b'PROJECTTYPEPROJECTCATALOG #Constant Power Emergency Drivers for LED Luminaires PROJECT LED Tube LampsTYPETYPE20-LEDFHB320 CATALOG #CATALOG # LED T5 HO Series Direct Replacement & Bypass Lamp320 Watt Full-Body LED High BayLEDUC-E 05-LEDUC-E Luminaires optionaldiuse for F54T5 High Output fluorescent lamps.LEDUC-E 05-LEDUC-EShownwith lens Easy & safe energy-saving retrofit solutionAPPLICATIONS LED UndercabinetLED Undercabinet LuminairesLED UNDER CABINET LUMINAIRES The LEDFHB320 is a full-body, premium-performance LED LED UNDER CABINET LUMINAIRES high bay luminaire.It is designed to illuminate a wide varietyofsettings, includingcommercial, industrial&BYPASS Just replace the existing fluorescent tube Project:APPLICATIONSProject:APPLICATIONSretail settings such as warehouses, manufacturing plants,BALLASTThe 05-LEDUC-E is an economical series of under cabinet or bypass ballast for instant energy savings. The 05-LEDUC-E is an economical series of under cabinet sportingType: big-boxretailers.Withapainted, FOR ENERGYvenuesand luminaries for Type: use in kitchens, retail displays and coves. With aluminaries for use in kitchens, retail displays and coves. With a steel housing, the LEDFHB320 provides high levels of dura- SAVINGSpainted,i stee , ste usi housi nd polycar ycarbon ates, t s, ehe-LEDUC- C-E panted l ho elng a ng and pol bonate len len ht 05 05-LEDU EbilityandCatalog #: il ur ybi ndhi High-ecacy, e i . g long-lifeLEDs provid pr Catalog #: lity gh perf performan H h-effc ficalong-performance.andhighormance.cHigh- i ef acy, cy, long-esvi urab it a aMaintains original UL & CSAo d des dprovide both energy and maintenance cost savings com- 2.5kVife pro sprovid h en h e yrg d m d m e nte ce co cs t savinlife LE l Ds LED vi de bot ebot erg ne an yan aint ai nan nancest os avings gs pared to traditional, HID high bays. entcentflororeoresctent underSURGE ComplianceSTANDTANDARAT U i RE nationalandesces oru fluscenunder PROTECTIONco SAR om tar D dd A oa S i RE nc, incandmpar D dpEe at E tir U l, i SceF o tr F o t T dcabinet abi minaire i s. aires. FEATURES clu net lumn 2.5kV MOUNTINGHigh-quality frosted glass tubing2.5kVDAMP Surge WARRANTY & LISTINGS PROJECT LUMENS REF. POWER (W) CRI CAP LENGTH LIFE HOURSSurgeAvailablein4000k(neutralwhite)and5000k(cool Chain mounting with V-hooks is standard.FEATURES Protection ARRANTY &LISTIN MODELFEATURES DAMP Protection WWARRANTY &LISTINGSGS LEDU Av bl -Eis an economi hi alseri 000k (neutral whi binet WARRANTY &LISTINGS 3,200 25 80 G13 45" 90,000Environmentally-friendly mercury & leadThe Available in 3000k (warm white) & 4000k (neutral white)cETLus listed to applicable U.L. standards. Listed for damp locations. white) color temperatures.* arm w c te) & 4 esof underca te)Optional surface mounting kit provides attachment to at ceilings.TheLEDUC e in 3000k (w cETLus listed to appl 12-T5L-IDDM14-3500-4FT damp locations. aila icable U.L. standards. Listed for C-Eis an economical seriesof undercabinetcolor temperatures*Su ETL pendantnt tempera ble kitL. mt - anda rds 40C ted for dampto C itable fo l r i st mbi e applica tures fro s 20Cto .Lis a edtoU.luminaries for use in kitchens, retaildisplays and coves.OptionalUS mountingprovides pendant attachmentLong-life LEDs provide 122,000 hours of operation withSuitable for ambient temperatures from -20C to40C d for damp TYPEC ETL US listed toapplicable U.L.standards.Listeluminarir t for use es*kitchens, retaildisplays and coves.