b'Emergency Drivers for LED Lamps & Retro Cans under 20 Watts Our dependable emergency driver provides regulated power to LED lamps during a power outage. Designed to operate in NORMALLYON, NORMALLYOFF or SWITCHED LOAD. Our emergency driver has versatile mounting options: inside, on-top or remote mount. Includes a push to test indicator standard. Get peace INDOOR : Accessoriesof mind. Electronic limiting with normal operation resuming upon removal of fault Push-to-Test 5-Year Warranty Indicator IncludedPROJECTTYPEPROJECTCATALOG #PROJECTTYPETYPE20-LEDFHB320 CATALOG #320 Watt Full-Body LED High Bay CATALOG #05-LEDUC-E LEDUC-E 05-LEDUC-EShownwith lensLEDUC-E LED Undercabinet Luminaires optionaldiuseAPPLICATIONS LED Undercabinet LuminairesLED UNDER CABINET LUMINAIRES The LEDFHB320 is a full-body, premium-performance LED LED UNDER CABINET LUMINAIRES high bay luminaire.It is designed to illuminate a wide varietyofsettings, includingcommercial, industrial& Project:APPLICATIONSProject:APPLICATIONSretail settings such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, The 05-LEDUC-E is an economical series of under cabinetThe 05-LEDUC-E is an economical series of under cabinet sportingType: big-boxretailers.Withapainted,venuesand luminaries for Type: use in kitchens, retail displays and coves. With aluminaries for use in kitchens, retail displays and coves. With a steel housing, the LEDFHB320 provides high levels of dura-d,nted l h eelng a ng and poly onate len len ht 05 05-LEDU Epainte pai stee , st ousi housi nd polycarb carbon ates, t s, ehe-LEDUC- C-E bilityCatalog #: il u#: i ndhi High-ecacy, e i . long-life,LEDs provid pr Catalog r yblity an h hig rf perform e. HHig ffc ficalo lo -andperformance.g d pe hormanc anc gh-e h- i ef acy, cy ng ng-esvi urab it a ao d des dprovide both energy and maintenance cost savings com- 2.5kVlife LE l Ds LEDs ip e bot e bot ergy an yan aint ai nanc ance c t os avings gs ife provd rovid h en h energ d m d m e nten e coss t savinceF o tr F o t T d SURGEpared to traditional, HID high bays. ent entflororeoresctent dederPROTECTION SPEC SHEETSTANSTANDA ar DT U i A oa S i R onalandescescoru fluscenununrco DARD d t RA dd RE nati E nc, incandmparompEe at E tir U l, i Scabinet abi minaire i s.FEATURES clu net lumnaires.2.5kV MOUNTING2.5kVSurge MODEL DESCRIPTION INPUT VOLTAGE INPUT WATTS OUTPUT WATTSSurge WARRANTY & LISTINGSAvailablein4000k(neutralwhite)and5000k(cool Chain mounting with V-hooks is standard.FEATURES DAMP Protection WWARRANTY &LISTINGSGSDAMP Protection ARRANTY & LISTINFEATURES WARRANTY & LISTINGS 03-LEDM-BP/DM20-E Emergency Driver 180-320 VAC 36 20 Available in 3000k (warm w ) hite) & 4 esof under i ca te)cETLus listed to applicable U.L. standards. Listed for damp locations. The LEDUC-Eis an economicalseri 000k (neutral whi binetOptional surface mounting kit provides attachment to at ceilings.is an economical series of undercabinetwhite) color temperatures.