b'HBLA LED Linear Adjustable High Bay, Chain MountDiffuserPendantWire Guard Motion SensorLens Mount15,00030,000 Lumens (included)Project: LED Linear Adjustable High BayType:Catalog #: PROJECT PROJECTPROJECTAvailable in 4000k (neutral white) and 5000kLED modules rotate up to 150TYPE TYPE(cool white) color temperatures.* TYPESTANDARD Long-life LEDs provide 174,000 hours ofALOG #CATTALOG # CATALOG #CAoutput (L HBLA 15,000WARRANTY & LISTING20-HBLA 70 ).** DAMP 2.0kV LED Linear Adjustable High Bay, S in ambient temperatures fromoperation with at least 70% of initial lumen Surge 30,000 LumensProtection50/70 Watt 2x4 Ultra-Thin Edge-Lit LED Panel cULus listed for damp locations50/70 Watt 2x4 Ultra-Thin Edge-Lit LED PanelLINEAR ADJUSTABLE HIGH BAY -40C to 50C (-40F to 122F).FEATURES Project:DLC premium.HBLA-15 delivers 15,297 lumens (140 APPPPLLIICCAATTIIOONNSS Type:Complies with RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances)A lumens per watt, LPW) at 4000k, andAvailable in 4000k (neutral white) and 5000k (cool white) color requirements.FEATURES Catalog #: ver Theultra-thin, ver The ultra-thin,edge-litedge-litLEDLEDpanelpanel(10-(10-LLEEDPNL)DPNL)seriesseriesisisdesigneddesignedtoto deli deli15,471 lumens (141 LPW) at 5000k.* Availablein4000k(neutralwhite)and5000k(coolwhite)Complies with FCC Part 15, class A. LED modules rotate up to 150temperatures.*generalambient lighting in a variety of indoor settings, including including schools, schools, general ambient lighting in a variety of indoor settings, oces,hospitals and stores,and is the perfectchoice for both new Lorem ipsumoces,hospitals and stores,and is the perfectchoice for both newHBLA-23 delivers 22,970 lumens Long- rtemp EDs res* ovide 174,000 hours of operation with at leastFlicker-free per IEEE1789-2015 (no observable adverse effects ofcolo life L eratupr STANDARDconstruction and retrots. This high-ecacy luminaire provides long-life and long-life and construction and retrots. This high-ecacy luminaire provides (139 LPW) at 4000k, and 23,223 lumensflicker at 100% light output level).2.0kV70% of initial lumen output (L 70 ).** DAMP Surge WARRANTY &LISTINGSuniform illumination, as well as standard 0-10 vdc dimming capability.bility.Complies with IEC/EN61000-4-5, input transient protection (2.0kV). Long-lifeLEDsprovide174,000hoursofoperationwithatleast70%ofuniform illumination, as well as standard 0-10 vdc dimming capa Protectioninitiallumeno (140 LPW) at 5000k.*cULuslisted fordamp locationsin ambienttemperatures from HBLA-15 deliuters 15,297 lumens (140 lumens per watt, LPW) at -40C to 50C (-40F to 122F).F vput(L 70 )** FEATURES5-year warranty of all electronics and housing.FEEAATTUURREESS *DLC premium.4000k, and 15,471 lumens (141 LPW) at per 00k.ComplieswithRoHS (Restriction 2.5kV 4kV 20-HBLA-15delivers15,297lumens(140lumens 50 watt,LPW)at4000k, on Hazardous Substances)HBLA-30 delivers 30,394 lumens (140 LPW)color requirements. PROTECTION PROTECTION Available in 3000k, 3500k, 4000k and 5000k color temperatures.* SURGE SURGEAvailable in 3000k, 3500k,4000k and 5000k color temperatures.* Available in 4000k (neutral white)and 5000k (cool white) HBLA-23 deli mens( 22, L 70 l at5000k(139 LPW) at 4000k, * andComplies withFCC Part 15, class A. and15,471lu vers 141 9 PW) umens * temperatures.Long-life Long-life LEDs LEDs provide provide 63,000 63,000 hours hours of of operation operation with with at at least least 70% 70% of of initialinitiallumens output (L at 4000k, and 30,742 lumens (142 LPW) operation with atleastFlicker-free per IEEE1789-2015 (no observable adverse effectsof23,223 LAmens (140 LPW)men5000k.