(- locations.Suitable forambienttemperatures from-20C to 25 80 G13 45" 90,000Wide 180 beamcoloes raturin 4 ca tions.Su 12-T5L-ISFH14-3500-4FT 3,500 -20C toempeFto 104 F). WitLong-linted, s provide at leas and polycarbonatet ilensit h junction boxes. to itable forambienttemperatures fromh a paife LEDsteelhousingt 81,000 hours of opera on w,thelo104F).h apa fe LEDs provide at least 81,000 hours of operat (-4F to 104F).40C (-4FWitLo ng-liinted, steel housingandpolycarbonate on w,the40C (-4TAR1rtified at least 70% of initial lumens output (L70).** ilensit h ENERGY SF to ce04F). PROJECTLEDUC-East 70% of initialability and thigh performance. High-Optional cable mounting kits provide suspension at two lengths (i.e.,LEDUC-E a at le provides l dur lumen outpu (L 70 )**LPW) atENERGY STARcertified CATALOG #Instant-On, flicker-free start-up Delivers 44,298 lumens (138 lumens per watt, ensEnergy Starcertified. PROJECTst 70% of initia lumen outpu(L 70 )**at le providesdurability andt high performance. High-Complies with RoHS (Restriction on HazardousDelivers from 327 to 1,805 lumens & 84 to 94 lum Energy Star certified. Delivers fr -l m 327 to 1,805 lu de both energy andComplies with RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances)efficacy, long-lifeLEDs provide both energy and3 & 5 meters).o mens & 84 to 94 lumens ubstanc es withRoHS(Restriction on Hazardousefficacy, long ifeLEDs provi S Compli es) requirements 4000k, and 44,940 lumens (140 LPW) at 5000k.*per watt* maintenance costsavingscompared to traditional,S Complie s) req hRoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances)DR ONLY: 3500K, 4000K and 5000Kmaintenan ubstance s wit uirements ce cost 20-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz) is sta ionarequirements. TYPEper watt* sal 1 savings compared to tradit ndardl,WARRANTY/LISTINGINDOOR : AccessoriesUniver Complies with FCC Part 15, class B incandescentor fluorescentundercabinet luminaires. Complies with FCC Part 15, class B s 2.5 . Universal120-277ACvoltage(50-60Hz)isstandard. requirements. FCC Partans , cl ts ( sB kV)Univer entor fluorescentundercabinet luminaires.cULus listed for damp locations in ambient temperatures from -20C Step-downtransformersare requiredfor347-480V rotected ag wi TYPEsal 120-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz) is standardP Compliesainst input line tr ienincandescTotal harmonic distortion 20%20-LEDFHB320 th FCCctro rt 15 5, n a housi B.BYPASS: 5K Total harmonic distortion 20% Protected against input line transients (2.5kV)to 50C (-4F to 122F). Pa ni1aclass ng Color rendering index 805-year warra ntyh all ele cs dCATALOG #Complieswit ofProtected againstinputline transients (2.5kV). FEATURES te nhou 80DLC Premium approved. CATALOG #applications. r rend t eris g i el dexsi ng and polycarbonate lens5-year warranty of all electronics and housingColoPained nProtected againstinput and housing.5-Year WarrantyFEATURES t-eess acsinstandED chca 320 Watt Full-Body LED High Bay line transients (2.5kV). 