* cETLus listed to applicable U.L. standards. Listed for damp locations.The LEDUC-E arm white& 4000k (neutral whte)Available in 3000k (wcolor temperatures*Su ETL US listed to applicable U.L. m - anda rds.L C ted for dampto itable for ambient temperatures fro st 20C to40 isLong-life luminaries for use in kitchens, retaildisplays and coves.C pendantmountingkitprovidespendantattachment OptionalUSC ETL listed to applicable U.L. standards.Listed for damp LEDs provide 122,000 hours of operation withSuitable for ambient temperatures from -20C to40C -20C toluminariesfor use in kitchens, retaildisplays and coves.locations.Suitable forambienttemperatures fromcolor temperatures*(-4F to 104F). Wit Long-linted, s provihousing and0 h arbonatet ilens, h junction boxes. Suitable for ambient temperatures from -20C toh a paife LEDsteelde at least 81,00 ours of opera on witthelocations. to104F).polyc (-4F to 104F).h apaife LEDs provide at least 81,000 hours of o 40C (-4FWitLo ng-linted, steel housing andpolycarbo peraton witthe40C (-4TAR certified at least 70% of initial lumens output (L70).** nate ilens, h ENERGY SF to 104F).LEDUC-East 70% of initialability and thigh performance. High-Optional cable mounting kits provide suspension at two lengths (i.e.,at-E a at le provides l dur lumen outpu 7(L * )** lum LPW) atENERGY STAR certified triction on Hazardous LEDUC le providesdurability andt high performance. High-Energy Star certified. . triction on Hazardousst 70% of initia lumen outpu(L 0 )* 70 Delivers 44,298 lumens (138 lumens per watt, ensComplies with RoHS (Res Delivers from 327 to 1,805 lumens & 84 to 94Delivers from 327 to 1,805 lumens & 84 to 94 lumens C EnergyStar c HS (Resefficacy, long-lifeLEDs provide both energy and3 & 5 meters). with Ro ertifiedomplies Substances) requirementsSubstances)efficacy, long-life LEDs provide both energy and Complies withRoHS(Restriction on Hazardous4000k, and 44,940 lumens (140 LPW) at 5000k.*per watt* maintenance costsavingscompared to traditional,Substances) requirements Res s Btion on Hazardous Substances)per watt*Complies thts h C Part 15 tricUniversal 120-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz) i ad andard C requi es wi e wit C RoHS (ompli rem n F .maintenance cost savings compared to tr s st itional,WARRANTY/LISTING , clasincandescentor fluorescentundercabinet luminaires. remen FC Universal120-277ACvoltage(50-60Hz)isstandard.C requi es withts. C Part 15, class BUnivor fluorescentundercabinet luminaires.ompli FCC Part 15, classB. ersal 120-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz) is standardcULus listed for damp locations in ambient temperatures from -20C Total harmonic distortion 20%Protected against input line transients (2.5kV) incandescent Complies withStep-downtransformersare requiredfor347-480VTota Color rendering index 80Protected against input line transients (2.5kV)5-year warrantyh FCC Part 1achousingl harmonic distortion 20% to 50C (-4F to 122F). ctronics 5, nd lass B.Complies wit of all ele Protected againstinputline transients (2.5kV). FEATURES s g i el dexsi805-year warranty of all electronics and housingapplications. rPa nderi te nhou ng and polycarbonate lensDLC Premium approved.Colo re inted nProtected againstinputline transients (2.5kV).FEATURES slt-eess accessto LED chcarbonatdwiring enclosure 5-ye NSIONS all electronicsand housing.aint To white)& 4000k (neutral white) DIME arwarranty of P ed o lel housing and polyannel ane lensComplies with RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances) require- 0-10vdc dimming drivers are standard. Available in 3000k (warm Toolo ess cmperato ridsD cha bnelsnd wiri eg enclalsuonnections5-ye NSIONS all electronicsand housing. 