*W)at4000k Lon nd f 23,223lumens 4,000 hours of MOUNTING OPTIONS level).lumens output (L70).**70).**20-HBlu-23delivers22,970lu at s(139LP ,a g-lieLEDs provide 17** flickerat 100% light outputINDOOR : Surface Fixtures10-LEDPNL2x4-50W70% ofinitiallumen output 10-LEDPNL2x4-50W provides provides 4,652 4,652 luminaire luminaire lumens lumens (99 (99 lumens lumens per per watt,watt, (L 70 ).at 5000k.*Complies withIEC/EN61000-4-5, input transient protection(2.0kV). HBLA-30 delivers 30,394 lumens (140 LPW)at 4000k, andChain mounting with V-hooks is standard.(140LPW)at5000k* HBLA-15 delivers15,297 lumens (140 lumensper watt, LPW) atLPW) at at 3000k, 3000k, 3500k 3500k & & 4000k, 4000k, and and 5,062 5,062 luminaire luminaire lumens lumens (108 (108 LPW) LPW) atatLPW)*5-yearwarranty ofall electronicsand housing.30,742LA mens ( er 42 LPW) men 5000k.* W)at4000k,and30,742lumensat Optional pendant mounting kit (p/n LEDHB-PMK-S) provides 20-HB 4000k,and 15,471 lumens (141 LPW)at5000k. 5000k.* lu -30deliv 1 s30,394lu at s(140LP5000k.* Universal 120-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz)4000k,and DIMMABLE10-PLEDPNL2x4-70W23,223 lumens (140 LPW)at5000k.* MOUNTSUL IC GS SURGE SURGE (142LPW)at5000k* voltage (50-60Hz)HBLA-23 delivers22,970 lumens (139 LPW) pendant attachment to ING IN IN IC GS 1.5kV 6kV 10-PLEDPNL2x4-70W provides provides 6,567 6,567 luminaire luminaire lumens lumens (97 (97 lumens lumens per per watt,watt, at Optional surface m rigid conduit. -SMK-S) provides IP 65 OPTIONS2kVUniversal 120-277 AC d. is standard. SURGE EILIN PROTECTION PROTECTIONLPW)is standarHBLA-30 delivers30,394 lumens (140 LPW) 4000k,andounting kit t RAA T Tp/n o LEDHBLPW) at at 3000k,3000k,6,6,645 645 lumiluminaire naire lumens lumens (98 (98 LPW) LPW) at at 3500k 3500k & & 4000k,4000k,and and 7,7,325 325 Chain mounting wi (EDED FOR o ks isstandard.SUL RAA TTED CFOREDCh V-hEILINPROTECTION Universal120-277ACvoltage(50-60Hz)isstandard *Optional pendantmounting kit(p/nLEDHB-PMK-S) provides 0-10vdc dimming drivers are standard. 30,742 lumens (142 LPW)at5000k. attachment to solid surfaces. torigid conduit.luminaire lumens (108 LPW) at 5000k.*luminaire lumens (108 LPW) at 5000k.* 0-10vdc dimming drivers are standard. is standard. pendantattachment 0-10vdcdimmingdriversarestandardUniversal 120-277 ACvoltage (50-60Hz) Optional surface mounting kit(p/nLEDHB-SMK-S) providesUniform illumination with no visible LED pixelation.elation.Uniform illumination with no visible LED pix Power factor 0.90.0-10vdc dimming drivers are standard.attachmenttosolid surfaces. Universal 120-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz) is standard. M DIMENSIONSUniversal 120-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz) is standard. MOOUUNNTTIINNGGKKIITTSS Powerfactor0.90Power factor 0.90. DIMENSIONS Power factor 0.90.Optional mounting kits kits provide provide for for installinstallation ation on on plasteplaster r or or otheother r hardhard T 0-10vdc dimming capability is standard.Optional mountingDIMENSIONS0-10vdc dimming capability is standard.otal harmonic distortion 20%. Totalharmonicdistortion20%Totalharmonicdistortion 20%. Power factor 0.90.Power factor 0.90. Color rend Tindex 80.Colorrendering index80. ceil ings. Colorrend ering ceilings. er otal harmonic distortion 20%.ingindex80Total harmonic distortion 20%Total harmonic distortion 20% Painted steelhousing and PMMA(polymethyl