b'BLFR Fire Rated CansProject:Type:Catalog #:STANDARD 2-hour Fire-Rated IC CansDAMP RoHS BLACK The 06-BLFR product is UL fire rated 6" Black Boxand can be protected for 2 hours with FEATURES BOX UL fire rated for up to two hours.* BLFR Fire Rated Cans BY a double wall fixture that incorporates WARRANTY & LISTINGS a non-combustible fiber insulation toFor use in insulated or non-insulated ceilings.cULus listed for wet locations. prevent flames, toxic gases, and ignition Project:RoHS compliant. gases from passing through. SuitableQuick connector is standard. Type:Fire rated. for condominiums, apartment buildings,Suitable for through branch wiring.Compatible with non-insulated or insulated ceilings, Type IC. multi-family, commercial and residential INDOOR : Recessed Ceiling FixturesCatalog #:5-year warranty of all electronics and housing. applications.Junction box contains knockouts for easy installation. Adjustable bar hangers (13-5/8 to 25) with captive nails areDIMENSIONSGalvanized steel construction withstandard. STANDARD housing interior is comprised of aBLFR-4SHICAT-NND flexible non-combustible insulation. Adjustable housing to accommodate ceiling thickness. DAMP RoHS 4" Black Box The housing can be removed from Galvanized steel construction. plaster frame to provide access to the FEATURES junction box Interior of housing is lined with a non-combustible insulation. WARRANTY & LISTINGSUL fire ratings up to 2 hours UL fire rated for up to two hours.*For use in insulated ceilings andModels Compatible Trims** non-insulated ceilings For use in insulated or non-insulated ceilings.cULus listed for wet locations. BLFR-4SHICAT-NND DALSN LED-DDALSNr t ompliant. 35 & 55 Watt LED Dusk-to-Dawn LuminairesAirtight (Per ASTM-E283) LED-DDALSNLELDE-DD-DDALSN it e sLED Dusk-to-Dawn LuminairesQuick connect provided35 &3 55 5& W 55a tWt LaEtDt L DEuDs Dk-utsok-D-taow-Dna 3Lwu5nm & Liu n5ma5i irWneasaBRK-LED4-ECO Series RoHS cQuick connector is standard.Fire rated. BLFR-6SHICAT-NNDBRK-LED56-ECO Series13-5/8" to 25" Bar hangers with captiveSuitable for through branch wiring. ject:Compatible with non-insulated or insulated ceilings, Type IC. Project:ProjectPr:oject: Pro5-year warranty of all electronics and housing. nails and alignment footType:Type: Junction box contains knockouts for easy installation.Housing adjusts from 1-1/2" toType: Type:CataloCga #ta:log #: Catalog #: accommodate various ceiling thickness Catalog #: Adjustable bar hangers (13-5/8 to 25) with captive nails areDIMENSIONSRemote capacity option availablestandard. 