b'BLEDEM-CC Constant-Current Emergency LED DriverConstant Current Emergency Drivers for LED LuminairesDriverSTANDARD Batteries ILLUMINATION WARRANTNTY/LISTING Provides constant current (350 or 500 mA) output to the loadUL Recognized for factory installation.during emergency mode operation. Suitable for damp locations (0C - 50C).Can be operated as NORMALLY-ON, NORMALLY-OFF or5 year warranty on all electronics and housing.SWITCHED LOAD.Meets UL924, NFPA 101 Life Safety Code, NEC, OSHA, Local and State codes.INDOOR : AccessoriesELECTRICAL Universal 120-277V, 50/60 Hz input. DIMENSIONSCharge/Power "ON" LED indicator light and push-to-test switch for mandated code compliance testing. BLEDEM-CCProvides constant current03- Long-life, maintenance free, rechargeable NiCad battery.power output to the load duringOutput short/overcurrent protection: Electronic limiting, with normal emergency mode operation. operation resuming upon removal of fault.90 Minute minimum emergency operating time over full Designed to be operated as temperature range (other run times available upon request).NORMALLY-ON, NORMALLY-OFF PROJECT24 Hour maximum battery recharge time.or SWITCHEDLOAD. Suitable for LED emergency driver is equipped with a switch to choose TYPE350mA or 500mA constant current output.installation inside, on-top, or inBAT-12V-2000-B 9.9 9.3Output classification: Class 2 Compliant.PROJECTremote mount of the fixture.CATALOG #Surge protection: Per C62.41 (TVS).PROJECTInput overcurrent protection: Fusible link. 2.3 1.4TYPE Electronic limiting with normalTYPE20-LEDFHB320 operation resuming upon BAT-12V-2800-B 11.2 10.7CATALOG #HOUSING CATALOG #removal of fault320 Watt Full-Body LED High Bay LED illuminated and remote mounted test switch. 2.6 1.405-LEDUC-E OEM Factory-installedLEDUC-E 05-LEDUC-EInjection-molded, engineering grade, 5VAame retardant,BAT-12V-4000-B 13.2 12.7LEDUC-ELuminaires high-impact resistant, thermoplastic in a black APPLICATIONS LED Undercabinet Shownwith lensnish.LED Undercabinet Luminaires optionaldiuseLED UNDER CABINET LUMINAIRES The LEDFHB320 is a full-body, premium-performance LED LED UNDER CABINET LUMINAIRES Primarily used in BLCSLED stripshigh bay luminaire.It is designed to illuminate a wide Project: for size/fitting 3.1 1.7varietyofsettings, includingcommercial, industrial&MOUNTING APPLICATIONSProject:APPLICATIONSretail settings such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, The 05-LEDUC-E is an economical series of under cabinet Suitable for installation inside or top of thexture.The 05-LEDUC-E is an economical series of under cabinet sportingvenuesandbig-boxretailers.Withapainted,5-Year WarrantyType:luminaries for Type: use in kitchens, retail displays and coves. With aluminaries for use in kitchens, retail displays and coves. With a steel housing, the LEDFHB320 provides high levels of dura-painted, steel housing and polycarbonate lens, the 05-LEDUC-Epainted, steel housing and polycarbonate lens, the 05-LEDUC-EORDERING INFORMATIONMODEL OUTPUT CURRENT (mA) OUTPUT VOLTAGE (VDC) OUTPUT POWER (W)bilityCatalog #: il ur ybi ndhi High-ecacy, e i . long-life,LEDs provid pr Catalog #: lity an h hig rf performan HHig ff ca calo lo -andperformance.g d pe hormance.c gh-e h- i effi cy, cy ng ng-esvi urab it a ao d des dprovide both energy and maintenance cost savings com- 2.5kV BLEDEM-CC-1428/350 350 14-28 4.9 - 10life LE l Ds LEDs ip e bot e bot ergy an yan aint ai nance coc t os avings gs ife prov d rovid h en h energ d m d m e ntenance ss t savincedpo tr F o t T d Ri S SURGEpared to traditional, HID high bays. ent ent or fluorescent underPROTECTION BLEDEM-CC-1442/350 350 14-42 4.9 - 15co STANDA ar D d ditionationalandescescor fluorescent