methacrylate) Color rendering index 80.Color rendering index 80. Pa Pa ted st t eel housing and PMMA ( th o te)frosted late) W in inteds eelhousingandPMMA(polyme p ylmethacrylalymethyl methacry Color rendering index 80.Aluminum housing. frosted lenses are standard.Aluminum housing.snsesarestandardfroleted lenses are standard.Easyinstallationin new constructionor retrofit. PS (Polystyrene) light guide panels for optimal light distribution,ion, rotate up to 150. WPS (Polystyrene) light guide panels for optimal light distributefficiency and longevity. PROJECTOptics Painted steel housing and PMMA Easyinstallationinnewconstructionorretrofit Easy installation in new construction or retrofit. kits(includes v-hooksand thick,1-meter longefficiency and longevity.Chain-mount Standard mounting mounting options options include include recessed recessed mounting mounting in in grid grid ceilings, ceilings, ororStandardchain) are standard. Opticsrotateupto150 osted lensesD L(polymethyl methacrylate) fr Optics rotate up to 150. hangingbrackets.Optionalsurface -guard kits,pendant mountkits,and surfacesuspendedmountingusingattachedhangingbrackets.Optionalsurfacesuspendedmountingusingattached Optionsinclude wire Chain-mountkits(includesv-hooksandTYPEthick,1-meterlongchain)arestandardare standard. mount kits. Chain-mount kits (includes v-hooks andthick, 1-meter longmounting requires a surface mounting kit (option 10-LEDPNL2x2-SMK).MK).mounting requires a surface mounting kit (option 10-LEDPNL2x2-S Optionsincludewire-guardkits,pendantmountkits,andsurfacemountkits Model Length (L) Width (W) Depth (D) Weight Easy installation in new construction or retrot.Easy installation in new construction or retrot.chain) are standard. D 15L 26 L 12 2 7.7 lbs.Easy installation in new construction 23L 26 12 2 9.0 lbs.CATALOG # Options include wire-guard kits, pendant mount tact its, ry andr colortem ce andlumen packages. 30L 26 14 2 10.0 lbs.*Confactofor othe peratures * Contact factory for othe **L 70 k surfa* Contact factory for other color ter color tempemperatureratures and lumes and lumen packagen packages.s.or retrofit. . hours are IESTM-21-11 calculated hours. 00.5.5*Contactfactoryforothercolortemperaturesandlumenpackages**L hours are IES TM-21-11 calculate**L7070hours areIES TM-21-11 calculated hours.d hours.mount kits.10-BLCSLED Series ORDERING INFORMATION Model Length (L) Width (W) Depth (D) Weight**L 70 hoursareIESTM-21-11calculatedhours.W Optics rotate up to 150. Example: HBLA-15L-5K-ODS-EM20WAARRRRAANNTTYY//LLIISSTTIINNGGSS2, 3, 4 & 8 Covered Strips Lorem ipsum "Nominal15L 26 1 12 2 2 3 7.7 lbs. ETL lilisted sted to to appliapplicable cable U.L. U.L. standards standards for for damp damp locations locations and and insulatedinsulated ETLChain-mount kits (includes v-hooks andColor Occupancy Sensor Emergency * ceilings(IC-rated). SuiSuitabltablee for ambientModel Lumen Output 23L 26 12 2 9.0 lbs.ceil ings (IC-rated).forambient tempetemperatures ratures from from -25-25C C to to 4545CC 23377 2 Temperature DriverWARRANTY & LISTINGS lumen packag e standard. 15L 15,000 30L4000k OS 26 14 EM8 2 10.0 lbs.Contact factory for other color temperatures and es.(-13F to 113 thick, 1-meter long chain) ar HBLA 4KPassive infrared 800 lumens(-13F to 113F).F).70 DLC standard approved. atio inambie 23,000 5K 5000k ther sensors.