6" Black Box PROJECT 4" Black BoxBLFR-6SHICAT-NND BLFR-4SHICAT-NNDSelf resetting thermal protector STANDSATRADNDARDAdjustable housing to accommodate ceiling thickness. deactivates fixture if overheating occursSTANDARDSTANDARD WET Surge Surge on WET Surge TYPE insulation WET1.2kV 1.2kV RoHS1.2kV RoHS RoHS 1.2kV Surge Protection WETdue to improper lamping or misapplied Galvanized steel construction. ProtectionProtectiProtection RoHS CATALOG #The TheLED-DDALSNdusk-to-dawn security/floodT lhigehLEt iDs -aDnD iAdeLSaNldusk-to-dawn security/flood light is an idealdusk-to-dawn security/flood light is an idealLED-DDALSN TheLED-DDALSNdusk-to-dawn security/flood light is an idealARRANTY &LISTINGS LISTINGS WARRANTY & WARRANTY & LISTINGSContains one 1-1/8", one 1/2", three 7/8"WARRWANTY &LISTINGSInterior of housing is lined with a non-combustible insulation.solutiosonl ufotiro gne fnoerr gael nsietera al nsdit efl oanoddflilgohotdin liggihnt icnogminm cseoormcluimatli oeanrnc dfioalcULs cULus lisrte -4F to 113F). ims c BLFR (-20C to 45C / protection. locations wetDLC listed for standard approved. Fire Rated Cans cULus DLC IP65 rated for ingressLED- the in commercial andreduce glare, aluminum housing and ashield to lens knockouts and four Romexsolution for general site and flood lighting residential settings. With a die cast fluted, polycarbonateragnedn eral site and flood lightingin commercial and 08-LED-DDALSN f waettiolonsca(t-i2o0nsC( -t2o0 45C Cto/4-45CF/to-4 1c1FU3 LtFou s). wetlocations(-20C to 45C /-4F to 113F).uslistedfo wde ftolor 11li3stFed). forresidernetsiiadl esnettitainl gses.t tWinigtsh.aW diitehcaa dstiea cluamstinaulumm hinouumsir nhegso iuadsneidnn tgai a aln sde tat ings. With a die castaluminum housing and aIP65e p ction.IP65 rated for ingressprotection.IP65 rated froar t indgroers isngrreostescptiroonte.Models e Compatible Tr ** theLED- pryouts with strain reliefflutedf,l uptoelydc, aprobloyncaartbeolethoierledd tuocree gdluarcee, gtlhafelruLEt,etDdh,-e pLEolyDc-arbonatennasteshleienlsds lensshield toreduce glare,DUSK-TO-DAWN SECURITY/FLOOD standard approved. DLCstandard approved.etcivoen,oemcoicnaol mseiccuarl istey cluigrhiDttyDin lAgigL.h StNinpgr.oDLC tandard approved.DDALSDNDAprLoSvNidpersoveifdfeecsteivfefe, c videseffective,economical security lighting.economical security lighting. Die formed 22 gauge galvanized effective, provides DDALSN plieswith FCCPart B. 15, class class 15, B. Partwith FCC Complies Complies with FCCPart15,classB. ComplCieosmwith FCCPart15,classB. BLFR-4SHICAT- bnotrhg ey naenHrdgigyh a-nedfficacLEDs provide protection (1.2kV). both energy and surge immunitywith EN61000-4-5, n(1 Compliessurge immunity both energy and protection (1.2kV). LEDs provide steel construction. Housing interior isHigh-efficacy, long-lifeoenLgE-lifse pLEoDvsid perobvoitdhe NND y, long-life Complies i es.2wkitV).h EN61000-4-5,High-eHfifgicha-ceyff, ilcoancgy-,l ilf D re e BRK-LED4-ECO Seriesmaintmenaainntceen caonsctes acovisntg onaainl,tenance costsavings with EN61000-4 Project:ss compared totraditional,immpurnAPPLICATIONS timComplies with EN61-050,0s-4ur-g5e, simurmguenity oitteycptiroonCte (1ocmt.i2opk lV). traditional, compared to savings maintenance costacvoinmgspacoremdp taoretrda dtoititorandali,The 08-LED-DDALSN dusk-to-dawn security/flood light is an5-year and housing.5-year warranty of all electronics warranty of all electronics 5-yearand housing. comprised of