b'LEDHBR-PRM Premium Round LED High Bay,14,00032,000 Lumens (100240W) Shown with Project: optional occupancy Type: sensorSTANDARDWARRANTY & LISTINGS 6-10kV IP 65cULus listed for wet locations in ambient temperatures from:SurgeWET Protection 14,000 & 21,000 lumen models: -40C to 55C (-40F to 131F).The LEDHBR-PRM is a premium round LED high bay luminaire. It is27,000 & 32,000 lumen models: -40C to 50C (-40F to 122F).designed to illuminate a wide variety of settings including commercial,Note: The minimum temperature for models with occupancy Premium Round LED High Bayindustrial and retail settings such as warehouses, manufacturingsensors is -25C (-13F).plants, sporting venues and big-box retailers. With a die cast DLC premium approved.aluminum housing and clear glass lens, the LEDHBR-PRM provides IP65 rated for ingress protection. Flicker-free per IEEE1789-2015 (no observable adverse effects durability and high performance. High-efficacy, long-life LEDs provideof flicker at 100% light output level).both energy and maintenance cost savings compared to traditional, Complies with FCC Part 15, class B.HID high bays.Complies with EN61000-4-5, surge immunity protection:Premium round LED high bay luminaire.FEATURES 120-277V models: 6kV.347-480V models: 10kV. It is designed to illuminate a wide5-year warranty of all electronics and housing.Available in 4000k (neutral white) and 5000k (cool white) color temperatures.*variety of settings including commercial,For models with 120-277V AC input voltage, long-life LEDs provideMOUNTING OPTIONS141,000 hours of operation with at least 70% of initial lumen output (L 70 industrial & retail settings such asSuspension from pre-installed mounting hook (cast iron M10 ). Models with 347-480V AC input voltage feature L 70 eyebolt) with locking set screw is standard.performance of at least 205,000 hours.**warehouses, manufacturing plants,Ceiling-mounted installation (using optional yoke mounting bracket,Provides a range of 13,812 to 34,704 lumens.* LEDHBRSN-YOKE-PRM) provides up to 100 of adjustability. Universal 120-277 & 347-480V AC voltage (50-60Hz) are standard.Two ways to mount luminaire to electrical conduit:sporting venues and big-box retailers. 0-10vdc dimming drivers are standard. Attach conduit ( NPS) to optional yoke mounting bracketWith a die cast aluminum housing and (LEDHBRSN-YOKE-PRM).Watertight, compression-type electrical connectors. Mounting options include suspension from pre-installed mountingOptional pendant snap hook (LEDHBRSN-PSH-PRM-V2) attaches clear glass lens, providing durability andhook, yoke mounting, and attachment to electrical conduit. to electrical conduit ( NPS). Optional, IP65 Merrytek occupancy/daylight sensor and junction high performance. High-efficacy, long-lifebox assembly provides a fully-wired luminaire & control package.DIMENSIONSTo order, add the suffix OS to your luminaire catalog number LEDs provide both energy and(see example below). Power factor 0.90.SLNSN LED-DDALSN 8 35 & 55 Watt LED Dusk-to-Dawn Luminaires LED-DDALSND-DDA o-Dna L3wu5nm & Liu n5ma5i riWneasaitrte sLED Dusk-to-Dawn LuminairesLELDE-DDAL 35 &3 55 5& W 55a tWt LaEtDt L DEuDs Dk-utsok-D-tawmaintenance cost savings compared Total harmonic distortion 20%.INDOOR : High Bay Fixtures to traditional, HID high bays.Color rendering index 80. Die cast aluminum housing, painted black. 