodPROJECTAPPLICATIONS APPLICATIONS TYPEThe 08-LED-AL-GR dusk-to-dawn The 08-LED-AseL-GR curity/ood dusk-to-dawn light is sean curity/ood ideallight is an idealCATALOG #and solution for general solution site and for ood general lighting site in and commercial ood lighting in commercial and residential settings. reWith sidential a diesettings. With a housinghousing and acast aluminum die cast and aluminum a LED Dusk-Dawn Security / Flooduted,polycarbonate uted,lens polycarbonate relensshie toglare,the shieldtoduceglare,ld the reduce LELDE-DD-DDADLASLNSN LED-DDALSN economical security lighting.LED Dusk-to-Dawn Light 35 & 55 Watt LED Dusk-to-Dawn Luminaires LED-DDALSN08-LED-AL-GR provide08-LED-AL-GR economical security ,lighting. s eective,provides eectiveHigh-ecacy,long-lifeHigh-eLEDslong-lifeboth LEDs energy provide and bothenergyand cacy,provide 35 &3 55 5& W 55a tWt LaEtDt L DEuDs Dk-utsok-D-taow-Dna 3Lwu5nm & Liu n5ma5i irWneasaitrte sLED Dusk-to-Dawn LuminairesAPPLICATIONS maintenance sot savings maintecompared nance sot to savings traditional,comparedincandeto scetraditional,nt incandescent The 08-LED-AL-GR dusk-to-dawn and HID security/ood lights.security/ood and HID security/ood lights.light is an ideal solution for general site and ood lighting in commercial and residential settings. With a die cast aluminum housing and a ProjectPr:oject: uted,polycarbonateFEATURES toFEATURES the.* Project:lensProject: glare, shieldreduceAvailable in 5000k color temperature Available in 5000k color temperature.*08-LED-AL-GR provides eective, economical security lighting.with at least 70% ofThe Dusk-to-Dawn light utilizesLong-life LEDs provideLong-life 55,000 hours LEDs of provide operation 55,000 with hours at least of operation 70% of Type:Type: High-ecacy,long-lifeLEDsType: energyandType:provideboth initial lumens output (L70).**initial lumens output (L70).**Catalog #: LELDE-DD-DDADLASLNSN LED-DDALSN Light Sensor PhotocellLight Sensor Photocell efficient LED technology to provide a35 & 55 Watt LED Dusk-to-Dawn Luminaires Catalog #: LED-DDALSNmaintenance sot savings compared to traditional, incandescentDelivers 5,027 lumens and 99 lumens per watt.* Delivers 5,027 lumens and 99 lumens per watt.*Catalog #: and HID security/ood lights. Catalog #:35 &3 55 5& W 55a tWt LED Dusk-to-Dawn Luminaires high-lumen light source to flood largePower factor 0.90. Power factor 0.90. att LED Dusk-to-Da3w5n & Lu 5m5 iWnaaitrte sLED Dusk-to-Dawn Luminaires Universal 120-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz) is standard. Universal 120-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz) is standard. Total harmonic distortion 20% Total harmonic distortion 20% PROJECTFEATURES Available in 5000k color temperature Color rendering index 80*Color rendering index 80. PROJECT outdoor spaces. Popular in agriculturalLong-life LEDs provide 55, Die cast alumi000 hours of operation num housi Die cast alumiwing.th at least 70% num housiofng.Project: STANDARD Project: . TYPE STANDARD Project:STANDSATRADNDARD Project: and rural settings, the Dusk-to-Dawn initial lumens output (L70).** Fluted, polycarbonate Fluted, lens shield to reduce glare polycarbonate lens shield to reduce glare. Delivers 5,027 lumens and 99 lumens per watt.* NEMA-type photocel Nl and mounting arm are iEMA-type photocell and mounting arm are included. ncluded. TYPEWET1.2k Type: RoHSType: trot. RoHS Light can also be used in parking lots1.2kV Surge Protection WETType: Type: V 1.2kVEasy installation in new construction or re Easy installation in new construction or retrot. 1.2kV Light Sensor Photocell Universal 120-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz) is standard.WET Surge Surge WET Surge CATALOG #ProtectPower factor 0.90. Protection RoHS CATALOG # and garages, loading docks and other Protectionion RoHS * Contact factory for othe* Contact factory for other color temperatures and lumer color ten packmpeageratures. s and lumen packages.Catalog #: **L 70 hours are IES TM-21-11 calculate**L 70 Catalog #: Catalog #:Catalog #: hours ared hours. IES TM-21-11 calculated hours. Total harmonic distortion 20%The TheLED-DDALSNdusk-to-dawn security/floodTi slhi geahnLEt i diDse -aaDnlDiAdeLSaNldusk-to-dawn security/flood light is an idealdusk-to-dawn security/flood light is an idealLED-DDALSN TheLED-DDALSNdusk-to-dawn security/flood lightWARRANTY &LISTINGS LISTINGS WARRANTY & WARRANTY & LISTINGS common public areas. Color rendering index 80.WPSN WARRANTY &LISTINGS -4F to 113F). in commercial and(-20C to 45C / locations wet 1c1FU3 LtFou s).11li3stFedPROJECT). for listed for cULuswetlocations(-20C to 45C / in commercial and-4F to 113F). solution for general site and flood lighting07-LED lcULusliste waetitolnosca(-ti2o0nsC( -t2 -4solutiosonl ufotiro gne fnoerr gael snietera al nsdit efl oanoddflilgohotdin lgighint icnogminm cseoormcluiamtli oeanrnc dfioaragnedn eral site and flood lighting Die cast aluminum housing.residernetsiiadl esnettitainl sges.t tW 08-LED-DDALSN c o0 45C Cto/4-45CF/to 15" aluminum housing and aresidential settings. With a die cast Fluted, polycarbonate lens shield to reduce glare. wde ftolorinigtsh.aW diitehcaa dstiea cluamstinaulumm hinouumsir nhegos iuadsneidnn tgai a aln sde tat in cULuslisted for aluminum housing and a gs. With a die castWARRANTY & LISWTAINRGRSANTY & LISTINGS, ap a 40-120 WATT LED WALL PACKS es reduce proont.ection. LED- protection.IP65 rated for standard approved. IP65 rated for ingress DLCingressprotection. LED- the reduce glare,Durable die cast aluminum housing shield to lens fluted, polycarbonate STANDARD NEMA-type photocell and mounting arm are included.STANDARD IP6 rated or ingr sprotectiSTANDARD s e e tel IP65 frated for ingressglare,theflutedf,l uptoelydc ro onatelens ierledd tuocree gdluarcee, gtlhafelrut,etdDh,- pLEolyDc-arbona 5 Easy installation in new construction or retrot. STANDARDisted for wet locations (-20C to 40C / -4F to 104F). cULus listed for we cULus lt locations (-20C to 40C / -4F to 104F).LED-DDALG40W WET LE - pr kVRg-liensshield to sk-t e B. d. 15, class B. 15, 1.2kV Partwith FCC DLCstandardTYPE approved. Complies15,classB. both energy and economical security lighting.s provide S D H E o L R effective, g-life s kV on n 2 e ge cti o r l 1. u te , S ro y P provid LSN WETHigh-efficac DDAbloyncartbelensshield thoDLC approved.DLC approved.OUTDOOR : Multi-Purpose FloodDUSK-TO-DAWN SECURITY/FLOODovDLCstandard apprAPPLICATIONS DNDAprLoSvNidpersoevifdfeecsteivfefe, c **L 70 y 1.2kV g.oLED Mini Du ical .classB.Complieswith FCCPartDDALS etcivoen,oemcoicnaol mseiccu 40 WaDLCstandard approved o-Dawnarl isteyc luigrhDittyDin lAgigL.h SNtin videseffective,economsecurity lighting. 