a flexible non-combustible 5-year warranty of all oenleiccstraonndic hsoaunsdin hgo.using.warranty of all electrincandinecsacnedntacnBLFR- y/flood lights.L505, L511, L536, L538, L541, L55FEA LED-DDALSNand H -Lsecurit -ECO Series Type: MOUNTING ARM MOUNTING ARM Lorem ipsum insulation and HID security/flood lights. FEATURES incandescentes edn tH and IDsecurity/flood lights. incandescent BRK ID ED56 y/flood lights.ID s eHcur it 6SHICAT-NNDideal solution for general site and flood lighting in commercial 6, L5 7, 5 35 & 55 Watt LED Dusk-to-Dawn Luminaires* UL classified fire rating for use in 2-hr fire rated L500-Series floor-ceiling designs NOS. a7ndrMesid0e0n,t iMal 5s2e1tt,i nagnsd M543. Spacin. With a die cast agl uomf inum housing and aMOUNTING ARMTURES FEATURES MOUNTING ARM 1212 UL listed for damp locationsFEATURESluminaires not to exceed one per 25 sq.f lfut.t eodf,cpeoillyincgar aborenaa tew iltehn sm sinh.ie slde ptoa rreadtiuocneogfl a3r ef,t .t he 12 08-LED-DDALSN provides effective, economical securitytio wder- 12* Catalog #:powder- Optional Optional powder-*between luminaries.oolw el) wchoiltoer)tceomlopre treamtupree.r * atureA.*OptionOapl lepro- mountingcoated steel coated steel mountingwhite) color temperature. (coolcULus Listed for through branch Available in 5000k ponwad Availab0le0 i0nk 5(0c00k(choitovailable in 5000k(cocoolawtehdit es)te ceollomro tuenmtpinegr ature.** 4 trim maximum wattage = 18W Project: a ast78,0poles ofoperationarm attaches to poles aum arm 2.5-4kV operationof 4kV 78,000 hours Long-life LEDs provide at least Available liingh 5ting. High-efficacy, long-life LEDs provide both energy andcoated steelmountingLong ** 70 ** LeEnDttt atoc hpeosle tos00 hours ** 1Lorem ipstta or walls. ches to poles SURGE 1** ). 70 SURGE (L lumen output initial circuit wiringwith at least 70% of-lLifoen LmgEa-lDiinfesteLpnaEronDvcseidcpeor aosttvsildeaaevs inatgt7 sle8 ca,o0sm0t0p7a 8hr,eo0du0 rt0sohotrofauodriptsieoornafatoli,Lo pionnen craagnt-ildoifenesc s aprrmovaidte at ltarmchaees PROTECTION6 trim maximum wattage = 24Wwith at least 70% ofin l 70 (L ). or walls. (L 70 ). 1or walls. PROTECTIONType: with at least 70%orowfailnlsit.iallumen output 1 itianlwith at leaasntd 7 H0I%Dsoefciunriittiya/lfllouomd elights. uomutepnu to(uLtpu).tLED-DDALSN35Wdelivers3M Mounting bracket STANDARD15 BLFRMounting b Mounting bracketracket 15 and 122 lumens 4,269 lumens deliversCertified under ASTM-E283 for Air tightLED-DDALSN35W* * 4,269 lume 1 *5Wed.-6SHICAT-NND included. * per watt. LED-DDALSN35Wdelivers 4,269n lsuamnedn 1s2a2n dlum2Le2En lsDum-DeDnAsLSN oudnetinlivge brsra4c,k2e6t9 lumens15and 11522 lumensper wawatt.T Catalog #: per watt. includ included.BEST LIGHTING PRODUCTS1213 ETNA PARKWAY, PATASKALA OH 43062740-964-1198www.bestlighting.net constructionptet.rFEA URES included. Available in 5000k (coSop6le c,w7ifhi0ci3atet ilo)u nmcso ealonndrstdaeimnmdepn e 2.5kV and 126 lumens 6,703 lumens deliversEasy installation in new constructionLED-DDALSN55W sir2oLan6Ets ul Durseum-b*DejeDncAts tLoS cNha5n5geW wditheoliuvt enrostic6e,.703 lumens LED-DLDEADL-SDND5A5LWSNd5e5liWverdse6li,v7e0rs3 lumensand 126 lumens SURGE1and 126 lumens PROTECTIONper watt.