15Easy installation in new construction or retrofit.Pro L 70 Project: and lumen packages. Project: Weight: 10.612.4lbs. Project:* Contact factory for other color temperatures ** ject:hours are IES TM-21-11 calculated hours. Aluminum LED board provides high Type: Example: Type: Type:Type: LEDHBR-14-4K-PRM-BLK-UNV-OS + LEDHBRSN-PSH-PRM-V2 + MWAVEDHS-REMORDERING INFORMATION Premium round highbay, 14,000 nominal lumens, 4000k, black housing, 120-277V, Merrytek occupancy & daylight conductivity and resists agingCataloCga #ta:log #: sensor + pendant snap hook + Merrytek remote control Catalog #:Catalog #: W LuminaireLumensColorHousing InputModel Luminaire aterproof and salt mist resistant Sensor AccessoriesWatts Lumens Per Watt Temperature Color Voltage (Optional) (Order Separately)LEDHBR-14 100 13,961 140 4K-PRM = 4000k BLK = Black UNV = 120-277V OS=Occupancy &PROJECT = Pendant snap hook Rated at 205,000 hours of L70 Life PROJECTLEDHBRSN-PSH-PRM-V213,950 140 5K-PRM = 5000k Daylight Sensor STANDARD 150 20,799 139 STANDARD (Factory-Installed) LEDHBRSN-YOKE-PRM = Yoke mount bracket STANDARDSTANDARD LEDHBR-21 4K-PRM = 4000k IK10 rated for impact resistance forLEDHBRSN-ALMREFL60-PRM= Reflector, 60, 20,624 TYPELEDHBR-27 200115kV Surge 137 5K-PRM = 5000k1.2kV RoHS TYPE = Aluminum RoHS 1.2kV Surge Protection WETWET 27,4.2 1.2kV 4K-PRM = 4000k easSurge LEDHBRSN-ALMREFL90WIDE-PRMReflector, 90, use in gymnasiums and other ar13727,169 136 5K-PRM = 5000kSurge Protection RoHS WET ProtectionWE9 Protection RoHS 4K-PRM = 4000k AluminumLEDHBR-32 23T the lighting fixture may come inCATALOG #32,727 137 CATALOG #The DL-SDNDAduLSsNk-tdou-dska-wton- daw riotyd/ flilgood slightiD dusk-to-dawn security/flood light is an idealLISTINGS = Optional WARRANTY & Optional dusk-to-dawn security/flood light is an idealLED-DDALSN TheLETDh-eDLEDA 102 32,250 135 5K-PRM =eLE se WARRANTY & Optional WARRANTY &LISTINGSsecunr istey/cfulo Th 5000k-aaDnlDiAdeLSaNl347-480V Note: LISTINGS LEDHBRSN-ACLREFL60-PRMReflector, 60, Acrylicht ian i dLEDHBRS-14 contact with objects 00k WARRANTY &LISTINGS13,812 135 4K-PRM = 40 UNC =Occupancy al site anoddflilgohotdin lgigihnt icnogminm cesoormcluial and l e and flood lightingin commercial andM = Reflector, 90, Acrylic in commercial andsolution for general site and flood lightingsolutiosonl ufotiro gne fnoerr gael nsieter and flo 13,892 136 merc fioaragnedn eral sit sensors are notLEDHBRSN-ACLREFL90-PR5K-PRM = 50 tionLEDHBRS-21 151 21,127 140 4K-PRM = 4 00k cULusliste -4F to 113F). availab c Acrylic Lens (-20C to 45C / locationsC4 wet 5c F listed for Aluminum Lens cULusOccupancy Sensorresidential settings. With a die castaluminum hous 07-LEDWPSNN wde ftolor le on ss -20C - o 45/ emiLu 1 lis F). d LED High Bay,residential settings. With a die cast 08-LED-DDALSN 34 r in waettiolnocsa( tions E ( t20 