1.2 Complies with FCC Part 15, Complie Class B.s with FCC Part 15, Class B.SurgeComplieswith FCCPart Surge* Contact factory for other color temperatures and lumen packages.hours are IES TM-21-11 calculated hours.Complieswith FCCPart15,class Protection RoHS 5-year warranty on all ele 5-year warranty on all electronics and housing.ctronics and housing. probvoitdhe ebnoetrhg ey naenHrdgigh e efficacy, lonoHS LEDs provideboth energy andHigh-eHfifgicha-ceyf,f ilcoancgy-,l ilfoenLgE-lDifse pLrEoDvside WETand RoHS fe WETSurg Protection07-LEDWPSN is a series of rugged, durable LED wall packs, which are perfect Cop Compliesw protection (1.2kV). surge immunitywith EN61000-4-5, Complies AC 120-277VProtection m lieswith ENi6th1 0E0N06-41-050,0s-4ur-g5e, simurmgue nimitympurnoitteycptiroonCt e(1ocmt.i2opknlV).i e(1s.CATALOG #w2kitV).h EN61000-4-5,surge immunityprotection (1.2kV).APPLICATIONS ood light is an idealcompared toetaral ditional, ings dumsak-intote-dnaawnnce s ecocustristay/vflood light is an id LED-DDALSN Themaintmenaainntceen caonsctes acovTisnhtgessaLEcvToiDnhm-geDspLEDacArDe totoAtrak cur n 5rwarra A WAR WARRANTY &LISTINGS5-yearWARRANTY &LISTINGSom-dDpDareLdSN dt-oitdtoituo-dnaawl,rsakd-ittoio-dnaawl,n securitym saeincuterintya/nfcloeo cdo slitgshat Tvisihn eagnsLE icdDoem-aDlpD /fl -yea 5-year nty arLeSdN todutrsakd-tioti-odnaawl,n security/flood light is an idealand housing. warranty of all electronics 5-year LISTINGS WARRANTY & and housing.LSNdus MOUNTING OPTIMONOSUNTING OPTIONS ty of all electronicsand housing. warranty of all electronicsfor outdoor perimeter and area lighting. With a die cast aluminum housingThe 08-LED-DDALSN dusk- WARRANTY & LISTINGS hin IDmme ic y/ l floo RANTY &LISTINGS in commercial andsolution for generali nscitaen adneds cfelonotda lnigdh HtiInDg sienc cuormitym/felorcoidal l aignhdt s.warran-dawn se ity/flood light is an of all electronicsand housing.punishing environmentalLEDHID sluturn fof i oLS s d n commerci al ttainngd H co securr t ioandk-tcULuslisted for -4F to 113F). waetitoloncsa(-ti2o0nsC( -t2o0 45C Cto/4-45CF/to G ARM n. (-20C to 45C / IN tio T c N te U ro O p s locations M wet1c1FU3 LtFou s).11li3stFed). for listed for cULus IP65 rated for ingres wetFixture comes pre-wired 120V with LED- the reduce glare, aluminum housing and ald to S e E i R sh U s T n A le FE residential settings. With a die cast fluted, polycarbonateboth energyincandinecsacnedntacn and -DDA te rhtN F 35 & in commercial andnt is standard. o-Daw rst t aluminai housing and a locations(-20C to 45C /-4F to 113F).es edn tHIDs osleuctuiornit yfo/frl ogoedn el rl goenlie l nWall-mount attachme Wall-mount attachment is standard. a d lights.soecioity/ r ga si.t efl oainnocddaflnilgodhoetdsicn leiggn solution f r general site and flood lightinggahl tdssi e.t aExtrudedaluminumExtrudedextensionaluminumarm(15exte height,nsion 13armwi (15 dth, height,13width, -4and a polycarbonate lens, the 07-LEDWPSN will stand up to many years of andconditions. High-ecacy, and flood lighting i die cast 08-LED-DDALSN num ection. ArmIP65 rated for ingress photocell installedideal solution for general sitecULus listed for wet locations (-20C to 40C / -4F to 104F).cULuslisted fo we local tial settings. With aidential settings. With a die caresidenlong-life LEDs provide uminum housing and a Project: costresidential settings. With a die cast55 Watt LED Dusn Lumi res protection.aluminum housirnegs and aDLC approved. 1 diameter) is also standard.1 diameter) is also standard.and residential settings. With a die cast aluminum housing and aIP65 raIPte6d5froart eindg froers isnpgrroestescptiroont.maintenancesavings compared to traditional, HID hieRES MOU MOUNTING ARM lensshield to MOUNTING ARMFEATURES fluted, polycarComplies with FCC Part 15, Class B. glaNTING AD- Comes standard with MountingLED-FEATURES fluted, pobloyn lens s ATUto e,the et h,-e pLERM reduce glare,thecaarbonateshleienlsd E rledducree gdluarce ,etd olycarbonate to flruLEDwall packs. DUSK-TO-DAWN SECURITY/FLOOD12 DLC standard approved. standard approved12 . DLCfluted, polycarbonate lens shield to reduce glare, the Opt h Nprover-DLCstandard approved.12powder- Optional powder-economical security lighting.effective, provides DDALSN 5-year warranty on all electronics and housing. DLC 12 DDALSDNDAprLoSvNid nAL. S standard approved.Type: c *lig iona g.owd seffective,economical security lighting.70 * 70persoveifdfeecsteivfefe,etcivoen,oemcoicnaol mseiccuarl istey cluigrhiDttyDi gtin lp ide * Optional08-LED-DDALSN provides effective, economical security Optionalpowder- Available in 5000k(coolwhite) color temperature. MODEL de coa (coolawhitecoloroCe urei. wCithP FaCrtC15P,acrtla1s5s, B.ountingm sltaeseslc cl.assB. Pcaorta1te5d, el 240Vwith FCC Complies omplies reC. with FCCParLight sensor photocell r ) color temperatu and e it y h rg w e l n o e o c h ( t k o 0 b 0 e 0 d 5 i vin ro lep b s ila D a E v L Aesponds High-efficacy, long-lifeFEATURESAvailable liingh 5ti0n0g. Hig0k(corojectte)c y l-o i racy,l lf s ng-life*Available in 5000k nd co ted s)teenl l tempeC mplies LUMINAIRE INPUT CURRENT (A) INPUT CURRENT (A) POWER THD L t15,classB.MODEL ou tm unotminpgrlia eotswth FC WATTS 120V INPUT FACTOR 277V HOURSh-e h- hig i ac g ,l long E , D e a * EDs provideboith ebn ts y COLOR arm CRI ca COLOR ng-lif 5810 LEDs provide WATT -4 cB sua ll eor walls. c POWER THD with EN610a0r0m-4a-5tt,ascuhregse t iom pmoulensity o onpilies FACTOR peormat oCof ** 20% 55,000 78,000 hours -5, st al, a surge immunity nle o t ti a i d e a id tr ov o r t p d s e D protection (1.2kV). r a E L p em lif o - c g s n g o n L visa maintenance costPo f l fi wHi: , h-effictemporprtur .LEDs prov oetrhg energy a d l i m LUMINAIRELUMINAIRELUMINAIRELUMENS/ INPUT LUMENS/ oated ste mountingL HOURSHig ca ffic lno MOUNTING OPTIONSa ted stee cy,i o CRI LUMENS both energy and 120Ve cy o f e L -i eL oviede both energy andHigh-neff ngWATTS WATT VOLTAGE VOLTAGETEMPERATURE TEMPERATURE 240VLUMENS3000k (warm white),ma n t le PPLICAT o av N g n f com a tonLEar ov atta 80 of ie sEaNti6o1n0Lore rmsum stecmt 5950,0%00 automatically to decr Available in Catalog #: 4000k (neutral white) and 5000k tio oopenr pare sce otraditional, h attaches to polesCeosmwpilther with EN61 protection (1.2kV). 000 m ip 277V aim 90%0.21o C .i2opknlV).i e(1s.2wkitV).h EN61000-4 easing light levels08-LED-AL-50W-GR 08-LED5-0A0L0-5k0W-GR 550,002k7 5,02979 15210-277 0.9493 0.2120-27 rg nihtyemspu rtnooit tepycoptlieron (1nc 00 t I foperaa sur-g5ae, imm nt A ast7a8 e o r 0s r O in S tion a -ilde d t nD prm maintenance costsavings op 00-4-5, or wa ttu 0.43 02.01%8Lonmga-liinfete LnaEnDcsepcorostv idae tg 78 a 00 h c us o hours ** s l,L ncgn ife ideac t elesa tsot p7o8,le0s0C0 ohmouprlis ** compared totraditional, 718s v ia snWall-mount attachment is standard. or walls. 