under SPEC SHEETmparom t Re at EA ra U il, E nc, incandSTANDARD FEATURESFEATURES clu net luminaires.2.5kV MOUNTINGcabinet abi minaires. BLEDEM-CC-1450/350 350 14-50 4.9 - 17.52.5kVSurge BLEDEM-CC-1420/500 500 14-20 7.0 - 10Surge WARRANTY & LISTINGSAvailablein4000k(neutralwhite)and5000k(cool Chain mounting with V-hooks is standard. MODEL DESCRIPTION INPUT VOLTAGE INPUT WATTS OUTPUT WATTSFEATURES DAMP Protection WWARRANTY &LISTINGSGSFEATURES DAMP Protection ARRANTY &LISTIN BLEDEM-CC-1430/500 500 14-30 7.0 - 15WARRANTY & LISTINGSThe LEDUC-E is an economical seri 000kf undercabinet cETLus listed to applicable U.L. standards. Listed for damp locations. white) color temperatures.* series of undercabinetOptional surface mounting kit provides attachment to at ceilings. 1428/350 Emergency Driver 120V-227 VAC (50-60HZ) 3.4 4.9-10The LEDUC-Eis an economical& 4000k (neutral white)cETLus listed to applicable U.L. standards. Listed for damp locations.Available in 3000k (warm white) 03-LEDEM-CC-1428/350 Available in 3000k (warm white) & 4 es o (neutral white) NOTE: Refer to chart on Page 2 for infor-color temperatures*C ETL US listed to applicable U.L. standa rds.Listed for damptoBLEDEM-CC-1440/500 500 14-40 5.0 7.0 - 20 4.9-15 Suitable for ambient temperatures from -20C to40C attachment luminaries for use in kitchens, retaildisplays and coves.Optionalpendantnt temperatu kit.L. s tanda rds. Listed for damp1442/350 Emergency Driver 120V-227 VAC (50-60HZ) Long-life color tefor ratur in 122,000 hours of operation withSu ETLfo lia ted to applicable U from -20C pendant-20C toprovides mountingmation on driver/battery combinationLEDs provide kitchens, retaildisplays and coves.C itable r s mbie resto40CUS 03-LEDEM-CC-1442/350luminariesmpeusees* locations.Suitable for ambient temperatures from(-4F to 104F). Long-life LEDsteel de at least 81,000 hours of opera on witthelocations. F to 104F). 03-LEDEM-CC-1450/350With a painted, s provihousing and polycarbonatet ilens, h junction boxes. 4 Suitable for ambient temperatures from -20C to 1450/350 Emergency Driver 120V-227 VAC (50-60HZ) 6.5 4.9-17.5(-4F C (- 0 F ).40to 1 4Lo paiinted, steel housing and polycarbonatet lens, h ENERGY SF to 104F).at least 70% of initial lumens output (L70).** pera ion witthe40C (-4TAR certified With ang-l fe LEDs provide at least 81,000 hours of oat least 70% of initial lumen output (L 70 )** ENERGY STARcertified 03-LEDEM-CC-1420/500 1420/500 Emergency DriverLEDUC-E providesdurability and high performance. High-Optional cable mounting kits provide suspension at two lengths (i.e., 120V-227 VAC (50-60HZ) 3.4 7.0-10LEDUC-E providesdurability and high performance. High- C EnergySta r certi fi Restriction on Hazardous at least 70% of initial lumen output (L 70 )** omplies with RoHS ( ed. Delivers 44,298 lumens (138 lumens per watt, LPW) at Delivers from 327 to 1,805 lumens & 84 to 94 lumens 3 & 5 meters).Star certified.efficacy, long-lifeLEDs provide both energy andC Energy ith RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous 1430/500 Emergency Driver 120V-227 VAC (50-60HZ) 5.0 7.0-15omplies w 03-LEDEM-CC-1430/500 Delivers from 327 to 1,805 lumens & 84 to 94 lumens S Compli es)with RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances)efficacy, long-life LEDs provide both energy and ubstanc esrequirements 4000k, and 44,940 lumens (140 LPW) at 5000k.