protection. Cto Pr U to s 13 IP65 rated for ingress ted forwet locations(-20C to 45C / aluminum housing and a-4F to 113F). residential settings. With a die cast000k cULuslisted for -4CF/to-4 113F).aluminumr heosiudseinntgi aaln sde tat7 aluminum housing and a= Merrytek remoteACD12 Aluminum heat sink ings. With a die cast -480V models MWAV DHS-REM21,357 141 ing and a LEDHBRS-27 200 s 43 139 5K-PRM = 5000k lens LEDHBR-PRM 14,000 u standard approved. m R DLC ounap protectio LED- the n. reduce glare, shield to lens fluted, polycarbonateIP65 rated fo gre protection. IP65 rated for ingress (Not available on 347-480V)IP65 rated for ingressprotection. ontrol (use with 27,846 dd tuocree gdluacree, gtlhafelrueLEt,etDdh,-e pLEolyDc-arbonate DLC shield toreduce glare,theLED- c 32,000 Lumens (100240W) flutedf,l uptoelydc, aprobloyncaartbeolennasteshleienlsd thoierle 4K-PRM = 4000k occupancy & dayliDDALSDNDAprLoSvNidpersoveifdfeecsteivfefe, c 28,1 co 40-120 WATT LED WALL PACKSDLC standard ghtproved. economical security lighting.effective, provides DDALSNDUSK-TO-DAWN SECURITY/FLOOD 141 5K-PRM = 5000kstandard approved. Operating temperatures: DLC standard approved. sensor)LEDHBRS-32 243 ,o icarl istey curh y lightinpgr.ovideseffective,economical security lighting.B. class 15, Part with FCC Complies Complies with FCCPart 15,classB.etcivoen e 140lig it SN B.micnaol msecu DDAL34,107 ting. 4K-PRM = 4000kCompilieswCith FCC15P,acrtla1s5s,cl.ass 34,704 143 5K-PRM = 5000kComplieswth FC O Part G OPTIONS B- 14,000 & 21,000 lumen models: M UNTINAPPLICATIONS Dvsid perobvoitdhe ebneotrhg e eH d LEDs provideboth energy and both energy and LEDs provide High-efficacy, long-lifeHigh-eHfifgicha-ceyff, ilcoancgy-,l ilfoenLgE-lDifse pLrEo yn rdgy a an igh-nefficacy, long-lifeCComplies protection (1.2kV). surge immunitywith EN61000-4-5, oC Compliessurge immunity protection (1.2kV).APPLICATIONS omplies with EN61-050,0s-4ur-g5e, simurmgeun imitympurnoitteycptiro teocmt traditional, compared to savings maintenance costtraditimonaainl,tenance cost with EN61000-4 n (1.i2opknlV).i e(1s.2wkitV).h EN61000-4-5,-40C to 55C (-40F to 131F) savingscompared totraditional,maintmenaainntceen caonsctes acovisntgssacvoinmgspacoremdp taorterda dtoitional,07-LEDWPSN is a series of rugged, durable LED wall packs, which are perfect The 08-LED-DD SNESTk- I to HT awns ROD rit CTS1213 ETNAn 5- ,5-yerarwarranty of calrl elecstronics and housing. aund ho sing.5-year warranty of all electronics warranty of all electronics 5-yearand housing.for outdoor perimeter and area lighting. With a die cast aluminum housing ye ATAS a r LAt OH 430 l 62740- oni -1198 nd ho si st g.uAL B dus LG -d INGP ecu U y/flood light is a PARKWAY P arw KA an y of al ele t 964 c a www.be n lighting.netFEATURES LEDHID s DALSN toSpecif erci ns l and HID security/flood lights. 12MOUNTING ARM Lorem ipsum 12and HID security/flood lights. FEATURES incandescentincandinecsacnedntacn ID d -D costHigh-ecacy,mm icatio a and dimensionsMOUNTING ARMes edn tH an security/flood lights. incandescent subject to change without notice.ecurity/flood lights.