0.Long-life LEDs provide at leas e c,o0 mp e r od ts t adiiomaintenance costsavingscompared totraditional, Extrudedaluminumextensionarm(15height,13width, s.d(coolwith at least 70% ofpe: n lumen output * (L 7 S ).dus witoh at least 70%orowfailnlsit.iallumen output5 year 1w1 arranty of all electronics and housing. anhousing.5-yea warranty of all electronics rw 5-year 1 ). ty of a 70 (L ll electronicslumen output and housing.initial with at least 70% of and HID security/flood lights. incandescentwhite) color temperatures* Ty initialout08-tL(L -DDAL 0 N k-t -dawn security/flood light is an (L 70 ).- nty of all electronicsand housing. arran).i o d ling h s en an and HID security/flood lights.with at leaasntd 7 H0I%Dsoefciunriittiya/lflluome de e. pu t ED d HID security/flood lights. incandescent 5-yearw1 arranca Thts c 70 Long-life LEDs provide 216,000 hours ofLED-DDALSN t Moogme ma gbracket at and 11522 lume15 nswww.cMounting bracket included. Mounting brackettorlighting MOUNTING ARM .comand 122 lumenscULus listed for wet locations4,269 lumens delivers * LED-DDALSN35W per watt.FEATURESincandescentand HID security/flood lights. 1 diameter) is also standard.* operation with at least 70%Contrtor Ligh untincrc, ki e ting & Supply(877)-664-5483wwlighting.c 15DND3A5LWSNd3e5liWverdse4liv,2e6rids9 lumens a S ig35 ogu dninn ting & Supply(877)-664-5483ontractor w.contracomLED-DLDEADL-S e4a,l2 s6o9lu tluiomn efonrs gaennedr 1l2 Lse2iEnt elsDu am-nDdeD nflAsooLd Nl htiW C cbrs e4 tor Ligh 15and 122 lum ac n eiliv trac 26l t9 lumensM on r aof initial lumen output (L 70 FEAT Catalog #: and residential settings. Wpiethraw aditet. * 35 & 55 W t LED Dusk-to-Dawn Luminairesper watt.* )** t. URES included. included.per wat cast aluinmcinluudme dho. using and a1.2-STANDARD n FEATURESlly)u cmcaoreblonorsn ataetenm dlpee COLOR e oA LUMINAIRE FEATURES MOUNTING ARM 12POWER 4kV L 12MOUNTING ARM and 126 lumens 6,703 lumens delivers 12LED-DDALSN55WAL FEATURES MODELensDre LUMINAIRE LUMENS/ MOUNTING ARM 2.5kV SURGE 70 12 LED-DDALSN55W500d0ekli v(ecrfolsuot6le ,wd7,h0 pi3toe nrs2La 6sEt hulDuireem-ldD* CRI PROTECTION THDLED -DDaAv ilabSleN 5i 5W 1 INPUT INPUT CURRENT (A) PROTECTION 07-LEDWP40SN provides 4,734 lumens & 115 lumens per watt (LPW) at 3000k; tns LdSuNce5 5gWlared,e tlhiveers6,703 lumensand 126 lumens SURGE * * delivers6,703 lumensand 126 lum * LUMENS WATTS WATT VOLTAGE 120V 240V 277V FACTOR WET HOURS powder- Optional Optional powder-* * per watt.per Laotnt.g-life LEDs provid0e8 -aLtE lDe-a TEMPERATURE , teioconn omical security p wder- * 4,751 lumens & 116 LPW at 4000k; or 4,817 lumens & 117 LPW at 5000k* * Optioonwadlepro- w DsDt A7L8S,0N0 p0r ohv Optionaloiduersp eeofrffewocpatietvtre.aper watt. Prot in 50 Rio Pro (choito wh a t 80 WARRANTY & LISTINGS (cocoolawtehdit es)te ceollomro tuenmtipnegr ature. 20% 55,000 mountingcoated steel coated steel mountingis standaarrmd.attaches to poles ionerat op f o voltage (50-60Hz) urs 0 ho 8,00 7 st t lea white) color temperature. Universal 120-277 AC ide a (coolrov Available in 5000k Long-life LEDs p4kV ool 5000k 5,02751 99 120-277 0.21 0.18 AvailaAblvea i lable0 i0nk 5(0c00k w el) coiltoer)tceomlopre treamtupree.r * atureA. vailable in 5000k 0.43 mounting90%Surge 08-LED-AL-50W-GR ject: ndard coated steelwith at least 70% of liingihtitainlg l.u Hmigehn- eofufitcpaucty ,( lLong)*-*li fe LEDs provide both energy andUniversal 120-277 ACvoltage (50-60Hz)70 Univ.ersal 120-277 AC armattaches to polesUniversal 12 STANDARD oSnfo econ sHS is sta. 8,n000 hou soc r u o voltage (50-60aHrzm) ista tsartmcahnaedtsat artodch .peosl etos poles ofoperationDIMENSIONS Lorem ipsum or walls. **07-LEDWP60SN provides 6,983 lumens & 114LPW at 3000k; 7,0520-277 ACvoltage (50-e-60Hz) 4sstandard l e 7a82r,2e0 otrofauditsieoonafa t l,L i o c ENSION tor walls.104F).08-LED-DDAL N3 nLg a lftve Lnavat7s aosmp WARRANTY & LISTING s provaide at least78,000 hours ** DIMENSIONS or walls.EDs eprrso i,d2pce6or 9aost tvlsuliedamaevst i pen -ildoi s t locations (-40C to 40C / -40F toL W d lie engsh UL ** s lnr gn e nDWET g-lLi5 em iin EnDce in c d 1 d0 rt0op r D i IM at f n LeESLELDE-DDDALSN awn%o/lff 1 inid i al rs odn outptou).rt(L 0.).90. a on LS ess p3cti t.ial i .con n output(L 70 ). 1 om SURGE Mounting bracket 15 5000k 80 13 x 7 The LED-DDALG4 -DDALSN rii P cur o LED-DDAa e * c N rowww lume tractorlighting.c 1 115LUMENS / WATT included. Mounting bracket35 & 55 Watt LED Dusk-to-Dawn Luminaires LIFE HOURS ens N S 1L COLOR TEMPERATURE ). 70 A D D - D niotiwalelru fmacetno ro ut p0u.9t0(L. iP E dTeolivtaelrhsa4r,m26o9n ilcu mdiesntosrtaionnd1 2220 %lum. CRI f L * watt. DIMENSIONS erwith at least 70% o LED-DDALSN35W p sted for welumens & 116 LPW at both 4000k and 5000k* with ata t 7 t ** DIMENSIONSlight. It isPowe eal sol 0 nt . t a L eneraa C Type: Vn hng ting & Supplywith at least 70%orowfailnlsi& 5 WATTAGE ED Dusk-to-Dawn Luminaires0W i m h * t leaasntd 7 lHe0I%Dssoefc0iunon lloumeor Ligh 70 70(877)-664-5483 Power factolrum e0n 0p.er ww t tti ya act gl hPuotms.outewpeur t f(aLc MODEL r fact.o9srs a.9i0at ini dusk-to-d se tr ity/o cULus listed for wet locations (-20C to 45C / -4F to 113F) INITIAL LUMENS.2k li on.07-LEDWP80SN provides 9,768 lumens & 122 LPW at 3000k; or 9,885 nl 4269 t LEDted for ingr SION te5 m nting bracket 6kV included. Total Tot l0h mDnD dis for g ED-DDALSN35 35 & 55a tWt LatD IP66 r Dusk-to-Dawn Luma5i irWneasaitrte sL5,027 99 55,000harmonic distortioLnE D -2D0D%A.LSN35Wdeliv Su d od e Rtal12 6lumensand 12L2 lsum EN Mou 1.5kVana 8a-LrEo-i o LSl si 35 & 55 W omS E Dusk-to-Dawn o Lu n 50id u c A oNrt5io5nW d 2e0li%ve.rs 6,703 lu eliev ig o d e IP65 ratedDIM n% SD * tend o t e 4,269T luHhnasrmaon n DLCE- D2eD0 sL. undteinlivge brsra4c,k2e6t9 lumens15and 11522 lumensWET W rgm ns an,n A SN3M5Wrotecio nDlumens & 124 LPW at both 4000k and 5000k* perFEAT Catalog #: Color d li nde di c1 2d2is ltuoprmrteieomium approvedin.clude 2kVB. SURGE PROTECTION IP 65 70. rendering index Color ers 08-LED-AL-50W-GRU iv ns per pw al s tt.*wat l t. i URES 0H 0 s ses o ld d0e ght isCoide per watt. artTY , indc SURGE PROTECTION 2.5kV ens and 126 lum 6,703 lumens delivers LED-DDALSN55W lume er tt* .luded.in commercial and residen a wa engs. With a die castDLC standard approved PROTECTION ColorTheLED-DDALS70.sk-to-dawn security/ s f l loo o r e m y 2 ring inmp al0t.h FCC PN 15&LISTINGS and 126 lumens 6 SURGE WET Wa LED Mini Dusk-to-Dawn 40housing. inum : lum jecta o Type: t r s P Fluvtoeltda,gpeo (ly5c0a-6rb0oHnza)teislsetnasndshairedl.d to reduce glare. Die caAC DALG40W * D - per watt. Universal 120-277LEDColor rended n dex Nduan delxclassri egx in 70. ies 7wirenderning in d 120ut77 A A ocarbo(5 i0tW 0 n ki (s e6,7 hdcolor tenmdpe WARRA delivers6,703 lumens 07-LEDWP100SN provides 11,967 lumens & 117 LPW at 3000k; 12,159 w ai3treDnAsLSN55W sing anl a -2Cv vatalagLbeS e 556 0 de)v c ro tant l) umanedn s12a6 lumens PROTECTIONl n 5 6,703 lumens 1r2La6tE ulDurem-D*LED-DLDEADL-SDND5A5W naluminum hou ersaed, poly *Na-e lezlihi Complies with FCC Part 15, class BDie cast a Project: hou9ps0ei nr .Laotnt.g delivers Pr ject: Co ie ttr.aPro l u solution for general site and flood lightingin co o mercial and e * tion listed forwetlocations(-20C to 45C /-4F to 113F). lumens & 119 LPW at 4000k, or 12,350 lumens & 121 LPW at 5000k*uss iwingt.h EN61000-4-5, surge immunity protection (4kV).Die cast aluminumwatt.