\\ EM12 1,200 lumensAPPLICATIONS **LcULuslistedfordamploc alcu ns ted hours nttemperaturesfrom HBLA 23L 1Contact fact ODS Microwave EM16 1,600 lumenshours are IES TM-21-11 c la . DLC standard approved. ory for o Options include wire-guard kits, pendant2 Blank Nooccupancysensor EM20 2,000 lumensComplies with RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances) requiremeCompl ies with RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances) requirements.nts.The 10-BLCSLED series is a group of 2, 3, 4 and 8- 40Cto50C(-40Fto122F) 2-6kV 4kV HBLA 30L 30,000 4477.8.8EM24 2,400 lumensSURGE SURGESee list of emergency drivers (page 2).2.0 .0covered strip lights, which are designed as directORDERING INFORMATION PROTECTION PROTECTION 3 EC8800 lumens nsisted.2Complies with FCC PCompl ies with FCC Part 15.art 15.mount kits, and surface mount kits. EC12 1,200 lume ComplieswithRoHS(RestrictiononHazardousSubstances)requirements.EC emergency drivers are California Energy Commission (CEC) l 5-year warranty of all e elleectronics and housing.ctronics and housing. We lbs EC16 1,600 lumens5-year warranty of all Weigight:ht:1155 lbsreplacements for uorescent strips. The 10-BLCSLED xampl i e: HBLA-15L-5K- ,c DS-EM20 1 Contact factoryfor other sensors. EC20 2,000 lumensE CompleswithFCCPart15 O lassA 2EC24 2,400 lumensSee listof emergency drivers(page 2).3ECemergency driversare CaliforniaEnergy Commission INPUT CURRENT (A)COLOR LUMINAIRE LUMINAIRE LUMENS/ INPUT INPUT CURRENT (A) POWER L 70series is designed to deliver general ambient lighting in a MODEL COLOR CRI LUMINAIRE LUMINAIRE LUMENS/ INPUT (CEC)listed. POWER THD Blank L 70 No emergencydriverFlicker-freeperIEEE1789-2015(noobservableadverseeffectsofflicker THDMODEL TEMPERATURE CRI NominalWATTS Color VOLTAGE 120V 240V 277V FACTOR Emergency variety of indoor settings, including schools, oces,Model LUMENS WATT DIMMABLE MOUNTING OPTIONS HOURS 2 3TEMPERATURE LUMENS WATTS WATT VOLTAGE 120V 240V 277V FACTOR HOURSat100%lightoutputlevel) 33000000kk 2.5kV 8800 1.5kV E 4477 6kV 9999 112200-2-27777 Occupancy Sensor 1 90% 200%% 6633,0,00000 1hospitals and stores, and is the perfect choice for both ComplieswithIEEEC.62.41-1991,inputSURGE 44,6,65522 on(2.0kV) SURGE 9999 IP 65Chai 9 mount 0 ngwit 0.1 V-hooksisstandard. 6633,0,0001100-L-LEEDDPPNLNL22xx44-5-500WW-3-3KK 2kV Lumen Output Temperature 00.39 00.20 0.17 90% 2 DriverSURGE SURG .3 .2 7PROTECTION PROTECTION PROTECTION n i h1100-L-LEEDDPPNNLL22xx445500WW3355KK 33550000kk transientprotecti 4477 112200-2-27777 00.3.399 00200 00.177 9900%% 2200%% 008800 4,6 2 .14,6552211 -L DPN 2x4 550W-44K HBLA 400 0kk 44,6,65522 4477 4K99994000k OS 00.3.399 Passive infrared 9900%% EM8 800 lumens00-LEEDPNLL2 - K 4 000 8800Optionalpendantmountingkit(p/nLEDHB-PMK-S)providespendantnew construction and retrots. This high-ecacy 5-Yearwar x4- nt0W-fallelectronicsandhousin 15L 15,000 112200227777 00.2.200 00.1.177 2200%% 6633,0,00000ra yo g1100LLEEDDPPNNLL22xx44-5-500WW-55KK- 0 00 0.1 90% EM12 1,200 lumensDIMENSIONS 55000000kk 8800 55,0,06622 4477 110088 112200227777 00.3.399 Mi 0 .2 "r0.1dconduit0% 2200%% 6633,0,00000ODS crowave 77 92luminaire provides long-life and uniform illumination, asHBLA 5K 5000k 1 attachment to igi EM16 1,600 lumens1100-L-LEEDDPPNNLL22xx447700WW33KK MODEL 23L 23,000 6688 LUMENS 9977 112200227777 0.577 LUMENS / WATT .255 COLOR TEMPERATURE % 6633,0,0000033000000kk 8800 66,5,56677 CRI0.5 00.28 0 .2 90 % 0 DIMENSIONSWATTS .28 0 90 220%Blank ionalsurface pan ntin sen t(p/nLEDHB-SMK-S)pro2,000 lumens Opt No occu mou cy gki sor EM20 videsattachment%well as standard 0-10vdc dimming capability. 