- 27,000 & 32,000 lumen models: ideal solution for general site and flood lighting in coand a polycarbonate lens, the 07-LEDWPSN will stand up to many years of punishing environmental conditions.35 & 55 Watt LED Dusk-to-Dawn Luminaireslong-life LEDs provideand residential settings. With a die cast aluminum housing and a MOUNTING ARMFEATURES -40C to 50C (-40F to 122F). Minimumboth energy and maintenancesavingsFEATURES MOUNTING ARMcomparedtraditional, HID 1212100fluted, polycarbonate lens shield to reduce glare, the tio wder-wall packs. temperature for models with occupancypowder- Optional Optional powder- 08-LED-DDALSN provides effective, economical securityOplponwadlepro- * 2.5kV 4kV E * Adjustable* Optiona Available in 5000k(coolwhite) color temperatureA. vailable in 5000k(cocoolawtehdit es)te ceollomro tuenmtipnegr ature.Conduit-Momountingunatd coated steel teelmountingwhite) color temperature. (cool Available in 5000kC SURGE SURG (coo f i w e * coated steelmountingeiling-Mounted coteed sConduit-MountedAvailable liingh 5ti0ng. High-00k Project: (LEDHBRSN-YOKE-PRM) (LEDHBRSN-YOKE-PRM) PROTECTION (LEDHBRSN-PSH-PRM-V2)e lfcahcity, )l ocnogl-olirf ete LmEpDes rpartouvried.e both energy andPROTECTIONFEATURES sensors is -25C (-13F) arm Ceiling-Mounted " Conduit-attaches to poles tta arm " Conduit-Adjustableattaches to poles arm a ches to poles white) and 5000k e ofoperationLorem ipsum operationof 78,000 hours Long-life LEDs provide at least Availables s aprrmovaidttea acht lesa tsot 7p8ol,e0s00 hoursLoen LmgEa-lDiinfesteLnpaEronDvcseidcpeor aosttvslideaaevs iantgt7 sle8 ca,o0sm0t0p7a 8hr,eo0du0 rt0 ** (L 70 ).** or walls. (L 70 ).**11or walls. or walls. 1** ). 70 (L lumen output initial with at least 70% ofohotrofauodriptsieoornafatoli,Lo pionnen craagnt-ildoifenescLeEnDt Long-lif in 3000k (warm white), 4000k (neutralwith at least 70%orowfainllsit.iallumen output Mounted Mountedwith at leaasntd 7 H0I%D secuinr Type: ts (L 70 ). 1 with at leas to 7f 0% of initiallumtepnu toutput ELECTRICAL DATA(cool Power factor: 0.9white) color temperatures* u.iittiya/lfllouomd eling ho Long-life LEDs provide 216,000 hours of operation withat least 70% 5WMounting bracket d 11522 lumens 15Mounting bracket Mounting bracket15 and 122 lumens 4,269 lumens delivers LED-DDALSN35W D LED-DLDEADL-SDND3A5W um * * LSNd3e5liWverdse4liv,2e6r9s 4lu,2m6e9n lsumanedn 1s2a2n dlu 1m2Le2Enls -DeDnAsLSN3Moundetinlivge brsra4c,k2e6t9 lumens15an ColorCRI1 Luminaire Luminaire Lu included. mens/Input2 Input Current (A) PowerTHD3 L 70 Hours4 * per watt.perFEAT Catalog #: per watt.* included. Model included. Factor watt.CRI: 80 included.per watt. URES Temp. Lumens Watts Wat1.2-t Voltage 120V 240V 277Vof initial lumen output (L 70 )*** delivers6,703 lumens* delivers6,703 lumens 4000k 2.5kV 2kV E IP 65 1kV E 4kV 120-277 6k-10V 0.42 0.36 and 126 lumens 0.90 20% 6,703 lumens 141,000 delivers * LED-DDALSN55W LED-ADvDaAilaLbSlNe 5in5 W500d0ekli v(ecroso6l ,w7h0i3te l)u mcoelonrs taenmdpe LEDHBR14-4K-PRM-BLK-UNV 80 13,961 140 SURGELED-DDALSN55W5-Year Warranty 1r2La6Et ulDurem-*DeDnAsLSN55W LEDHBR14-5K-PRM-BLK-UNV 