b'LED Commercial Grow Luminaires cULus listed for damp locations in ambient temperatures from 20C to 35C(44F to 95 95F) Complies with RoHS (Restriction onHazardous Substances) requirements Complies with IEEE C.62.41 1991,input transient protection (2.5kV) Long life LEDs provide 38,000 hours ofoperation with at least 90% (Q 90 ) of initial Lorem ipsumPPF (photosynthetic photon) Full spectrum distribution of PAR Lorem ipsum4kVLorem ipsum 2.5-4kV SURGE(photosynthetically active radiation) SURGE PROTECTIONOUTDOOR : Grow LightsPROTECTIONfor full cycle cultivation2.5-4kV 4kV 2.5-4kV 4kV Accessories include lenses (clear & diffused), SURGE SURGE SURGE SURGEwire guards, and cable mounting kits PROTECTION PROTECTION PROTECTION PROTECTION 6kV IP 652kV 2.5kVSURGE SURGE SURGEPROTECTION PROTECTION PROTECTIONMODEL INPUT POWERCOLOR INPUT VOLTAGE ACCESSORIES (ORDER SEPARATELY)(JOULES) SPECTRUM UNV = 120-277V2kV 2.5kV E 2kV 6kV 2.5kV IP 6kV IP 65180 = 180 JoulesFS = Full Spectrum GLLED-CRLENS-12X23=Clear lens180JSURGE 65 SURGESURGE SURG SURGE SURGEPROTECTION PROTECTION PROTECTION PROTECTIONPROTECTION PROTECTION265 = 265 Joules UNC = 347-480V 1 GLLED-CRLENS-12X45=Clear lens265J 420 = 420 Joules GLLED-CRLENS-17x45 = Clear lens425J(see Spectral Power1 (347-480V models GLLED-DIFLENS-12X23=Diffuse lens180J Diffuse lens265J Diffuse lensDistributions, page 3) use factory-installedGLLED-DIFLENS-12X45=425J step-down20-GLLED transformers) GLLED-DIFLENS-17x45=Wire-guard kit180J Wire-guard kit265J Wire-guard GLLED-WG-12X23 GLLED-WG- =kit425J12X45 GLLED-WG-17x45GLLED-CMK3=Cable-mounting kit, 3 meters Cable-mounting kit, 5 GLLED-CMK5=metersGL-TETHER = Pair of ratcheting hanging tethersHID Grow Light Commercial Grow Luminaires Delivers photosynthetic photon flux (400-700 nanometers) of 1,648 mol/second of photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) with HPS lamps, and 1,241 mol/second of PAR with MH lamps (both with dimming control at the 1,000 level). See Spectral Quantum Distribution forLorem ipsumadditional details**Lorem ipsum Input power of 1,055 Joules*, and photosynthetic 2.5kV 4kVphoton efficiency (PPE) of 1.6 with HPS lampsSURGE SURGEPROTECTION PROTECTION2.5-4kV 4kVand 1.2 with MH lamps* SURGE SURGEPROTECTION PROTECTION Power factor 0.95 HPS2kV 1.5kV 6kVSURGE SURGE SURGE IP 65 Current crest factor 1.7 &MH PROTECTION PROTECTION PROTECTION 6kV2kV 2.5kV SURGE IP 65SURGE SURGEPROTECTION PROTECTION PROTECTIONSERIES INPUT POWER (JOULES*) LAMP INPUT VOLTAGE ACCESSORIES (ORDER SEPARATELY)20-GLHID 1000 = 1,000 Joules* HPS=High Pressure Sodium 120-240 = 120-240V GLHID-AC5M240C13=AC Power Cord, NEMA 6-15P Plug (208-240V), MH= Metal Halide (6000k) 208-277 = 208-277VIEC320 C13 Plug, 5 Meters Long GLHID-PC=Programmable Controller GLHID-HPS1000=High Pressure Sodium Replacement Reflector GLHID-MH1000-6K=Replacement Lamp, 1000J Metal Halide (6000k)GLHID-REF=Replacement Lamp, 1000J GL-TETHER = Ratcheting Rope Hangers (pair), 2 Meters LongCall Today For Special Pricing 877.664.5483www.contractorlighting.com13'