* g luminummphulorsp eorfwopa cULusmineurm fah -life LEDs provide at leaDie casst ta 78,000 hoject: g 40w Complies with EN61000-4-5, surge immunity (40W: 1.2kV; all others: 4kV)Pow cotouprs einr 0 W provides eecve, reduce glare, the LED-DDALG FluteT residential settings. With a die castaluminum housing and a6 IP65 rated fo LED Mini Dusk-to-Dawn Light DIMENSIONS 07-LEDWP120SN provides 13,213 lumens & 119 LPW at 3000k; 13,589slu0 is an 6)*r*ndivs.es 6Fluted, yc o na td e U nrstioswi teh at t orast7u 7 ce% g vloa lr T , pe: LE re r warranty of all electronics and housing. DIMENSIONSpol do,atparobl lhynacrambo ingh-ec ld2 % - ed AC fr leitnaF.igtuial z) st ed le rhatre olne c ei shlet niver 0 T l 20 0l2 D life LED et e( 5d,m-p6oe0lnyH cozau)r5tibps-ouy sntet aaa(L 70 a siael ld1 2to0- r2e7d7u AceCrgivnlaogrlrteae.gsse p(5ro0t-e6c0tHiozn).is standard.le 0hia1 u ARlare. nUnivssrsaioell 1d to2 SredDeC d.economical security lighng. Hi ns acy, ong- o -60 t Unfluted, polycarbona AN cg7 5W 0delivHer4 69 ldType: te 277 voltag3e (5 5-year warranty of all electronics and housing lumens & 122 LPW at 4000k; or 13,966 lumens & 126 LPW at 5000k* uam Color rendering index 8008LED-ADDALSN Type: lensshield toreduce gla s e,the D- ns and 122 D provide b NEMA-type photma l ntenance cost savings compared1g.kV llinonts. DIMENISMIOENNSSIONS included (120-277V). NEMA-type photocell 0.Power factor 0.9 oth energy and ocel included (120-2 7 ). NE Compliesc with RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances) NEMA-typepinc i er(1 lri n 277V) er on at MA-type photoce P w DDD c toctelll provid Power factor0 70.9V0.t*requireme luedre fadD c(L1toC2r0 s-t2 a07n.79dV0a.)r.d approved. Uniform illumination with no visible LED pixelationfect e ve, p l cw o ofitc%.6,l7latior .2 RoHwith FCCPartSIONS B. 2kV 1.5kV 6kV or retrofit. construction Catalog #: torEtiaosny i n2s0t%all.ation in newharmonic dis Total w es ct20- gieh ALSN uPo num f h ef s umi n9 e mical security lightin o asa miluded a ouo 0.s Catalog #: ey To r ,lhn construction rrd i f L d o . asy DIMENSIONS const6rruCompliesto tradional, incandescent and HID security/ood lights.Catalog #:uum nesTw an tdl12a DIMEN15,class Catalog #: ten-en i lw cya ew gon L dDsorAti itosreterNrt5ns ta 03Sln ine n oa Smcotinoinc odri srteotrrtoiofint. 20%.Easyinstallation in n D . tSro iu WET ge hinsta llFapo ccon le h 5nWe E d2 glea0lri%vee .irsltui osnTtarouttmecatl0h8na-cLrmEDon-Dic dEasyHi o di,n ffca a t b loar-life os riteo o ovideboth energy and Universal 120-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz) is standardonis r iset pton A e 20 70. factory Protection Color Coem lie is 1 PROJECT 12 surge immunityprotection (1.2kV). SURGE IP 65 and lumen packages. temperatures color other for factory 70. Contact * rendering index Color gh i E rPower factor 0.90 *NEMA-type pho r Coor lumens per watt*77V)d t for MOUNTING ARM ripng with EN61000-4-5, 12SURGE SURGE 12 Durable die cast aluminum housing*ContactCfaocnttoar ct ffoa roher lor Co pl tocell included (120-2 ex * u othercolor flood light is an ideal212PROTECTION PROTECTION PROTECTIONmaintenance costsavingsLE ompar L d N rsakd-titoio-dnaawl,n security/ rend ndex70.y t rco e renlde Te ndering d 0. Sto Contact temperaturesand lumen packages.lo t m ri he c D-DD n packages.in ** 70 **L 70 E ctotry i focroothe etio or ternran ng s s a dex tck 7 esr 7 **L 70 hoursare IESTM-21-11 cDpoce 5-yearwarrant WARRANTY &LISTINGS TM-21-11 calculated hours. re IES a . g rs n u i o s h u 0 o 7 L h ** Die cast aluminum r ur inL hours hoursare IESTM D m la rau i epse a d td t e e l r e ndlume go 7r eAtCro vfiot ltage (50-60Hz) is standardoursminumhousing. PROJECTTotal harmonic distortion 20%nstalla n in u e wU n on r s nl c 1 io0- 2 . alcul wd t alu. y of all electronicsand housing.are IES asy -21-11 calce ca civ u mtr pa 2 a housing. al ieatedh-TM-21-11 calcie casto la l te . s lu u au n Option as rFEATURES incandescentand HIDso sleuctuiornit yfo/frl ogoedn elirgahl tssi.te and flood lightingin commercial andProject:D usho s.minum a Color rendering index 80 ARDF u t ted h ar um rbo crrao c.d s ges. ANDARD coat lumi tee m housi nWeight:6 Weight: 4.4 lbs. listed forwetlocations(-20C toW 4e5gC / t:-4 6AC 120-277V shield to reduce glare. STANDARD polycarbonate lens Fluted, * ContaPowineurm fahcotours in g090T Weight: 4c.4U lLbuss. i h 4.F4tlob s1.13F).STAND ct factory for other color temperatures and lumen packa S TYPE 6 Available in 5000k (cool white) color,tpmp . e b etluted, g 6 protection.STANDARD ** L 70hours are IES TM-21-1 FluteT residential settings. With a die casta ed s nu l mounti ng and a 4.4 lbs. lud,ply ote lhyaamtura *ei shletioenrlstdi ostonhireel dd2 0uto%c e re gdlaurcee. glareF. polycarbonate lensshiIePld6 5to r areteddu TYPEcfoerginlagrree.ss1 calcu ddaol rs atre olnen se olacahou n inDie cast aluminum housing with durable, dark bronze, powder coat paint lens arm attaches to polesTING ARM 1.2kV Type:teleast 70% of i FEATURES1 fluted, polycarbonate DE v shield toreduce glare,OUN D- R1 with FCCPart B. RoHS Surge Protection it. T f E o Wor retr construction included (120-277V). ORDERING INFORMATION installation in new y s NEMA-type photocell EaWARRA tputColor r r en kV Ro included (120-277V) r wa ON M ttheLE 15 includedD (L1C20s-t2a7n7dVa)r.d approved12 . 15,classFixture comes pre-wired 120V with.2kV 1.2 dering index 801.2kVNEMA-type photocell o . lls. Polycarbonate lens with seamless, silicone gasket to prevent leaks NEMA-type photocellLong-life LEDs provide 153,000 hD photocellincluded (120-277V). MOUNTIe ing.CATALOG #NEMA-type Suge Surgours of operation with at Polycarbonate has F1 rating to avoid discolorations N i DALSNprovideho ffe ngRING INFORMATING ARMWET D P tection num se usi cti e,economical security light oHSORDEORRINDGE RININFGO RINMFAOTRIMONATIO 7 it ie cast alumi HS uctionor retr ounE ET srain Optionalpowder- nitial lumen ou Pr Surge ostala RoHS OR ture.