5000k PROTECTIONPROTECTION WE PROTECTIONPROTECTION PROTECTION 0.36 0.90 20% 141,000 07-LEDWP40SN provides 4,734 lumens & 115 lumens per watt (LPW) at 3000k; and 126 lumens SURGE SURG 100 SURG SURGE 0.83and 126 lumens*-life LEDs provide at least 78,000 hours of operation 80 13,950 100T 140 120-277 0.83 0.42 SPEC SHEET per watt.per w Laotnt.g per watt.4,751 lumens & 116 LPW at 4000k; or 4,817 lumens & 117 LPW at 5000k*per watt. LEDHBR21-4K-PRM-BLK-UNV 4000k 80 20,799 150 139 120-277 1.25 0.63 0.54 0.90 20% 141,000with at least 70% of initial lumen output (L )** Universal 120 RD70 U LEDHBR21-5K-PRM-BLK-UNV 5000k 80 20,624 150 137 120-277 1.25 0.63 0.54 is standard. 0.90 20% 141,000 voltage (50-60Hz) Universal 120-277 ACUniversal 120-277 A 7o AltaCgveo (l5ta0g-6e0 (H50z)-6is0 Hstza)nids asrtda. anrdiv.ersal 120-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz) is standard. 80 27,415 200 137 120-277 1.67 0.83 0.72 0.90 20% 141,000STANDA 27 nd-C v07-LEDWP60SN provides 6,983 lumens & 114LPW at 3000k; 7,052 LEDHBR27-4K-PRM-BLK-UNV 4000kWARRANTY & LISTING 200 13608-LED-DDALSN35W delivers 4,269 lumens and 122 DIMENSIONS 5000k 80 27,169 DIMENSI DIMENSIONS ONS 120-277 1.67 0.83 0.72 0.90 20% 141,000lumens & 116 LPW at both 4000k and 5000k* DIMENSIONS LEDHBR27-5K-PRM-BLK-UNV 4000k LUMENS/ 239 137 120-277 1.99 1.00 0.86 0.90 20% 141,000 r 0.90. MODEL 1.2kVPower factor 0.90.LUMENS LUMINAIRE5000k 80 32,727 239 135 120-277 OPTIONS 0.86 0.90 20% 141,000 Power factor 0.90.PowerP foawcteolrurmfa ec0nt.o9s per watt* 0.Surgen a S COLOR cULus listed for wet locations (-20C to 45C / -4F to 113F) 135 347-480 1.99 1.00 0.90 20% 238,000 harmonic distortion 20%. Total LEDHBR32-4K-PRM-BLK-UNVTEMPERATURE LEDHBR32-5K-PRM-BLK-UNV 80 32,250 07-LEDWP80SN provides 9,768 lumens & 122 LPW at 3000k; or 9,885 WATTSWATT h8a-LrmEDon-DicD dAisLtSoNr t25io05n%W .d2e0li%ve.rs 6,703 lumensT a oH DIMENSIONS 2kV 4000k 80 13,812 102 347V 480Vo IP65 rated Total Taortma lo0hnic distortionWET Protection Rtd l1 LEDHBRS14-4K-PRM-BLK-UNC 1.5kV 6kV 0.29 0.21h2a6r monic distortion 20%.lumens & 124 LPW at both 4000k and 5000k*Color 4000K DLC standard approved SURGE 5000k 140/135 102 SURGE 136 IP 65 0.21 0.90 20% 238,000 70. rendering index Color 20-LEDHBR-14-4K-PRM-BLK-UNV / -OS 13961/13812 100/102 13,892 347-480 0.29lumens per watt* LEDHBRS14-5K-PRM-BLK-UNC 80 SURGE LEDHBRSN-PSH-PRM = Pendant snap hookColorTheLED-DDALS 70.sk-to-dawn security/flood light is an ideal70. RM-BLK-UNC PROTECTION 140rendering index Ndu rendering index Colorrendering index 70. LEDHBRS21-4K-P PROTECTION 4000k 80 21,127 151 PROTECTION 347-480 0.44 0.31 0.90 20% 230,000 07-LEDWP100SN provides 11,967 lumens & 117 LPW at 3000k; 12,159Universal 120-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz) is standard5000KWARRANTY & - LISTINGS 180/1321,357 LEDHBRSN-YOKE-PRM = Yoke mount bracket0.90 20% 230,00020-LEDHBR-14-5K-PRM-BLK-UNV / -OS Complies with FCC Part 15, class B 40 6 151 141 347-480 0.44 0.3113950/13892 100/K-02 5000k lumens & 119 LPW at 4000k, or 12,350 lumens & 121 LPW at 5000k* LEDHBRS21-5K-PRMBL1UNC ie solution for general site and flood lightingin commercial andLEDHBRS27-4K-PRM-BLK-UNC 4000k 80 27,846 200 139 347-480 0.58 0.42 0.90 20% 215,000 housing. Die cast aluminumcast aluminumhousing. Die cast aluminumhousing.Die caDst al uPmowineurm fahcotours in g090Complies with EN61000-4-5, surge immunity (40W: 1.2kV; all others: 4kV) 0.90 20%cULuslisted forwet locations(-20C to 45C / -4F to 113F). 