1100-L-LEEDDPPNNLL22xx447700WW-3-355KK 33550000kk 8800 66,6,64455 668 9988 112200-2-27777 00.5.577 00.2.288 00.2.255 9900%% 2200%% 6633,0,000008110-L DPPNNL L 4 W 4K HBLA 4400000kk 30L 30,000 W15297 9988 80 tosolidsurfaces. 00.2.255 9900%% 4000K EM24 26" x 12" x 2"0-LEED 22xx47700W-4- K 20-HBLA-15L-4K 8800 109 6688 112200227777 00.5.577 140 2200%% 2,400 lumens6633,0,000000 66,6,64455 00.2.288 6633,0,00000FEATURES PRODUCT PARAMETER 8800 77,3,32255 6688 15471 110088 1122002777 00.5.577 00.2.288 00.2.255 9900%% 5000K EC8 800 lumens1100-L-LEEDDPPNNLL22xx447700WW-5-5KK 20-HBLA-15L-5K 109 80 141 2200%% 26" x 12" x 2"55000000kk 27 Available in 3500k (warm/neutral white), 4000k (neutral LEC12 1,200 lumens20-HBLA-23L-4K 166 22970 80 139 4000K 26" x 12" x 2"NOMINAL COLOROccupancy Sensor Emergency EC16 1,600 lumenswhite) and 5000k (cool white) color temperatures.* MODEL LUMENS TEMPERATURE 166 H Sensor 1 80 Driver 1 2 140 LUMINAIRELUMENS LUMENS1C ontrtracacttor Lighor Lighting & Supply(877)-664-5483ww WATTS EC20 2,000 lumensCon 20-HBLA-23L-5K ting & Supply(877)-664-5483wwww.c.conontrtracacttororlighlightingting.c.comom 102318 PER WATT23223 5000K 10231826" x 12" x 2"Contact factory for other sensors. Long-life LEDs provide up to 122,000 hours of operation 220-HBLA-30L-4K 217 30294 80 140 4000K EC24 2,400 lumensSee listof emergency drivers(page 2). 26" x 14" x 2"20- LA 15L = 15,000 4K = 4000K OS=Passive infraredBlank No emergency driverwith at least 70% of initial lumen output (L70).** 3 ECemer HB ncy driver BLCSLED2FT BLCSLED3FT BLCSLED4FT BLCSLED8FT30742 EM8 800 lumens 109 15L = 15,297 140ge sare California Energy Commission(CEC)listed. 80 142 5000K 26" x 14" x 2"20-HBLA-30L-5K 217LengthL26374896EM12 1,200 lumens Uniform illumination with no visible LED pixelation 23L = 23,000 5K = 5000K ODS= Microwave109141EM16 1,600 lumens Universal 120-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz) is standard HeightH30L = 30,000 3 3 Blank =No occupancy sensor EM20 2,000 lumens 166 138 1WidthW3333 0-10vdc dimming capability is standard. 3 3 EM24 2,400 lumens 166 140 Power factor 0.90. Weight (lbs.)1.9Call Today For Special Pricing 877.664.5483www.contractorlighting.com140272.52.95.1EC8 800 lumens 217 Total harmonic distortion 20% EC12 1,200 lumens 217WARRANTY/LISTING EC16 1,600 lumens 142 Color rendering index 80. cULus approved for damp locations (-20C to 50C / -4F to 122F). EC20 2,000 lumens Steel housing and acrylic lens. DLC premium approved. EC24 2,400 lumensComplies with RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances) requirements. Blank No emergency driver Easy installation in new construction or retrot. Complies with FCC Part 15 class A. Complies with IEEE C.62.41-1991, Class A input transient surge protection* contact factory for other color temperatures and lumen packages. (2.5kV).**L70hours are IES TM-21-11 calculated hours.Contractor Lighting & Supply(877)-664-5483www.contractorlighting.com 05272020Complies with IEEE 61000-4-2 level 2 (4kV) electrostatic discharge (ESD).PRODUCT PARAMETERModel ColorLuminaire LuminaireTemperature Lumens Was10-BLCSLED2FT2035KMV 3500K 2,348 20 10-BLCSLED2FT204KMV 4000K 2,600 2010-BLCSLED2FT205KMV 5000K 2,432 2010-BLCSLED3FT2535KMV 3500K 3,129 2510-BLCSLED3FT254KMV 4000K 3,250 2510-BLCSLED3FT255KMV 5000K 3,334 2510-BLCSLED4FT3235KMV 3500K 3,811 3210-BLCSLED4FT324KMV 4000K 4,224 3210-BLCSLED4FT325KMV 5000K 4,256 3210-BLCSLED8FT6535KMV 3500K 8,450 6510-BLCSLED8FT654KMV 4000K 8,580 6510-BLCSLED8FT655KMV 5000K 8,645 65Contractor Lighting & Supply(877)-664-5483www.contractorlighting.com080318'