*per watt* maintenance cost savings compared to traditional, per watt* S Complies with RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances)Universal 120-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz) is standardubstances) requirementsmaintenance cost savings compared to traditional,WARRANTY/LISTING 03-LEDEM-CC-1440/500 1430/500 Emergency Driver 120V-227 VAC (50-60HZ) 6.5 7.0-20C requirements.omplies with FCC Part 15, class B incandescent or fluorescentundercabinet luminaires. remen FC Universal120-277ACvoltage(50-60Hz)isstandard.C requi es withts. C Part 15, class B Universal 120-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz) is standardompli FCC Part 15, classB. cULus listed for damp locations in ambient temperatures from -20C Total harmonic distortion 20%Protected against input line transients (2.5kV) incandescent or fluorescent undercabinet luminaires. Complies withStep-downtransformersare requiredfor347-480V Protected against input line transients (2.5kV)l harmonic distortion 20% 5-year warranty of all electronics and hou ngTota Color rendering index 80to 50C (-4F to 122F). si B. Complies with FCC Part 15, class Protected againstinputline transients (2.5kV). FEATURES s g i el dexsi80 5-year warranty of all electronics and housing Call Today For Special Pricing 877.664.5483www.contractorlighting.com51applications. rPa nderi te nhou ng and polycarbonate lensDLC Premium approved.Colo re inted n Protected against input line transients (2.5kV).FEATURES slt-less accesstand polycarbonatdlensg enclosure 5-ye NSIONS all electronicsand housing.PainToo eel housing o LED channel anewirin DIME arwarranty oftedwhite) & 4000k (neutral white)Complies with RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances) require- 0-10vdc dimming drivers are standard.Available in 3000k (warmToolo es ocmperanres.* cha bnelsnd wiri eg enclalsuonnections5-ye NSIONS all electronicsand housing. Power factor 0.90. white) & 4000k (neutral white) ar warranty of cllors akoutssotosides andnackaimplifynlectrico cre DIME 05-LEDUC-E905-LEDUC-E1205-LEDUC-E1805-LEDUC-E2405-LEDUC-E3405-LEDUC-E48- KnteccestuLED ments Available in 3000k (warm Kr omp y hole slots provide for eas pli i fytal ec t t i ri n in newec nst ns ctionComplies with FCC Part 15, class A.colonteKe eraturids.*and back sim y ns el la o cal conn co tio ru ckouts on sees operation05-LEDUC-E905-LEDUC-E1205-LEDUC-E1805-LEDUC-E2405-LEDUC-E3405-LEDUC-E48Long-life LEDs provide at least 81,000 hours of Total harmonic distortion 20% ** DIMENSIONS 12" 18" 24" 34" 48"or retrofitsLength 9" Kewith a sleast rov% ofor easy insen outn in (L 70 ). nstructionComplies with IEEE C.62.41-1991, input transient protection (2.5kV).y holet lots p70ide f initial lumtallatioput new co Weight (Lbs.) 0.8 1.0 1.4 2.0 2.6 3.4 Long-life LEDs provide at least 81,000 hours of operationColor rendering index 80. r temperatures and lumen package * DIMENSIONS 12" 18" 24" 34" 48"el of t t5-year warranty of all electronics and housing. retr ivsrf 0%o i er co 70with at leae s7 c romof27 to lo 1,u05 ln oensut (Lt). 94 lumens per Length 9"orD * Contiact s a f tory f or 3 th nitial l8meumutp & 84 o* s. ** L 70hours are IES TM-21-11 calculated hours. 1 Painted steel housing. olor temperatures and lumen packages. Weight (Lbs.) 0.8 1.0 1.4 2.0 2.6 3.4* Cont watt.* y for other c Deliver t s from 327 to 1,805 lumens & 84 to 94 lumens per DIMENSIONS Lacfactor Easy installation in new construction or retrot. 1 70 * hours aer sal 120-277 AC volursge (50-60Hz) is standard.** L re IES TM-21-11 calculated ho .watt. Univ ta Chain-mount kits (includes v-hooks andthick, 1-me- L Totalharmonic distortion 20%. Universal 120-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz) is standard.ter long chain) are standard. Color rendering index 80. Total harmonic distortion 20%. 