0.58 0.42 , 60, Aluminum215,000200 141 347-480LEDHBRS27-5K-PRM-BLK-UNC 5000k 80 28,143 LEDHBRSN-ALMREFL60-PRM = Reflector07-LEDWP120SN provides 13,213 lumens & 119 LPW at 3000k; 13,589 0K6150/151 4000k 139/140 6 6 140 347-480 0.70 0.51 0.90 20% 205,00020-LEDHBR-21-4K-PRM-BLK-UNV / -OS 400 20799/21127 T shield to reduce glare. m 6LEDHBRS32-4K-PRM-BLK-UNC prote8tion.34,704 LEDHBRSN-ALMREFL90WIDE-PRM =Reflector 0.90 20%Flute residential settings. With a die castalu inum housing and ashield to reduce glare. ss5000k 80 34,107 243 143 347-480 0.70 0.51 , 90, Aluminumshield to reduce glare. 205,000 polycarbonate lens Fluted, do,tpaol lhyacramrboonnica tdei sletonrstiosnh iel d2 0to% r educe glare.Fluted,polycarbonate lens LEDHBRS32-5K-PRM-BLK-UNC 0 Fluted,polycarbonate lens 5-year warranty of all electronics and housing 243 lumens & 122 LPW at 4000k; or 13,966 lumens & 126 LPW at 5000k* IP65 rated for ingre c fluted, pol 20-L rbonat -21-5 shield toreduce glare,theLED- 20624/21357 150/151 137/141yca EDHBR elens 5000K Color rendering index 80K-PRM-BLK-UNV / -OS Uniform illumination with no visible LED pixelationNEMA-type photocellinclud1 Color standard approved. LEDHBRSN-ACLREFL60-PRM = Reflector, 60, Acrylicincluded (120-277V). NEMA-type photocellNEMA-type photocleuldlindc (lu1d2e0d-2 (7172V0)-.277V). edD (L120-277V). dex.NEMA-type photocellinc e 2Crendering inDie cast Nprovideh effective,economical security lighting.DIMENSIONS 200/200 137/139DDALSaluminum s ousing4000K 27415/2784620-LEDHBR-27-4K-PRM-BLK-UNV / -OS All 50-60Hz. Universal 120-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz) is standard 3Tota pl a es n eittrho fFitC. C Part 15,classB. LEDHBRSN-ACLREFL90-PRM = Reflector, 90, Acrylicor retrofit. . construction installation in new EasyiEinstallation in new4 o tion ior o w numberofhoursatwhichlumenoutputdeclinesto70%oftheinitiallevel.L 70 hoursareIESTM-21-11calculatedhours Easy atsay constrCuc m l h rmr ic distortion.nsllFainltuisottenad lil,na p tniooelnyw cinac ronbneoswntarcutoecn tlisoetnnrsuo csrt hiroeientrldoo frti tor.e rterodfuitc.e EglaasryeL 70 referstothe High-efficacy, long-lifeLEDs provideboth energy and 27169/28143 200/200 136/141Power factor 0.90 20-LEDHBR-27-5K-PRM-BLK-UNV / -OS 5000K*NEMA-type photocell included (120-277V) Complieswith EN61000-4-5,surge immuniVEDHS-REM=Merrytek remote control ** ct colort m andlumen pa kageosn. tactfactoryforothercolortemperature PHOTOMETRIC DATA 12 12MWAty protection (1.2kV). 12and lumen packages. temperatures color other for factory Contactmaintenance cost savings *C and lumen packages. Total harmonic distortion 20% compared totraditional, s 12ContactCfaocnttoaryffoa r ctotryfocroother mperate B eratdu res en pM-BgK-.c NV /3 23 7/oh or e Heps a -l4K a Uhoursare inst ation inlatec o ns . ru ion o ** rofitare IESyear y of all electro csand housing.