**-life LEDs provide at least 78,000 hoursp eorfwopaettr.ation DAMP WET RoHS 1.5kV 6kV * per watt.Revision 1.03/5/20per w Laotnt.g NDARD tipsu stt a(L 70 . * voltage (50-60Hz) is standard. 2kV SURGE is standard. SURGE IP voltage (50-60Hz) 65 and retrofit Universal 120-277 AC Universal 1 with at least 70% of initiea l( 5lu0m-6e0nH ozu)Universal 120-277 AC SURGE PROTECTION PROTECTIONUnivers TA 27 nd)a*r*dl 7120-C 7o AltaCgevo (l5ta0g-60Hz) is standard. PROTECTIONS a0-2 7 A v DIMENSIONS DESCRIPTION028-LED-DDALSN35W delivers 4,269 lumens and 122 DIMENSIONS MODEL DIMENSIONS DIMENSIONS CRI5-Year Warranty 1.2kVPower factor 0.90. Power factor 0.90. Tot fa ec0nt.o9sr0p.e 0r .w90at.t* Surgen tdS DIMENSIONS FEATURES 4" 2-hour IC AT LED new construction 90 harmonic distortion 20%. Total PowerP foawcteolrru ma l0h8a-LrmEDon-DicD dAisLtSoNrt5io5nW d2e0li%ve.rs 6,703 lumensT a al1 06-BLFR 4SHICAT NNDo h2a6r monic distortion 20%. Totalharmonic distortion 20%. . WET Protection RoH rendering index70. 2kV 1.5kV 6kV IP 65 90 70. WARRANTY & LISTINGS rendering index ColorC r lumensr ip r wdatt* 70 sk-to-dawn security/flood light is an ideal06-BLFR 6SHICAT NND SURGE 6" 2-hour IC AT LED new construction neg i n ULTINGfor up to two hours.*TheLED-DDALSNdu Colorreon ld rende ex ColorL SURGE re rated SURGE 90oeUrninivge irnsdael x1207-02.77 AC voltage (50-60Hz) is standardWARRANTY & PROTECTION S PROTECTION PROTECTIONIS fi lc solution for general site and flood lightingin commercial andcULuslisted forwetlocations(-20C to 45C /-4F to 113F). housing. Die cast aluminum u ineulrum fmahcinotouurms inh g0ou9s0i ng.Die caDsti ea aswt a Die cast aluminumhousing. Pmop y residential settings. With a die castaluminum housing and a6 hield to reduce glare. protection. 6 6 shield to reduce glare.cULus listed for wet locations. polycarbonate lens Fluted, Fluotel Tco luted, 6sFor use in insulated or non-insulated ceilings.Fluted, d,atparobl lohynacaramtrebo olnenincas tdesi shletioenrlsdti ostohnierel dd2 0uto%c e re gdlaurcee. glareF. polycarbonate lens IP65 rated for ingress fluted, polycarbonatelensshield toreduce glare,theLED-NEMA-type photocellincluded (120-277V). NEMA-type photocell edD (L1C20s-t2a7n7dVa) Color rendering index 80ve,30 includr.d approved. included (120-277V). RoHS compliant. NEMA-type photocell NEMA-typep D c tocte inciluded (120-277V). Call Today For Special Pricing 877.664.5483www.contractorlighting.comDDo asalll provideh effecti economical security lighting. ieh ALSN um num s ousingQuick connector is standard.iE syinstallation in new a construction ldg ovi r e e ut Easyinstallation in newCPart15,classB. or retrofit. constructionFire rated. installation in new Easy nsata lFla tedi,n oe carbos rulons r r e or retrofit. in 2- rrefire rate constrCuocmtiopnlioers rweittrho fFitC.EasyHi on-en i lw cy, long-lifeLs Ds troftt.r d d bo h energy and* yUL classified fire raeitin o cltuip connt tectien o h ifo usee glah d L500-Series floor-ceiling designs NOS. gh ffca Epr* *NEMA-typeL p5h0o5t,o Lc5e1ll1 i,n Lcl5u3d6e,d L (513280,- 7 )Co tactfactoryforothercolortemperlieswith EN61 12 120-4-5,surge immunityprotection (1.2kV). 