*M ofit. W a yck ProtectionnewconstrCuocmtiopnliCATALOG #osr retrofit.eotec **rosy 0 ).WET (L nn io eNTY & LISTINGS n new ting b stallation inThe wiumin * Contat ation o tn he ic * C toe im LE f o r umein ral s * i C e e-ndeawrgny-4F to 113F). andurity/f l lo o Accessories dn (-20C to 45C / tin t is an ideallocations wet LISTINGS ie or e f s r 2& u d WARRANTY &t Y te ra lis pe Co1lo2r us m L e U T cWARRANT LISTINGS ns e d m an u L Per Watt ercial protection (1.2kV). re m ai m n o ic m n Lumens u i L hting ts ig tl a d photocell installed W o o e l . r f s i e a d g n a n i k a c m a e p u t L i en l s um a dusk-to-dawn security/flood light is an ideal l r d e n . n a rs e s l u e g o r e h r tu d o d a o r ef t pe M n la m cu io te LED-DDALSN t al r uc o l 1 ol o c -1 The s other TM-21 for are IES factory #: hours 70 L Contact * ** Catalogas y50iEn0satallc inwconsAvailablEe in 0k F(luotoeld lw, hpioteelny) c aorbloorn tarecutmoecn tplioesetnnrraso sr hreietlrdo ftito. reduce glarecoated stee moug LETDh-eDLEDADL-SDNDAduLSskN-tdou-dska-wton- dsaewcunr isteyc/fuloriod light is an ide-aDl DAreLoSavNli ddeubsokt-ht . tac te ac l t armuntit r g ai r mco eComplieswith EN61000-4-5,surge immunity 12 Internal bubble level facilitates level installation High-effictayc/yfl,o loondTg hl-igelihfLEet iD included.sec lighs aDnsipd oOptional powder-coated* life LEDs pro fa d t en t l r wa 2h0 L,0mina r reerci o l pe m WARRANTRYA &NLTIYS T&INLGISSTINGS 0W tur 8 And e 10 o r120W - e y s e( p 45C /WAR attaches to poles Delivers 4,80c5U lLuumse lnisst eadnd f o1r2 w3 elutm lNoeEcnMast Aip t tn 7-LEDWPSN n n os kag L traditionald, fo lighn 4 co Luminaireer 0 ac Lumens 1 12lsted re oucsaintionsg. Accessories -4F to 113F).solution o Long- eral site and vi loo a 0 p a -tt. otocell included (120-277V)* t e oan t Color t o rothe ing lo n 6 p mm es cial and n packages. e u Color tu foarnwde htlo (-20C to 45C /Easy installation in new construction or retrot a ho yfor c r o t ry c en t f ting 1 in 00 savings an Llu rat n s em fl o d al l ls. 1-11r s( u wC 5 y0 o c e ss 0 aCty / oU p-4F tthoa1 t l3e F)a L 70att sy IE for gh - n 78u com a i u an s ens n ee pac Lusl l r. r u pe ory ure M wetlocationsh 2 e rrwarr5a t -4 aFllLteol e1c1tir3oFni).c sModel for gen L Contactfactor cfmai d li east r ce costhou t rso f compared to C o n o sd feom atts -2 at 0W tem la 0 ra ( ess Wlume W tf c T m s erasolution for general site andumina irehtinttsn cinaim so cialum . d ged * Luminaire W for c io LumeAc ours aCto 4n**L 70 LED- M A del 35 1 70 L floodlig Wag t i i momreer lu t t Lres DA a T Lusfo or w Arm withT o pmi . Mounting L n = alc -2 nsc i to ALSN-ARM o 4 protection. i LED-DD sW Weight: 4.4 lbs. 5000k 5K = WIPei6g5h rt:a t4e.d4flobrs i.ngress122 protection. LED- the 4,269 = We reduce glare, aluminum housing and a Light sensor photocell r 35 shield to lens ings. With a die cast t t e s l a i t n e LED-DDALSN35W id s e r fluted, polycarbonate espondso colortemp and lu a*Contact factory for other color temperatures and lumen packages. u Eaother S Lu temperatures L don d Per Watt U ted liste et c ted . Perhours are IES TM-21-11 calculated hours. **L ast 70% ofiniti al color 2 n oou ut( s ). Model c Tempesa t rsa ra wtaluoles or holls. 7.81-4F to 113F). ight:4.4 lbs.** ** men packages.ire W rsa s installeati 1 n tipn new construction or retrcofitre IES 5C / rntial sn al settings. With a *die cast 08-LED-DDALSN st br 2cket u 15 10.44.4 lbhours re IES e fa lum 1- Lumen 70 hour Ulight ho ture r es o7 numa sng and a10.4 ontac to alu en num ulate sinWaty /af lo tachesideC incandesc mi enshou Pse g a ritt od es. 70 is a die ca 7.8 TMumt cnd HID ercu ndL aalcresideettitings. With a die castprotec onrng and aWeight (lbs.)a protection. ight:IPs6.5 rated for ingressUniversal 120-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz) is standard.IP65 rated for ingress aluminum housi esidential settings. With a Mounting TM-21-11 calculated hours.fluted, polya 0 na 40-120 WATT LED WALL PACKS rd a protection. the . We2 m wgi Ar DLC standard approved=5000k DLC LED-DDALSN-ARM MountingArm with ry or other color temperatures and lumen packagLED-DDALSN35Wdelivers4,269 lumensand 122 lumeInPs65 ratIP65 rated for ingressPo fluted, polycarbonatelensshield toreduce gla ut,etdh,e pLEolyDc-arbonate ed for ingress pprAve 4,2R LED- Ar th m wit5hKstandard approved.wer fact c rrbo 90 telensshield to houduce S lare,t, flre la ED - D rs. LSN13252W lensshield toreduce glare, un= Mg1ou2ntino DD LSN . W *rd ap ** L 70 rers are IEgTM-21-11ha 69 L ed- ou DIMENSIONS in nlgu dberda.cket included tin35 4 c 2 lcu h Mountic DLC proved 4,269 eLED 122 5K =50 5K =355000k LED-D oSN-ALED-DDALSN W 35 DUSK-TO-DAWN SECURITY/FLOODD LED-DDA6ML9SN=-AMRM Bracket NTING AR Bracket automatically to decreasing light levels35 p. esrt awnadtta. FEATURES DLCstanda oved. d. MOU Bracket M00kPRODUCT PARAMETER provideseffective, 53 6,703 LED-D ALSN 126 DLCstanda ec onomical security lighting.126 0k 0 0 5= 5K = 5K 5000k 126 12 6,703 53 economical security lighting.effective, ALSN55W provides D D D- LE DDALSN STANDARDrdapprDDALSN DALS effective, 5 C 5 economical securiDtyDi lighting. l 55W effective, 5 5000k Part Par B. t ,703 class cl Bracket 15, Part ith FCCw s Com e li p plie Com swith FCCPart15,classB. N O I T ORDERING INFORMADDALSNprovides pli 5W2 economical security lightnAgL. SNprovides oplies 5K = ieswith FCC 6 15, B NTIB.G ARMCm N5 es with FN3 C P de t l 1 erC6 la 7 slu ensand 126 umens m Compl 3 15, MOU . ass N powder-APPLICATIONS LED-D LED-DDALSORDERING INF,6,RMATION 26C 5K =5000k TION Optionalo 0% ar 5 7s00 B 1D with FCC cla LED-DDALSN55W * 5 . W iv ,s O 33m ORDERING INFORMA ssTotal harmonic distortion High-efficacy, long- ORDERING INFORMATION LISTe d icacy, lon emperature.* suOr LUMENS PER WATT n to ies surge immunityprotection (1.2kV).MODEL Colo High-efficacy,l ilfeong-lifeLED WARRANT h eneHg h INGS e co 0 g-lifeLEDs provide protection (1.2kV). both energysurge immunity and imEN61000-4-5, ith u w ottie es li gm p pnlV). mL Co& with EN61000-4-5,WARRANTY traditional, both energy andcULus listed for wet locations:compared to LEDs provide savings 4kV High-efficacy, long-life maintenance cost maint AP g per watt. sav NS s providebot Y &rgi y i a-n ff white) color t vi LUMINAIRE WATTS uoragtee dim smteuenl tyooprn Coi2 I k(1.2kV). COLOR TEMPERATURE both energy and (cool c(1.LEDs provide LUMINAIRE LUMENS07-LEDWPSN is a series of rugged, durable LED wall packs, which are perfectl i ntenanc( estsa o ngs L com Lre ith EN61000-4-pg5te,i osicmnaml upnoitwydperor-t and housing. lectronics s e e i ll r a o fsso e y c t S ec c n A G atendIN warra Tc S earw 5-year aumens 8 Color Conic ETNA PARK sand housing. 1213S CT Lumens 40W (-40C40C /-40F104F) PRODU G IN HT urity/flood lights. S c G I H se Luminaire o R BEST LHID s d tt n a a e t W g r n e u e r S i c a s Protecon n e i d m n u a L inc WETModelComplies with EN61000A-4v-a5il,a sbuler ine 5000kgerin PLICAT 0 ccULus laditd forl, ma o ComplCieosmwpiltihe sEwN61000-4-5, tior rend enance cost IO ingscompared totraditional, cations -2 C t 45C / pared totraditional, arm index 8 .maintenance c08 savings 0 ompared to l tristeiona wetis standard. 78,0minaire rra f e4 prantns le tColicr Coli attaches to .poles rranty of all electrolor Accessories07-LEDWP40SN-3K T ost EDKDDAL0K Ldusk- .o - fle wnge (50-60Hz) i lv i id s leastLu ye hoye u * I 4 woa ume t . oe n n ON g. n ti . 