3 Optionsincludelenses(clear&diused), wire-guardPainted steelhousing and polycarbonate lens. Color rendering index 80.kits, surface-mountingkits, pendant-mountingkits, and3Tool-less access to LED channeland wiring enclosure. Painted steel housing and polycarbonate lens.cable-mounting kits. ORDERING INFORMATION connections.Knockoutson sides and back simplify electrical Tool-less access to LED channel and wiring enclosure. Key hole slots provide for easy installation in new* contact factory for other color temperatures and lumen packages. LUMINAIRE LUMENS ORD c o nstructi siNF O trobackION connections. PER WATT LEDUC-E9 LED COLOR TEMPERATURE LEDUC-E48Knock o uts onI ne rand fits. T simplify electrical LUMENS UC-E12 LEDUC-E18 LEDUC-E24 LEDUC-E34ERING o d o s re RMA LUMINAIRE WATTSMODEL**L70hours are IES TM-21-11 calculated hours. Key hole slots provide for easy installation in new Length 9 12 18 24 34 483K = 3000k 05-LEDUC LUMINAIRELUMENS0.8 1. UC-E12 1.4 -E18 LEDU .6 3.4MODEL 327 84= 4 k PRODUCT PARAMETER -E9temperatures and 3.9 LUMENS Weight (Lbs.) LEDUC-E9 LED 0 4K LEDUC 000 2.0 C-E24 2 LEDUC-E34 LEDUC-E46construction or retrofits. LUMINAIRE WATTS PER WATT COLOR TEMPERATURE* Contact factory for other color lumen packages. 3000k ** 70 05- EST UC- 1- 12 d hours. 5.0 457 Length 9 12 3K = 18 24 34 46L hours are I LED M-2 E 11 calculate 91 3K = 3000kLUMINAIRE LUMINAIRE LUMENS COLOR84 0.8 1.0 4K = 4000k2.0 2.6 3.4327 1.4MODEL 05-LEDUC-E9 3.9 Weight (Lbs.) OPTIONS (ORDER SEPARATELY)WATTS LUMENS PER WATTS TEMPERATURE 4K = 4000k* 05-theDUC-E18mperatures andlum7.7 725 94 3K = 3000k Contact factory for oLEr colorte en packages. LEDFHB320-CRLENS 4K = 4000k3K = 3000k20-LEDFHB320-4K-MVDIM-L S DUC- 1- 1321 alculated hours 44,2958.0 138 457 4K = 4000K 91 = Clear lens**L 70 hours are 5 E E TM-2 E 1 2c .0I 1 4K = 4000kORDERING INFORMATION LEDFHB320-DIFLENS 3K = 3000k 20-LEDFHB320-5K-MVDIM 05-LEDUC-E24 44,940 9.7 140 865 5K = 5000K 89 = Diuse lens321 LEDFHB320-WG 4K K = 3000k LEDUC-E9-3K3= 4000k ple:Exam05-LEDUC-E18 7.7 725 94 = Wire-guard kitLEDFHB-SMK8 = Su KK = 0 ountin k3 rfa = 3400 g kit, 8 LED modules4 ce-m 00k 005-LEDUC-E34 14.7 1,357 92 3 = 43 0k kORDERIN Model RMATION ens Luminaire Watts Lumens Per Watt = Pe K d Color TemperatureG INFO Luminaire Lum LEDFHB-PMK 4 n K = 00 000ng kitant-mounti05-LEDUC-E24 9.7 865 89 LEDFHB-CMK3 = CaKl = 3000kg kit, 3 meters long3be-mountin 05-LEDUC-E48 19.5 1,805 93 LEDFHB-CMK5 = Ca 4K = 4000k ple: LEDUC-E9-3KExamble-mounting kit, 5 meters longLEDUC-E9 327 3.9 84 4K = 4000k=3000k3K3K = 3000kExa 05-LEDUC-E34 9-3K 237 14.7 1,357 x 92 x 4K =4000kLEDWPSN40Model : 05-LEDUC-E minaire Lumens Luminaire Watts Lumens Per Watt Color Temperaturemple Lu 4K = 4000kLEDUC-E12 457 5.0 91 3K = 3000k3K = 3000kContractor Lighting & Supply ly 77)-664-5483www.contractractorlighting.com0 Contractor Lighting & Supp(8 (877)-664-5483www.contorlighting.comLEDWPSN4 -E48 27519.5 1,805 x 93 x 4K =4000k5-LEDUC 0LEDUC-E9 327 3.9 84 4K = 4000k=3000k3KLEDUC-E18 725 7.7 94 3K = 3000k051618LEDWPSN40 UC-0 237 469 x x x 4K =4000kExample: 0LEDWPSN4E9-3K x 4K =4000k5-LEDLEDUC-E12 457 5.0 91 3K = 3000kLEDUC-E24 865 9.7 89 3K = 3000kContractor Lighting & Supply(877)-664-5483www.contractorlighting.comLEDWPSN40 275 x x 4K =4000kLEDWPSN40 540 x x 4K =4000kLEDUC 1,357 14.7 94 3K = 3000kLEDUC-E18 -E34 725 7.7 92 3K = 3000kLEDWPSN40 1,162 x 4K =4000kLEDWPSN40 469 x X X 4K =4000kLEDUC 1,805 19.5 89 3K = 3000kLEDUC-E24 -E48 865 9.7 93 3K = 3000kLEDWPSN40 540 x x 4K = 4000k4K =4000kLEDUC-E34 1,357 14.7 92 3K = 3000kLEDWPSN40 1,162 X X 4K =4000kLEDUC-E46 1,805 19.5 93 3K = 3000k4K = 4000kBESTLIGHTINGPRODUCTS1213 ETNA PARKWAY, PATASKALA OH 43062 740-964-1198www.bestlighting.netSpecificationsand dimensionssubjectto change withoutnotice.BESTLIGHTINGPRODUCTS1213 ETNA PARKWAY, PATASKALA OH 43062740-964-1198www.bestlighting.netSpecifications and dimensions subjectto change withoutnotice.'