12and lumen packages. temperatures color other for Compatible with non-insulated or insulated ceilings, Type IC. factory Contact *c maintenance costsavings and2 * traditional, atures ng ofL574V1, L556, L577, M500, M521, and MC5o4m3p. Spaci 00ContactCfaocnttoaryt actoryfor o othercoorr a t tem er tu rleus compared toSuitable for through branch wiring.fforotherc lortempl e urepsaand men p lumenkagesn. 12 ackagepsa.c and lumen packages.hoursare IESTM lation in new construction or retrofitare IES5-yearwarranty of all electronics** 70 **L 70 Easy installuminaires not to exceed one per 25 sq. ft. of ceiling area with min. separation of 3 ft.and housing. TM-21-11 calculated hours. are IES hours 70 L **L hours incandescentand latID hours.rity/flood lights. TM-21-11 calculated hours.5-year warranty of all electronics and housing.are IES -21-11 calcuHed secu **L 70 hoursTM-21-11 calculated hours.b other color temperatures and lumen packages.* Contact factory foretween luminaries. Weight: 4.4 lbs. Weight: 4.4 lbs. Weight:4.4 lbs.** L 70hours are IES TM-21-11 calculated hours. Weigh4.4 lbs.t: Junction box contains knockouts for easy installation.** 4 trim maximum wattage = 18WFEATURES MOUNTING ARM6 trim maximum wattage = 24W12MOUNTING ARM DIMENSIONSDERINFGO RINMFAOTRIMONATION ORDERING INFORMATION OptionalAdjustable bar hangers (13-5/8 to 25) with captive nails areORDERING INFORMATIONORDEORRING IN *powder-WARRANTY & LISTINGS Available in 5000k(coolwhite) color temperature. ount dard. Optiocnoaal ted steelpowder-cm tan ing soatedBEST LIGHTING PRODUCTS1213 ETNA PARKWAY, PATASKALA OH 43062740-964-1198www.bestlighting.netcULus listed for wet locations (-20C to 45C / armattaches to poles Long-life LEDs provide at least78,000 hoursofoLumens st Color o Luminaire Accessories Acc es ens T Color Color Temperature mo Lumens Per Watt Accessories Lumens Luminaire Luminaire Watts BLFR-4SHICAT-NND ModelLu inaire perationeel mModel Luminaire WattLsuminairme ut(L Lumens Luminaire W nttii.onngsaanrmd d imensions s r Leusmsories empe m ure date ceiling thickness.ore wciufaiclals ubjecModel Luminaire Watts lumen outp en 70 ). Model Color Sp atts LumeAncscesso t to change without notice.-4Fw itthoa1t1 l3eaFs)t70% ofinitial Lum **Adjustable Pier Wa ttacco ratLumens sPer WPaettr WatTtempeTreamtupreeratureho ng to1 attaches to poles or walls.usi IPMounting bracket 6L5E rDat-eDdD AfoLrS iNng3r5eWssd perliovteersct4io,2n69 lumensand 122 lumens 15 -D ALSN35W * 35 350 4,269 4,269 LED-D1D22ALSN13252W 5K = Mounitnicnlgu dberda.cket inclu Arm withMounting = ded o = tin LED-DDALSN-ARM 5000k 5K ==5000k 122 LED-DDALSN-ARM 4,269 = MountingArm