0-10vdc dimming drivers are standard. wi 00 g enclos a w 5-yearwarranty ofall electronics Paint ed s lel houcesg o L polyanrnel aate lens k (neutr ur l ehite) DIMENSIONSTool white) ndComplies with RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances) require- Available in 3000k (warm bon &40 rin Toolo les t cmperato ridsD aha nnelk snd wiri ng enclalsuonnections5-ye NSIONS all electronicsand housing. 05-LEDUC-E48 Power factor 0.90. son sLE.* cnd rsim & 40 05-LEDUC-EME arwarranty of 05-LEDUC-E1805-LEDUC-E24 05-LEDUC-E34 48"clorsekoutstu ees white) 00k (neutral white) DI 05-LEDUC-E905-LEDUC-E12LEDUC-E ck b a c a l implif l y t e lectric o c * re operationmentsLuminaires 18" 05-LEDUC-E2405-LEDUC-E3405-LEDUC-E48- KnoaccesAvailable in 3000k (warmAPPLICATIONS p yr et e sl ds.* andde fo pi y ee 05-LEDUC-ELength 9" 12" 34" LEDUC-E t t e t ast f 8 d 1 t ,000 ical c r ew construction ne 05-LEDUC-E905-LEDUC-E12 05-LEDUC-E18 24" Shownwith lens 48"colorL K e - e h anE i D esprovi i b a tasly LED Undercabinet 0.8 1.0 1.4 2.0 optionaldiuse 3.4c ng ol ots easy installation in nComplies with FCC Part 15, class A.Kntemuts o L se s provide at l ctrhou onn f ctionso o ko lif ur s o e Kewit C or retrofitsrov% ofor r i e ia lumen aunut(L 70 ).*onstruction t Luminaires Total harmonic distortion 20% ins LED Undercabi DIMENSIONS 12" 18" 24" 2.6 34"y hhle sleast 70ide f LED UNDER CABINET LUMINAIRES oat lots p ne talloiopin new cComplies with IEEE C.62.41-1991, input transient protection (2.5kV).The LEDFHB320 is a full-body, premium-performance LEDWeight (Lbs.) Color rendering index 80.t LED UNDER CABINET LUMINAIRES Long-life LEDs provide at least 81,000 hoursofoperation * onac factory forothercolo mperaures an lumenpackage * DIMENSIONShigh bay luminaire. omofisdesigned to ut(L gt). 94 lumens per5-year warranty of all electronics and housing. 2.6 3.4 T8 Dual End Bypass ret livst 70with at e rof e s7f0%327ito1,umen oens &84 o* s.a wideLength 9" 1.0 1.4 2.0orDlea it rs rItintial l805 lumutpilluminateWeight (Lbs.) 0.8** L 70hours are IES TM-21-11 calculated hours. 1 Painted steel housing. color temperatures and lumen packa es.* Cont watt. t *ory for other varietyofsettings, 3 includingcommercial, industrial&DIMENSIONS L Delive ct sfrom27 to1,805 lumens &84 to94 lumens perafac** L 70 * h Project: TM20-277NS volursge (50-60Hz)is standard. 1rAPPLICATIONS culated ho . Easy installation in new construction or retrot.watUnive Project: IO AC ta manufacturing plants, t. A PPLI 1-21-11 caloursare IES CATrsalretail settings such as warehouses, Chain-mount kits (includes v-hooks andthick, 1-me- LFull glass housing. No distortion,The 05-LEDUC-E is an economical series of under cabinetThe 05-LEDUC-E is an economical series of under cabinetTotalharmACvoltag 20%. Type: onicdistortione (50-60Hz) is standard.sportingvenuesandbig-boxretailers.Withapainted,Universal 120-277Type:luminaries for use in kitchens, retail displays and coves. With aluminaries for use in kitchens, retail displays and coves. With a te Colorrendering index80.ster long chain) are standard.po2 0arb carbonates, t s, ehe-LEDUC- C-E3no yellowing and no embrittling.el housing, the LEDFHB320 provides high levels of dura- Totaltharmoe , i c e usitor tann n lyc%.onate len len ht 05 05-LEDU Epain e paint enlst disng ioda dpolyd, st ed ho el housingbilitypr Catalog #: du ty houhi High-e& cacy,diused),long-life wire-guard LEDsGreat stability. Options and include performance. lenses s (clear polycarbonateh e ef acy, cy,ng ng- Pais Catalog #: nd ing andormance. High-elf - ins. alo lo -ovid pr nteds beiel a litygh perf f c fice ovi ura til rabi and high performance. Hig d de s Colorrendering index80.kits, lif Too s L essde bo s ebot er E na g ha m nel t ai na e na i n ing c t e s avin s i ure. 32.5kVprovidesurface both-mountingenergy andkits, maintenancependant-mountingcost savingskits, comand -e LE l D l-l E ovi acc vid h en h e y er n yan ain e n t n wr c es o nclo v g ngs ife pr Dspro e t stoL g Dc d n d m a n d cec os t sa s Painted steelhousing and polycarbonate lens. SURGEcabl -mounting kits. HID high bays. entcentflororeoresctent underPROTECTION SPEC SHEETR9: 20pareed to traditional, aditioa U itionalandesces oru fluscenunderco S parom tar D FEtrnal, i Sm K cedpo tr s URES s and bacSTANDTANDARed to AT d RE nc, incand kION connections.ARD FEAT on side ORDERING INFORMAT simplify electricalnockout Tool- i lesa l bi mi ce i ss s. aires. Dchanneland wiring enclosure.cabnet u nc na minoLEcs aet lu ret 2.5kV LUMENSFEATURES Key hole slotsprovide for easy installation in new LUMINAIRE MOUNTING LEDUC-E9 LED COLOR TEMPERATURE LEDUC-E48For covered use onlydamp rated* contact factory for other color temperatures and lumen packages. 2.5kV ORDERI tructiI MODELtrobackIONlify electricalconnections. PER WATT UC-E12 LEDUC-E18 LEDUC-E24 LEDUC-E34Knockoutson siNF ORMAT simp DAMP Sur Surge LUMENS NTY & LISTINGS MODEL LUMENS REF. POWER (W) CRI CAP LENGTH LIFE HOURScons NG one rand fits. LUMINAIRE WATTSd o s re ge**L70hours are IES TM-21-11 calculated hours. white)and5000k(coolWARRA NTY &LISTINGSGS PROJECT 34 48Availablein4000k(neutralDAMP ProtectionChain mounting with V-hooks is standard. 24FEATURES ARRA 9FEATURES Protection WWARRANTY &LISTIN 12 18 Key hole slots 5 provide for easy installation in new hit LUMINAIREWARRANTY &LISTINGS 1.0 C-E 3K Ls.300 8 0d for damp locations.-E46 9 80 G13 23" 90,000* The LEDUC-Eis an economicalseriesof undercabinet 327 C Length 12-T8L-IDFH1 ard= Lis 1 tekDUC-E24 2.6 DUC-E3 3. 1,150 to 2FT/3FT Available in 4000K and 5000K0 -LEDUC-E cETLus listed to applicable U.L. stand 2 ED -E LAvailable in 3000k (warm white) & 4000k (neutral w e)Optional surface mounting kit provides attachment to at ceilings.white) color temperatures.* LUMINAIRE WATTS cETLUMENSLEDUC-E9 LEDU 1-1150-2FT-*CBA71 4 4 EDUCLus listed to applicable U.L. standards. Listed for damp locations.84 * Avail ctio MODEL tro w r 9i ca temperatures and 3.9 en packages. 457 ( C PER WATT th u mountingre COLOR TEMPERA .LLE attachment PRODUCT PARAMETER ar lor cal seriesof undercabinet es. Su ETL Weight (Lbs.) app 0.8ra ble .L. 4K 1.4 UC a 0 d 2.0 L TUREfordamp The LEDUC-E is ran reconomi c at ll t ) & 4000k (neutral white) LUMENS OptionalUS l r isted to tem licable U s. 1 sta = 1 d 0 r t 0 s E s isted -20 L damp12 80 G13 35" 90,000constru able n n 3000k ( er. m white lum ETL pendantapplica tu kitf L. m n 4da k . 