2 gh n li o st s e t .b on w or w sw tli 8 g 9 lls 1 in -1 g a 64 9 - r 40 m7 2 6 5- 430 y HO AccLessories A to change without notice. AL K AS lis ATP s , u WAY Tem cUL mperature per Te ature Specifications and dimensions subject tt a W erP s n e m u Lfor outdoor perimeter and area lighting. With a die cast aluminum housingimmUunnivietyr sparlo 1t2e0c-t2io7n7(A1C.2vkoVlt)aD ro 00 -ursaor ra streel cm 115 Luminaire07-LEDWP40SN-4K he in -L w 3- = 30 g SN IG de M o l Long-sliefe S it Luminai ghet W ta l nLs , P 5- ear5wa ). mDIMEN - o f calrl oelect ando sooauunsnditn housing ccessorPieersWatt www.bestlighting.netoflily eincandescent BE 4K =ian. Mo HT lo t d d a h a . c uLrE y/fs h d 734 ni ia attuminair KT(L GHT * nty1 r a SI S -111 S 8 ratu ighrh wa h 1 g.Srf 4000K of alld t od lights. 21 lo po4 u reg output LI sOHW ns t 740 CT 4 m 9 e ETNA PARKWAY, PATASKALA OHpunishing Die incandLED HIDI security/ F o t LSNWatts tiRKWAYnAT BES ALA Pe Model W -40F to 104F). att / eCL 0 umim 4 ot t l rC eWatts 0 Arm with4 - ( s . 1n 6 ection. o M i i Mounting r t a rot LumeAns a =AR cp G o sl N s t I e T r N d we g U r43062in o Of D-DDALSN-ARM or M d LE 1te Arm wit5hK5000k IP66 rated f 5K ==5000k 2 2 1 LED-DDALSN-ARM 9 6 ,2 4 = MountingArm with S 5 E 3 R U EAT F W 5 N3 S L DDA D- E L The LED-DDALG40W is a mini dusk-to-dawn security/ood 07-LEDWP40SN-5K ted FEAescenta l n i d-DDA r tsLuminaire E o of si PAal um and HID security/flood lights p Te napiererature t ting.net ck ires RM 15 740-964-119and HID security/flo- 4eligo 113s 70 incandescent AS ct 430 0 r G P 2 notice T at aches dto 1 g b s subjec t to change without notice.and a polycarbonate lens, the 07-LEDWPSN will stand up to many years ofa 1 o n imen ions s Lumen 7 62 N 306 e ODU 96 1 3 www.be g.nepoles or walls.cast alum5-yuePmaorhwe ar a n ty 0.90 ec ontCT a)t nd 3 TNA i Lumens 41 R s tinenvironmental conditions.TL BESTINGPRODU aF p if 4 commercial6hange with P t Mountin 17 e twit h ousr ctorGPRODUCTS ilces 1%751 ASKALA OH atideal solution for general site and flood lighting inc 7 idsubsject bje to c740-964-1198www.be ns an dimensionIGHTN 1213ETNA PARKWAY, PAT5K = 5000Klong-life LEDs provide 8 td pr asn ds tion41 SpecificatioHigh-ecacy,4 ouboth energy Flu ynca rrbon 3h la 3 e o i hto traditional,5 3 nse & 5 to cuhange without notice. NG ARM 5K = Moun ing LED 114 et in 2 MOUNTING ARM07-LEDWP60SN-3K , pol a d eTsoidtaeatn Kl r s 000K IP65 rated for ingress 5 n on c 5 Watt LED Dusk-to-Dawn Lum na clude = M1o2u2ntingSpecificatSionesc andim oteLED-DDALSN35Wdelivers4,269 lumensand 122 lumensand maintenance cost savingstn LED-DDAL n2 * HID 35 4,269 61 N13252W 5K =3550 nc k LED-D A6 N-Aet a m ts nigcies dl.d iWs ttoiot hrrt eaiod die cast aluminum housing and aLED-DDALS it lu dberda.ck= 6983ens comparedu ce g0l%ar.e.07-LEDWP60SN-4K TURES 4K = 4000K35W SN35W 3 FEATURES MOU MOUNTI RM 5000k 00 116 4D, L9S = MountingArm with wall packs. FEATURES ca rb LED-DDALSN LC 70. re p oved 4,269 pNTING A 61 N 1 12de s5K =50050Kk =553000k -DDALSN r- Bracket -ARM wde o p al n Bracket tio Op Bracket000k 5 5K = 5K = 5000k 126 126,703 Bracket 3 5 55W N LS DA D - ED Lp 7052 122fluted, poly onate lens Dshield e srtot aw rnaeddttua. c dgalarper, the 12 07-LEDWP60SN-5KColo5KenderK LED 7052 6,703 LED-DDA 61 w 6 ern- 11603 onalpowder- gnood lighd ral site an ne gefor on u l o s eal d i light. It is an 07-LEDWP80SN-3K rr= 5000ing index * 53 Op a ion 1 LSo525W COLOR * 126,7 Opti 126 * NEMA-type0 8p-hLEotDo-cDeDllA iLnScN D-DDAL -DDALSN55W 5 CC s Pcaduerrtilt iyv1e5r,s C6l,a7 s t al2 m 122 . ed v o pr pa um premi LCDC2mp plu p e v ideN5eLt V). ic5e s 03lum pnodwde6r- luo3 LE d rod(1 Ss 0- 5fWcE liee-,Dse DcwoAintLhoSm FN3 l W * 6,03O LUMENS126 80K = 3000K 2ef 77 ivD a5 9768 7B tioennaslAvailable in 5000k(cool olortem g. s tw u *th Available in 5000k(cocoolawtehdit es)t ceollomro tuenmtipnegr ature. OPTIONS (ORDER SEP mountingARA coated steel TELY)ie castwhite) color temperature. (cool ngs. With a dAvailable in 5000kidenal se esr d n a la in commerciLUMINAIRELUMINAIRE 07-LEDWP80SN-4K MODEL o f a 00c in white) color temperature. en0r-g4y- 5an, ds urgecoated steelmounting FEATURES Available liingh 5 0 cor oject:eWAsiEDs r a itvrhied .eE Nbo61 00e PER WATT e TEMPERATURE 124 coated steelmounting4 P = lf whity, )lu ocmngCh-lo e L nwatr.to LUMENS 80ti0nDg.0i eHk ci(gK-e40 uaK o uer eep 9885a t ilc m ifmpl ipp(cool 5 hs 5000K lm TTS 70 5000k ).** 9885 7 91213 rm 80 to (L 70 ). unity protection (4kV).of m operation1124 Lorem 1000-4-5, surge imips attaches to poles alls. EN6 w u rh m arm o ASKALA OH740-964-1198www.bestlighting.net 43062 Complies wit Complies with FCC Part 15, class B.Arm sold separatelyoperationof ** ASKALA OH ). 0 AT 7 (L tput u 78,000 hours en o m lu ETNA PARKWAY, P l tia i 1213 n i% of 0 st 7 PRODUCTS lea t a ith w Long-life LEDs provide at leastBEST LIGHTING aluminum housing and a uted, polycarbonate lens shield to Easy installation in new construction or retrofit. s poles armattaches to poles Available in* 3000k (warm white), 4000k (neutral white) and** 70 11 4,26 s aprrmovaidtatea azo)ri attachesl e000 hours ** 117 -LED or walls.= 1 07-LEDWP80SN-5K K =st 6ife s pro W p ,96 122 cht elesa tso 78o 5K = 5000k08 -DDALSLED-DDALSN-ARM = Mounting t p07-LEDWP100SN-3K Lonmga-linte LnaEnDce costv sidaev inagt sle cao 7a8r,e0d0 t0ohtroaudritsioonfaol,L pionencraagnt-ildoifenescLeEnDt s dard., 11N-ARMLong-life LEDsF plurotevdid,ep oalty lceaarsbto7n8ai,mt0e0m Ul0eu nhnisovietusyrh spiaeorlo df1to 2etop0c e-rt2ieroa7dnt7uioc(An1eC . g2vlkaoVrlet)a .ge (50-60H w satlalsn. 10207-LEDWP100SN-4K 08-LED-DDA 3K = 3000Ku 35 (L ). BES with at least 70%orowfailnlsitiallumen output AL 1DIENSIONS43062 740-964-1198www.bestlighting.netLSN35white) color temperatures* iu t = Type: om output(L s. . 102 1 M 119** 70 with at least 70%it aof 0 nm utepnu t BESrfa ge T LIGHT12,I1N5G9PRODUCTS ETNA P ETNA PARKWAY, PATBEASSK i 43062 2ic lu 15 menswww.bestlighting.netbracket . warr e ic r ot a t n e to change ou s y - th n wi e 5 em ng uw al ithout notice.ch 2 to 2 t 1 c je d ub ns a ns s io s n n e ime md lu d n a 9 s6 n 2 o i , t a 4 ific s c r e e Sp iv l de W 5 N3 S L A D D-D LE with at leaas 70% of n e i p l e liu itieanl and lumen packa Long-life LEDs providee ID nt d HID sec rrity/flood lights. 53 weT d (1 o0 NG 7 .90 ) DUCTS1213S A i Mo i u AY, P1AT n l KALA OHT LAIG OHTHIN43G06P2RO 7DU40-CT96S4-1119281 3 EwTwNAw.b PeAsRKtligWhtAinYg,. nPeATt t ke ac r b g n ti n u o M15 , ve c ee s vide opr W 0 4 G reduce glare, the LED-DDAL07-LEDWP100SN-5KLEEShoursN5000K liv r atarranty of all electronics and housing nd,d 02AS o Wei =ht:00 l b740-964-11918 untingrm wi unting ket Contact factory for other colo m 0 ratures 4K 40 KL hours ar - TM- NEMA-type photocell5-yincludeePoar w LIGt 2rI-0 7V . . 03unt RKW nting bracket g 50 3k n15 out notice. 