05-LEDUC-E48arwarranty ofclor oakoutsson sLE.* andnackaimplifynlectrico cre DIME 05-LEDUC-E905-LEDUC-E1205-LEDUC-E1805-LEDUC-E2405-LEDUC-E34 -lKnteccestu ees ments Power factor 0.90. i l ds.* andde white) & i f 4000k (neutral white) 50 Call Today For Special Pricing 877.664.5483www.contractorlighting.comAvailable in 3000k (warmcolor o mp yratusees provi ba ck rsi as pli nsta l l ec t t i rical ne nnec nst ns ctionComplies with FCC Part 15, class A. KnteKe e h onr otsfo e m yy e la on in co w co tio ru ckoutsole s operation05-LEDUC-E905-LEDUC-E1205-LEDUC-E1805-LEDUC-E2405-LEDUC-E3405-LEDUC-E48Long-life LEDs provide at least 81,000 hours of Total harmonic distortion 20% ** DIMENSIONS 12" 18" 24" 34" 48"or retrofitsLength 9" Kewith e sloast rovide for easy installation in new).onstructionComplies with IEEE C.62.41-1991, input transient protection (2.5kV).y holat lets p70% of initial lumen output(L 70c Weight (Lbs.) 0.8 1.0 1.4 2.0 2.6 3.4 Long-life LEDs provide at least 81,000 hours of operationColor rendering index 80. r temperatures and lumen package * DIMENSIONS 12" 18" 24" 34" 48"t l oft t5-year warranty of all electronics and housing. re C ivsrf tory f o i er co 70with at leae st7 c rom or 327 to lo 1,umen ounsut(Lt). 94 lumens per Length 9"orD * e rontiac s a f0% o f th nitial l805 lumetp &84 o* s. ** L 70hours are IES TM-21-11 calculated hours. 1 Painted steel housing. olor temperatures and lumen packages. Weight (Lbs.) 0.8 1.0 1.4 2.0 2.6 3.4* Cont watt.* ry for other c Deliver t s from 327 to 1,805 lumens & 84 to 94 lumens per DIMENSIONS Lac facto Easy installation in new construction or retrot. 1 70 * hours aer sal 120-277 AC volursge (50-60Hz) is standard.** L reIES TM-21-11 calculated ho .watt. Univ ta Chain-mount kits (includes v-hooks andthick, 1-me- L Totalharmonicdistortion 20%. Universal 120-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz) is standard.ter long chain) are standard. Colorrendering index 80. Total harmonic distortion 20%. 3 Optionsincludelenses(clear&diused), wire-guardPainted steelhousing and polycarbonate lens. Color rendering index 80.kits, surface-mounting kits, pendant-mounting kits, and3Tool-less access toLED channeland wiring enclosure. Painted steel housing and polycarbonate lens.cable-mounting kits. ORDERING INFORMATION connections.Knockoutson sides and back simplify electrical Tool-less access to LED channeland wiring enclosure. Key hole slotsprovide for easy installation in new* contact factory for other color temperatures and lumen packages. LUMINAIRE LUMENS ORD c outso ctiI MODEL trobackIONlify electri ATTS LUMENS PER WATT LEDUC-E9 LED COLOR TEMPERATURE LEDUC-E48ERING one rand fits. LUMINAIRE WKnock onstru n siNF ORMAT simp calconnections. UC-E12 LEDUC-E18 LEDUC-E24 LEDUC-E34d o s re**L70hours are IES TM-21-11 calculated hours. Key hole slots provide for easy installation in new Length 9 12 18 24 34 483K = 3000k 05-LEDUC LUMINAIRELUMENS0.8 1.0 1.4 2.0 2.6 3.4327 84PRODUCT PARAMETER-E9temperatures and 3.9 LUMENS Weight (Lbs.) LEDUC-E9 LED COLOR TEMPERATURE EDUC-E34 LEDUC-E46constructio MODEL trofits. LUMINAIRE WATTS PER WATT UC-E12 LEDUC-E18 LEDUC-E24 Ln or re 4K = 4000k * Contact factory for other color lumen packages.