** 70 **L 70 Easy er S lallt20-LEDurnewn2 oum- t PR ctckaLesr ret/ -OS 4000K 32727 5- 4107 warrant 9/ 243 13 ni 140 (use with occupancy & daylight sensor) TM-21-11 calculated hours. are IES hours 70 L **R-3 Color rendering index 80 cu d h urs L 70 hours TM-21-11 calculated hours.L hoursa incandescentand HID security/flood lights. LEDHBR14-4K-PRM-BLK-UNV (13,961 Lumens) IE TM-21-11 calre IESTM-21-11 calculated hours.* Contact factory for 20-er EDHBRper2-5K-PRM-BLK-UNV / -OS 5000K 4 Weight: 4.4 lbs. UNC = Add UNC for Canadian. 4.4 lbs.othLcolor tem-3atures and lumen packages. 2 9/2lbs. Candlepower Weight: Die cast aluminum housing with durable, dark bronze, powder coat paint 32250/3470 Weight: 3 4.4 43 90 135/143Weight: 4.4 lbs. Zonal Lumen** L 70hours are IES TM-21-11 calculated hours. Summary Summary Cone of LightPolycarbonate lens with seamless, silicone gasket to prevent leaks 80ES D= 347-480V MOUNTING ARM 70 0 90 Zone Lumens % FixtureFEATUR ERPolycarbonate has F1 rating to avoid discolorations 1263 0 5,052 5,052 12 483 3.5% O ORDERING INFORMATION NTING ARM 60 10 4,985 5,000 010 1,879 13.5% ORDERING INFORMATIONORDERRINDGE RININFGO RINMFAOTRIMONATION * MOU Optionalpowder- 020Internal bubble level facilitates level installation WARRANTY & LISTINGS Available in 5000k(coolwhite) color temperature. coated steelmounting20 4,781 4,772 030 4,026 28.8% Easy installation in new construction or retrotOptional powder-coatedcULus listed for wet locations (-20C oday For Special Pricing 877.664.5483www Color .contractorlighting.comLumens Luminaire 55 FC 2940W60W80W100W 120WCall Tto 45C / oLumens s 2526 attaches to pole50 30 mens 4,421 040 6,657 47.7% 10*Contact factory for other color temperatures and lumen packages. 78,0minaire of perationarm L rms L 4,412 Color 9,415 67.4%Long-life LEDs provide at least Lu00 hours Color uminaire 050ModeMl odel Lumin Luminaire WattLsuminaire ut(L LuMmoednesl Cuomloi r or walls. Weigh Accessories t (lbs.)7.orussories 7.8TempTemperature 10.411,765 Per Watt 84.3% Accessories Lumens 15 FC Luminaire Watts Modelteel mounting a**L70 hours are IES TM-21-11 calculated hours. initiallumen outp ens ).** L naire Watts LumeAncsces Acce 7att 3,886 10.4 60 201 aF70% of 21.8 -4Fw itthoa1 t l3e)aire Watts Lum 70 ature s Pieers W0 eraturestLumens Per WPaettr WatTtempeTreamtupreer 3789 40 40 3,886 3,118 070 13,319 95.4%attaches to poles or walls.50 3,120 IP6L5E rDat-eDdD AfoLrS inNg3r5eWssd perliovetersct4io,2n69 lumensand 122 lumensMounting bracket 152,086 2,115 080 13,881 99.4% 60PRODUCT PARAMETER 35 4,269 122 Moun nicnlgu dberda.cket included Arm withMounting = = Mounting LED-DDALSN-ARM A 5000k 5K ==5000k 13,921 122 LED-DDALSN-ARM 4,269 30 MountingArm w 35 i thLED-DDALSN35WDLCp esrt wanadtta.rd approved 4,269 LED-D1D22ALSN35W 5K =5000k 35 it LED-DDALSN4-A,2R6M9 = Mounting1A22rm withr m wit5hK LED-DDALSN35W * 5K =5000k LED-DDALSN-ARM 090 99.7% = 7FCLED-DDALSN35W 35 70 974 1,0365052 80 Bracket 179 