2 1A Mo th Brac07-LEDWP120SN-3K 08-LED-DDA5K = 55 operation withcHT 2 PRO 50 * pec1 i c 6 ob racket u 5K nsand 1 s2. thnd housing. Mo tronics a c le Specifications and dimensions subject e ll a f o ty n a*216,000LS LS ofWhour 9 least 70%12 6,7 de n tess4269 ns sejectto cha g e. 119 included. included.21-11 ca5Wd 2 s. and,3 fi2 a g nra 111 muhb ange without en owti LED-DDALSN35W e4, e6 s 4lu,2m6ens9 lumens 12L2E lDum-DeDnAsLSN3M5Wo liv . to c 15DDA N3lculated Specifications and dimensio nsi mseubsjectof initial lumen output (L 70 FEtt.Easy deliversand 122 lumens included 122 1.2- sLED e f i l - ng ol cy, a ce - h g . Hi per watt. ng economical security ligh07-LEDWP120SN-4K per waAT Catalog #: 13,213 included. 111* 3K = 3000Kper watt.* )**URinstallation in newTotalconstructionharmonic dor isrpetoetrorrt iwfoitan.t t. 20%.ES 13,5894K = 4000K07-LEDWP120SN-5KAvailable5 = 50000k t (ers7C03ll)ur croelor tae p 13,966 -DDALSN55Wdelivers6 111lumensand 126 lumen 2.5kV4kV uirements. s q n e e Complies with RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances)rSPEC SHEET and 126 lum 6,703 lumens delivers * LED-DDALSN55W* 5 5K5 500K i v cool ,whiote mendserinmndg rature* ,703 s 126 SURGE provide both energy and maintenance cost savings compared in Wdelo n e D 07-LEDWP40SN provides 4,734 lumens & 115 lumens per watt (LPW) at 3000k; SURGELED-DLDEADL-SDN d 6,703 lumens in2d6Ee lxume7n0s. PROTECTION D5ALWSN elivers roher 6 rtemperaturesand lu 1 L ns ckages. LUMINAIRELUMENS12PROTECTIONperContractor Lighting & Supply(877)-664-5483www.contractorlighting.com . tt a er w pand 126 lumeORDERING INFORMATION ovide at least 78,000 hou en p f a operation COLOR WET OPTIONS (ORDER SEPARATELY) Contactfactoryfo colo m LUMINAIRE per watt.*w tng-life LEDs prMODEL rs o * . LUMENS PER WATT TEMPERATUREsecurity/ood lights. HID dan to tradional, incandescent Laot.***L 70 hoursare IES Die cast aluminumphero uwsainttg.4,751 lumens & 116 LPW at 4000k; or 4,817 lumens & 117 LPW at 5000k*TM-21-11 calculated hours. WATTS Contractor Lighting & Supply(877)-664-5483www.contractorlighting.com 080618 is standard. voltage (50-60Hz) Universal 120-277 AC ewr 0 Tat least 70% of initial lumen outipsu asr (L 70 )**35 shield to redu voltage (50-60Hz) 122 64.4 lbs. 08-LED-DDALSN-ARM =ith 7 A vt tda. U ce glare. is standaWrde.ight: 5K = 5000k 07-LEDWP60SN provides 6,983 lumens & 114LPW at 3000k; 7,052 UniverUsanli v1 028-LED-DDALSN35W delivFelrust e4d,,2p6o9 lylucmarebnosn aantedle1n2s2 DIMENSIONS DIMENSIONS DIMENSIONS MOUNTING ARMS - ANDARD 08-LED-DDALSN35W ndanrdiv.ersal 120-277 AC 4,269 sa2l 7120-C277o AltaCgveo (l5ta0g-6e0 (H50z)-6is0 Hstza)nd WARRANTY & LISTINGlumens & 116 LPW at both 4000k and 5000k* s NEMA-type photoc LumensDIMENSIONS MODEL 12126Accessories INITIAL LUMENS LUMENS / WATT LIFE HOURS COLOR TEMPERATURE Power factor 0.90. CRIDIMENSIONSo ow orrfa c0t.o9r0 0.90.Luminaire ellincluded (120- ColorWATTAGE Mounting Arm with BracketPowerP el te ORD- L . RING INFWR ON Pr Sl 1.2kVPower factor 0.90. 7V). ure 2kV 5K = 5000k4,805 Optional powder- 123153,000 5000k harmonic distortion 20%. Total 8011 x 6 FEATURESM d c uminaire Wa cULus listed for wet locations (-20C to 45C / -4F to 113F)fa lumens per watt*08-LED-DDALSN55W 53 27 6,703 Lumens Per Wa Temperat07-LEDWP80SN provides 9,768 lumens & 122 LPW at 3000k; or 9,885 TotLE E D istoNt5 n d2 ATI 6,703urge io sTRoHSmonic distortion 20%. 40 6kVharm c ic e0li%.r otecttn oal1 IP65 rated DIMENSIONS Total a lo0hn8ai-r m D d LSrio5O Mve T s insta lumenan tdh2a6rnstructionor retrofit. 1.5kVdiDosntortiAon 20%. Easy laio n in new08-LED-DDALG40W-5K lumens & 124 LPW at both 4000k and 5000k* 70. * WE 4n security/f olor co g der isg in ide a 70. LED-DDALSN-ARM = Mounng Arm withSURGE 12IP 65 coated steel mounting* . r 0 u 7 at r x e e p ind m gte n ri r e lo nd o e c r )or e l it o h C wAvailable in 5000k (cool Color W ens peri nwdatt* Ndusk-to-daw,805 C lood li n htin andex 5000k SURGE SURGE PROTECTIONLED-DDALG lu ndLED-DDALS 123DLC standard approved PROTECTION PROTECTION40 rem e e 395K = l Th g inrdie 70. Colorrend ngx ex re e. 07-LEDWP100SN provides 11,967 lumens & 117 LPW at 3000k; 12,159 s stan r darderaturesand lumen p WARRANTY &LISTINGSe inum ousing. ** ltage (50-60Hz) i ercolo c tenaimercial andns Color Bracket housing. Die cast aluminum Urniniversal 120-277 AC vo Contactfactoryforoth mComplies with FCC Part 15, class Bsolution for general si Contractor Lighting & Supply(877)-664-5483www.contractorlighting.com arm attaches to poles u e Model te and flood lighi 10 p re Lume ackages. Call Today For Special Pricing 877.664.5483www.contractorlighting.com1or walls. lumens & 119 LPW at 4000k, or 12,350 lumens & 121 LPW at 5000k* tngin ci m d hours. housing. AccessoriesLumoDie caDsti ea minulrum fmahous inh L 70 hoursare IESTM-21-11alculate ULuslisted for lcaswt a ctor g090Luminaire Watts Die cast aluminumc Temperature wetlocations(-20C to 45C /-4F to 113F).Po Lumens Per Watted,polycarbonate lensshield to reduce glare. 666 Long-life LEDs provide 153,000 hours of operation with at07-LEDWP120SN provides 13,213 lumens & 119 LPW at 3000k; 13,589 Complies with EN61000-4-5, surge immunity (40W: 1.2kV; all others: 4kV)Flut residential settings. With a die castaluminum housing and ashiIePld6 5to r areteddu cfoerginlagrresse. protection. Weight: 6 4.4 lbs. shield to reduce glare. onate lens * b * ar olyc p d, e t Flu Fluted, glare. Fluted,polycarbonate lens pol yTcoatarbl ohnaarmteo lneincs dsishtioerldti otonre d20u%celumens & 122 LPW at 4000k; or 13,966 lumens & 126 LPW at 5000k* reduce glar 5-year warranty of all electronics and housing 15 = MountingArm withMounting bracket ). 70 (L tu p t least 70% of initial lumen ou fluted, polycarbonatelensshield toe,theLED- 122 5K =5000k LED-DDALSN-ARMcelilrpnhot in n 12 s 277V)NEMe e dero gnidcelxu de 8d0 ( 120-277V). NEMA-ty ASKA otocelinclude -(LC 0- t8 www approved. CAo-tlyopr LED-DDALSN35W 354,269 pe ph LA OHl 43062dD64-119a n dar. d.bestlighting.net Bracket included (120-277V). NEMA-type photocell BEST LIGHTING PRODUCTS1213 ETNA PARKWAY, PAT 7409 NEMA-typeD p D c tocte inciluded (120-277V). Specifications and d 6,703 bject to change126 ce. 5K =5000k included. * Do asalll provideh ef sing53 imensions suieh ALSN um num s ouUniform illumination with no visible LED pixelationfective,economical security lighting. without noti Eyin LED-DDALSN55W ORDERING INFRMA DIMENSIONSCPart15,classB. or retrofit. construction installation in new EasyDelivers 4,805 lumens and 123 lumens per watt. in newconstructionor retrofit. O Ea TION constrCuocmtiopnlioesr rweittrho fFitC.EasyinsatsalFltuisottenad lil,na p tniooelnyw cacrobnosntarutec tlieonnso sr hreietlrdo ftito. reduceryUniversal 120-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz) is standard glas e installation in new laHigh-efficacy, long-lifeLEDs provideboth energy and Power factor 0.90 *NEMA-type photocell included (120-277V) Complieswith EN61 12 120-4-5,surge immunityprotection (1.2kV). 