with35 LED-DDALSN35WDLC r d1 .0ap3ro/5v/2 50Kk =355000k LED-DDLAEL D-D4-ADALSN-ARM un Mg1oA2u2rnmti nwgitAhr m wit5hK LED-DDLAELDSN3D5W Revision p ed 500 SN ,2R69 = Mp esrt awnadtta. BracketGal M nized steel construction. Bracketva Bracket-D ALSN55W 53 6,703 LED-D 126 6,703 Bracket 126 5000k 5K = 5K = 5000k 126 6,703 53 LED-DDALSN55WCW 5 C 6,0 sB and 126 lumens5K =50050Kk =553000kLED-DDLAELDSN5D m 3 7 s 3lu mens DALSN55W5 LEpDlie-Ds DwAitLhS FN55CW Padertl iv1e5r,s C6l,a 703 126o Compeprl iwesa twt.* ith EN61000-4-5, surgeInterior of housing is lined with a non-combustible insulation. ge (50-60Hz) is standard.immUunnivietyr sparlo 1t2e0c-t2io7n7(A1C.2vkoVlt)aDIMENSIONS 5-yePao r wararan y of HTINGPRODUCTS1213ETNA PARKWAY, PATASKALA OH4306P-29R6O4 7-DU14109-CT986 S4 -w1w1192w81. 3b eEwsTwtlNAiwgh.b PteinAsgRKtl.ingeWhttAinYg,. nPeATt ASKALA OH740-964-1198www.bestlighting.net 43062 43062 740-964-1198www.bestlighting.net ETNA PARKWAY, PATASKALA OH 1213PRODUCTS BEST LIGHTINGBEST LIG onics and housin Y, PATASKALBEA OSHT 4L3IG06HT2 7G BEST f ctotrI 0 9 ll . electr 1213ETNA PARKWA g I N 40.a O SpecificatSiopnesc iafincda tdioimnse nasnido ndsi mseunbsjeiocnt s s ut notice. Models to change without notice. to change without notice. Compatible Trims** Specifications and dimensions subjectwer LIGHTNGPR0DUCTS Totalharmonic distortion 20%. to cuhbajencgtet ow cithhaonugt en owtiictheo. Specifications and dimensions subject Colorrendering index70.LUMINAIRELUMINAIRELUMENS BLFR-4SHICAT-NNDBRK-LED4-ECO SeriesCOLORMODEL W using. OPTIONS (ORDER SEPARATELY)Die cast aluminumho ATTS LUMENS PER WATT TEMPERATURE Fluted,polycarbonate lensshield to reduce glare. 122 6 BLFR-6SHICAT-NNDBRK-LED56-ECO Series08-LED-DDALSN35W 35 4,2695K = 5000k08-LED-DDALSN-ARM = NEMA-type photocellincluded (120-277V). 1265K = 5000kMounting Arm with Bracket 08-LED-DDALSN55W 53 6,703Easyinstallation in newconstructionor retrofit.12 * Contractor Lighting & Supply(877)-664-5483www.contractorlighting.comContactfactoryforothercolortemperaturesand lumen packages.**L 70 hoursare IESTM-21-11 calculated hours.Weight:4.4 lbs.BLFR-6SHICAT-NNDORDERING INFORMATIONModel Luminaire Watts Luminaire Lumens Color AccessoriesLumens Per Watt TemperatureLED-DDALSN35W 35 4,269 122 5K =5000k LED-DDALSN-ARM = MountingArm with LED-DDALSN55W 53 6,703 126 5K =5000k BracketBEST LIGHTINGPRODUCTS1213ETNA PARKWAY, PATASKALA OH43062 740-964-1198www.bestlighting.netSpecifications and dimensions subjectto change without notice.* UL classified fire rating for use in 2-hr fire rated L500-Series floor-ceiling designs NOS. L505, L511, L536, L538, L541, L556, L577, M500, M521, and M543. Spacing of luminaires not to exceed one per 25 sq. ft. of ceiling area with min. separation of 3 ft. between luminaries.** 4 trim maximum wattage = 18W6 trim maximum wattage = 24W BEST LIGHTING PRODUCTS1213 ETNA PARKWAY, PATASKALA OH 43062740-964-1198www.bestlighting.netSpecifications and dimensions subject to change without notice.Revision 1.03/5/20'