40 0.3% Bracket-D ALSN55W 5K =50050 0 10 Bracket 20 30 Bracket 126 LUMENS PER WATT 5000k 5K = 126 40 6,703 Nadir 53 4 FC LED-DDALSN55W-D5D LS pli 5W 53 COLOR TEMPERATURE LED d 1 LUMINAIRE LUMENS LUMINAIRE WATTS 132 90 180 0 . MODEL5 es DwAitLhS FNCPartl iv1e5r,s C6l,a7ssB 6,703 an1D 26 l 126 ens Kk =553000k 6,703 5K =5000kLED-DDLAELDSNW 5C de 6,03lu mens 26 um Maximum Candela = 50525A N 53 Com 5W 703LED-D ppl e * ith EN61000-4-5, surge 4734 0 41 90 90 2 2 115 0180 13,961 100.0%Com er iwsa twt. 3K = 3000K07-LEDWP40SN-3K07-LEDWP40SN-4K 4K = 4000K 4751 41 116 ge (50-60Hz) is standard. BEST LIGHTING PRODUCTS1213 ETNA PARKWAY, PATASKALA OH 43062740-964-1198www.bestlighting.netimmUunnivietyr sparlo 1t2e0c-t2io7n7(A1C.2vkoVlt)a 07-LEDWP40SN-5K 5K = 5000K 4817 41 11707-LEDWP60SN-3Kf BEST LIGHT l I l ele RODUCTSE and 3E ousi P 6983S 4 DIMENSIONS 61 Specifications and dimensions subject to change without notice.740-964-1198www.bestlighting.net 43062 ETNA PARKWAY, PATASKALA OH 1213PRODUCTS BEST LIGHTING 5ear wararan y of9 NGP c= 300 i 0K 1NAh TNAng BE KTAL L3AI0G 6OHT 4-1119281 eEwsTwtlNAiwgh.b PteinAsgRKtl.ingeWhttAinYg,. nPeATt ASKALA14H43062 740-964-1198www.bestlighting.net-y Power LIGHTI 0.a 0. tro 1213 TPARKWAAYRK, PWATAASY, KPALATA OH 2HI 4N73G4006P-29R6O4 7-DU14109-CT986 S www.b3K 21 AS 3 1 OBEST ctotrNGPRODUCTS n cs 07-LEDWP60SN-4K 4K = 4000K Specifications and dimensions7052 to change without notice. 61 116 to change without notice. Specifications and dimensions subjectsubject Specifications and dimensions subjectto change without notice.Specifications and dimensions subjectto change without notice.07-LEDWP60SN-5K 5K = 5000K 7052 61 116 Totalharmonic distortion 20%.07-LEDWP80SN-3K 3K = 3000K 9768 80 12207-LEDWP80SN-4K 4K = 4000K 9885 80 124 Colorrendering index 70.07-LEDWP80SN-5K 5K = 5000K 9885 80 124LUMINAIRELUMINAIRELUMENSCOLOR07-LEDWPMODEL 3K = 3000K 11,967 102 OPTIONS (ORDER SEPARATELY) 100SN-3K 117 Die cast aluminumhousing. LUMENS PER WATT TEMPERATURE 11907-LEDWP100SN-4K WATTS 12,159 1024K = 4000K07-LEDWP100SN-5K 5K = 5000K 12,350 6102 12108-LD Fluted,polycarbonate lensshield to reduce glare. 122 5K = 5000k08-LED-DDALSN-ARM =E -DDALSN35W 35 4,269 07-LEDWP120SN-3K 3K = 3000K 13,213 111 11907-LEDWP120SN-4K 4K = 4000K 13,589 111 12208-LD NEMA-type photocellincluded (120-277V). 1265K = 5000kMounting Arm126E -DDALSN55W 5K = 5000K with Bracket 07-LEDWP120SN-5K 53 6,70313,966 111 Easyinstallation in newconstructionor retrofit.* Contractor Lighting & Supply(877)-664-5483www.contractorlighting.com 08061812 Contractor Lighting & Supply(877)-664-5483www.contractorlighting.comContactfactoryforothercolortemperatures and lumen packages.**L 70 hoursare IESTM-21-11 calculated hours.Weight:4.4 lbs.ORDERING INFORMATIONModel Luminaire Watts Luminaire Lumens Color AccessoriesLumens Per Watt TemperatureLED-DDALSN35W 35 4,269 122 5K =5000k LED-DDALSN-ARM = MountingArm with LED-DDALSN55W 53 6,703 126 5K =5000k BracketBEST LIGHTINGPRODUCTS1213ETNA PARKWAY, PATASKALA OH43062 740-964-1198www.bestlighting.netSpecifications and dimensions subjectto change without notice.'