** 70 05- EST UC- 1- 12 d hours. 5.0 457 Length 9 12 3K = 18 24 34 46 3000k L hours are I LED M-2 E 11 calculate 91 3K = 3000kLUMINAIRE LUMINAIRE LUMENS COLOR84 0.8 1.0 4K = 4000k2.0 2.6 3.4327 1.4MODEL 05-LEDUC-E9 3.9 Weight (Lbs.) OPTIONS (ORDER SEPARATELY)WATTS LUMENS PER WATTS TEMPERATURE 4K = 4000k* 05-theDUC-E18mperatures andlum7.7 packages. 725 94 3K = 3000k Contact factory for oLEr colorte en** B320-4K-MVDIM- ES DUC- 1- 1321 alculated hours 44,2958.0 138 457 4K = 4000K 91 LEDFHB320-CRLENS 4KK = 3000k20-LEDFH 70 05 LE TM-2 E 1 2c . 3 = 4000k= Clear lensL hours are I ING INFORMATION LEDFHB320-DIFLENS 3K = 3000k ORDER 1 4K = 4000k20-LEDFHB320-5K-MVDIM 05-LEDUC-E24 44,940 9.7 140 865 5K = 5000K 89 = Diuse lens321 LEDFHB320-WG 4K-gua Example: LEDUC-E9-3K3K = 3000k= Wire = 4000k05-LEDUC-E18 7.7 725 94 rd kitLEDFHB-SMK8 = Su KK = 0 ountin k3 rfa = 3400 g kit, 8 LED modules4 ce-m 00k 005-LEDUC-E34 14.7 1,357 92G INFO Luminaire Lumens LEDFHB-PMK 4nK = 00 000ng kitORDERIN Model RMATION Luminaire Watts Lumens PerWatt = PeKd Color Temperature3 = 43o0k kant-m unti05-LEDUC-E24 9.7 865 89 LEDFHB-CMK3 = CaK e-mou00kg kit, 3 meters long3bl= 30ntin 05-LEDUC-E48 19.5 1,805 93 LEDFHB-CMK5 = Ca 4K = 4000k ple: LEDUC-E9-3Kble-moun Examting kit, 5 meters longLEDUC-E9 327 3.9 84 4K = 4000k =3000k3K k3K = 3000Exa 05-LEDUC-E34 9-3K 237 14.7 1,357 x 92 x 4K =4000kLEDWPSN40Model : 05-LEDUC-E minaire Lumens Luminaire Watts Lumens Per Watt 4K = 4000k peraturemple Lu Color TemLEDUC-E12 457 5.0 91 3K = 3000k05-LEDUC-E48 3K = 3000kContractor Lighting & Supply ly 77)-664-5483www.contractractorlighting.comContractor Lighting & Supp(8 (877)-664-5483www.contorlighting.comLEDWPSN40 27519.5 1,805 x 93 x 4K =4000kLEDUC-E9 327 3.9 84 4K = 4000k=3000k3KLEDUC-E18 725 7.7 94 3K = 3000k051618LEDWPSN40 UC-0 237 469 x x x 4K =4000kExample: 0LEDWPSN4E9-3K x 4K =4000k5-LEDLEDUC-E12 457 5.0 91 3K = 3000kLEDUC-E24 865 9.7 89 3K = 3000kContractor Lighting & Supply(877)-664-5483www.contractorlighting.comLEDWPSN40 275 540 x x x 4K =4000kLEDWPSN40 x 4K =4000kLEDUC 1,357 14.7 94 3K = 3000kLEDUC-E18 -E34 725 7.7 92 3K = 3000kLEDWPSN40 1,162 x 4K =4000kLEDWPSN40 469 x X X 4K =4000kLEDUC 1,805 19.5 89 3K = 3000kLEDUC-E24 -E48 865 9.7 93 3K = 3000kLEDWPSN40 540 x x 4K = 4000k4K =4000kLEDUC-E34 1,357 14.7 92 3K = 3000kLEDWPSN40 1,162 X X 4K =4000kLEDUC-E46 1,805 19.5 93 3K = 3000k4K = 4000kBESTLIGHTINGPRODUCTS1213 ETNA PARKWAY, PATASKALA OH 43062 740-964-1198www.bestlighting.netSpecificationsand dimensionssubjectto change withoutnotice.BESTLIGHTINGPRODUCTS1213 ETNA PARKWAY, PATASKALA OH 43062 740-964-1198www.bestlighting.netSpecificationsand dimensionssubjectto change withoutnotice.'