12** * n packages. 00and lumen packages. temperatures color other for factory Contact ** ct maintenance costsavingscompared totraditional, forothercolortemperaturesand lume m 12 Color and housing. ** Universal 120-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz) is standard. men packagepsa.ctotry templeateurepsaan u rleus ContactContactCfaocnttoaryffoar co focroothercoorrt m er td and lumenkages. tfactory in 5-yearwarranty of all electronics**L 70 L 7aare her ST lor 2 l1 a c c l ed hours. Model **L 70 Luminaire Watts Lum aire Lu ens Accessories TM-21-11 calculated hours. are IES hours 70 LTotal harmonic distortion 20% ction or retrofi Easy installation in new construhours0 hoursincandescentand HID security/flood lights. are IES Lumens Per Watt Temperaturere IESTM-I2E -a -1l 1ta l art s. hours TM-21-11 calculated hours.1-11M c cu edhuou Color rendering index 80 BEST LIGHTINGPRODUCTS1213ETNA PARKWAY, PATASKALA OH43062 740-964-1198www.bestlighting.net Weight:4.4 lbs.* Contact factory for other color temperatures and lumen packages. Specifications and dimensions subject Weight: 4.4 lbs. Weight: 4.4 lbs. DIMENSIONS Power factor 0.90. Weight:4.4 lbs. Die cast aluminum housing with durable, dark bronze, powder coat paint to change without notice.** L 70hours are IES TM-21-11 calculated hours.LED-DDALSN35W 35 4,269 122 5K =5000k LED-DDALSN-ARM = MountingArm withFEATURES MOUNTING ARM Bracket Polycarbonate lens with seamless, silicone gasket to prevent leaksLED-DDALSN55W 53 6,703 126 5K =5000k 12 Total harmonic distortion 20%. ORDERING INFORMATION MOUNTING ARM ORDERING INFORMATIONPolycarbonate has F1 rating to avoid discolorations ORDERING INFORMATION Optionalpowder-ORDERING INFORMATION * WARRANTY & LISTINGS Available in 5000k(coolwhite) color temperature. Internal bubble level facilitates level installationstdeeerl-mcooautnetdin g Optiocnoaal tpedo w cULus listed for wet locations (-20C to 45C / armattaches to poles Color rendering index 80.Long-life LEDs provide at least Lu inaire perationteel mounting ar m Easy installation in new construction or retrot initial 78,000 hoursofoLumens Colo s Color 40W m Accessories inaire Lumens 120WColor Color Lumens Accessories Luminaire Luminaire Watts ModelModeMl odel Lumin Lu Luminairme ut(L Lumens Luminaire Watts Lu 60W80W100WTemperature Temperature Per Watt Lumens-4Fwith at least 70% of lumen outp en 70 ). Model PRODUCTSer r tuE or walls. ssories Die cast aluminum housing. to 113F)airme iWnaairtets Watts Lum BESTe ** HTING p 1213 e AccessAocrcieesWattTNA PARKWAY, PATASKALA OH 1*Contact factory for other color temperatures and lumen packages. Lumens sP Lr W Per WatTtem Temprerature Lumens Per740-964-1198www.bestlighting.netIG att a 43062 attaches to poles or walls.IP 9 lumensand 122 lumens We Mount nd g7.2cke 7.87.810.410.46 **L70 hours are IES TM-21-11 calculated hours. ight (lbs.) dim ra t to change without notice.in b 6L5E rDat-eDdD AfoLrS iNng3r5eWssd perliovetersct4io,2n6Specifications a ensions subject 15-D ALSN35W * 35 35 4,269 4,269 LED-D1D22ALSN13252W 5K = Mounitnicnlgu dberda.cket included Arm withMounting = = M1o2u2nting LED-DDALSN-ARM Arm wit5hK5000k 5K ==5000k 122 LED-DDALSN-ARM 4,269 = MountingArm with5 3 W 5 3 N S L A D D - ED LLED-DDLAELDSN3D5W 50050 LED-D AL9SN-ARMp esrt wanadtta. Bracket 4D,26 Bracket Bracket Bracket . educe glare r o t d l e i h s Fluted, polycarbonate lensDLC rd approved Kk =355000k LED-DDALSN-ARM = MountingArm with PRODUCT PARAMETER ALSN55W 5 C 53 6,0 s 3 6,703 LED-DDAL 6 l 126 ens5K ==553000k 6,703 126 5000k 5K = 5K = 5000k 126 6,703 53 LED-DDALSN55W DW 35W Pdaertl iv1e5r,s C6l,a7 s 0 B and 12 SN55W 50050KkLED-DDLAELDSN- Com 5C 73lu mens 126 um5D5 LEpDlie-Ds DwAitLhS FNMODELCOLOR TEMPERATURE LUMINAIRE LUMENS LUMINAIRE WATTS LUMENS PER WATT NEMA-type photocell included (120-277V). Compeprl iwesa twt.* ith EN61000-4-5, surge ge (50-60Hz) is standard.immUunniviteyr sparlo 1t2e0c-t2io7n7(A1C.2vkoVlt)a 07-LEDWP40SN-3K 3K = 3000K 4734 41 115 Easy installation in new construction or retrofit. DIMENSIONS07-LEDWP40SN-4K5-yePao r w Tf BEST LIGHTIN elec S1213and 3ETNAng 627-DU 8www.bestlighting.net 1-119 16 PeATt ASKALA OH740-964 43062 43062 740-964-1198www.bestlighting.net ETNA PARKWAY, PATASKALA OH 1213PRODUCTS BEST LIGHTING BEer=IGt 00 I 0 9 ll . PRODUCTSE 1NA PA 4usi P YRK 4 -96O 4109-CT986 S4 -w1w1192w81. 3b eEwsTwtlNAiwgh.b PteinAsgRKtl.ingeWhttAing ,. nwS ara a HTNG f PR0DUCT tronicsTho WAA , PWATAASY, KPALATBEAAS OSKHTAL 4L3AI0G 6OHT2HI N473G400 PR 41 YL 40 o K G 21 754K r c ntry o .a O RK 1 107-LEDWP40SN-5K 5K = 5000K 4817 s s 41 117 11 to change without notice. to change without notice. Specifications and dimensions subjecticatd nse nasnido ndsi mseunbsjeiocnt out notice. Specifications and dimensions subjectSpecificatSiopnesc aifnd io to cuhbajencgtet ow cithhaonugt en owtiicthe.im07-LEDWP60SN-3KTota3K armonic distortion 20%. 6983 61 114 Contact factory for other color temperatures and lumen packages. *lh= 3000K07-LEDWP60SN-4K 4K = 4000K 7052 61 116 **07-LEDWP60SN-5KColo5K enderK 70. 7052 61 116 Weight: 3 lbs. hours are IES TM-21-11 calculated hours. 70 Lrr= 5000ing index07-LEDWP80SN-3K 3K = 3000K LUMINAIRELUMINAIRELUMENS80 COLOR 1229768MODEL OPTIONS (ORDER SEPARATELY) 07-LEDWP80SN-4KDie castal 00K inumho ATTS LUMENS PER WATT 80 TEMPERATURE 1244K =40 um W using. 988507-LEDWP80SN-5K 5K = 5000K 9885 80612407-LEDWP100SN-3KFluted,polycarbonate lensshield to reduce glare. 122 102 5K = 5000k11707-LEDWP100SN-4K 08-LED-DDA 3K = 3000K 35 11 4,269102 08-LED-DDALSN-ARM = ORDERING INFORMATIONLSN35W ,9674K = 4000K 12,159 11907-LEDWP100SN-5KNEMA-type photocellincluded (120-277V). 03126102 5K = 5000k1Mounting Arm with Bracket 08-LED-DDA5K = 5000K 53 12 6,7 0 21LSN55W ,3507-LEDWP120SN-3K 3K = 3000K 13,213 111 119 Easyinstallation in newconstructionor retrofit.07-LEDWP120SN-4K 4K = 4000K 13,589 111 12207-LEDWP120SN-5K 5K = 5000K 13,966 111 126* 12ColorLumensLuminaire Contractor Lighting & Supply(877)-664-5483www.contracto Accessories rlighting.com Luminaire Was ModelContactfactoryforothercolortemperaturesand lumen packages.**L 70 hoursare IESTM-21-11 calculated hours. Temperature Per Wa LumensContractor Lighting & Supply(877)-664-5483www.contractorlighting.com 080618Weight:4.4 lbs.Mounng Arm with= LED-DDALSN-ARM 5K = 5000k 123 4,805 39 LED-DDALG40WORDERING INFORMATION BracketModel Luminaire Watts Luminaire Lumens Color AccessoriesLumens Per Watt Temperature BEST LIGHTING PRODUCTS1213 ETNA PARKWAY, PATASKALA OH 43062740-964-1198www.bestlighting.netLED-DDALSN35W 35 4,269 122 5K =5000k LED-DDALSN-ARM = MountingArm withSpecifications and dimensions subject to change without notice.LED-DDALSN55W 53 6,703 126 5K =5000k BracketBEST LIGHTINGPRODUCTS1213ETNA PARKWAY, PATASKALA OH43062 740-964-1198www.bestlighting.netSpecifications and dimensions subjectto change without notice.'