240 isted for 46 i or re fits* Conta color temperatures*de l ua eastour ,0 displays and cov- o itable foambientperatures from -20C to40C C 34 C toluminaries for use in kitchens, retail US listed toU provides pendant ct factoy fo oth co stan rd Long-life c LEDs provide * 122,000 hours of operation withSuitable for ambient tempe mbie 12 ro K -20C tos from 1,450luminarir tefor usur enki - tchens, retail s displays and coves.locatio engSuitable for 9 a ntt3mp 3ra0k4 -20C toL oloesmper f at eis s i -E12 east ed h 81 . h9 5.0 na LUMENS 3 27 COLOR (- 4 cat 9 L ns. S .itable forambient e=e00ure res from 3.4L 70 hLong r 05 I -LEDUC p 11 LUMINAIRE peration with l F tions. F)12-T8L-IDFH1 TYPE -*CBA714FT Available in 3500K, 4000K and 5000K8li EST D -21 ov o 104 1-1450-3FTWit ours a - e nted, steelhousing and polycarbonate lens, the1 -4Fto104F). 0.8 1.0 temperatu 2.6h a pai e LUMINAIRE 3 00 hours of o rat ilens,h junction boxes. F to ce04F). 3K = 3000kLE M 4K = 4000k 4F to 104F).40C (*a ng- 0nted,UC p E9 v - housingand ( pol.ycarbo pete on wittheENER 84 TAR1rtifie OPTIONS (ORDER SEPARATELY) 1,800 14 80 G13 47" 90,000at least 70% of initial lumens output (L70).** 40 Weight (Lbs.) d1.4 2.0MODELopaliife L LEDs- rol de at l e81LUMENS rs of o PER WATTS TEMPERATURE GY S 4K = 4000kWith5- ED stee ,000ou C (-4 3K = 3000k at -E pro E WATTS rlability and thigh performance. High-Optional cable mounting kits provide suspension at two lengths (i.e.,20-LEDFH Conta LEDUCleast 70% of initia lum n outpu (L * )**packages. ce. High- ENERGY STARcertified . 4K PROJECT** B320-4K- rsVacy S 05 -th vi des l du en an e u t high p7.nforman s 725 0 Energy Star LEDFH 12-T8L-IDFH11-1800-4FT-*BBA71 2,200 17 80 G13 47" 90,000 Delivers 44,298 lumens (138 lumens per watt, LPW) at K 94 certified. -CRLENS 3 Ko3000k5-Year Warrantyitia lumLEDUC -E as ry fo % o of eDUCrE18mperatur p s4 ndlum er 138 457 4K = 400 Complies with RoHS (Restriction on Hazard = u 0 k70 a - tfacto t 70 rdes r n colorte ility out d a L 70 )* 70 e7 140 5K = 50 Co B ed 3K= 40 s 0 00k Substances)ct leprovi rs Li du ab 4,29 3 & 5 meters). ertifi 320 = Clear lensM D Delive Ufr - om 327 to 1,805 lumens & 84 to 94 lumen 91L ho effic 05- E , long-life LEDs provide both energy andEnergy Star c 12-T8L-IDFH1 CATALOG #IMLED C E1321 58.0 mplies with RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous2 u M are I IN M-I 1-11c RMATIhours. th energy and865 Substances) requirements1-2200-4FT-*BA7120-LEDFHB320-5K ORDER - T G 2 NFO alculated ON s & 84 to 94 lumens 00 Complies withRoHS PROJECTDelivers from 327 to 1,805 lumen = 3000efficacy, long lifeLEDs provide bo 9.7 K 89 LEDFHB320-DIFLENS 4K = 40 k 4000k, and 44,940 lumens (140 LPW) at 5000k.* (Restriction on HazardousV per watt*321 4 44,940 = Diuse lensmaintenance costsavingscompared to traditional,725S Compl s mieh FCC Part 15, cl es s Bti 4K Kn3000k rdous DUC-E t 9-3 ces) 43 80 G13 45.8" 90,000DIM 05-LEDUC-E2per watt* ED sal-E18 277 AC voltage (50-60 7 ndard ubstances) requirements R as tric o 3o =H 0k a LE Subsan K Univer UC 120- 7. Hz) is sta Crequiieewt withRoHS ( n Example:05-L ompl r iesnts. 12-T8L-IDFH1 ire-gu azmaintenance costsavings compared to traditional,res. WARRANTY/LISTING = W rfa = 400 -EBA-01 5,500 SUPER SAFE DOWN THE ROADLEDFHB320-WG ard kit 94 1-5500-8FT Universal120-277ACvoltage(50-60Hz)isstandard. requirements. C Part 15, class B S u 2.5 . TYPEincandescentor fluorescentundercabinet luminai 1,357 Complies with FC DFHB-SMK8 tr ans , =ts 3K = 3000k LE4K = 4000kce-mounting kit, 8 LED modules Univer ent0 20flD 7C-escentundercabi 14.7cULus listed for damp locations in ambient temperatures from -20C sal 1 5-LE 7 U AC voltage (50-60Hz) is standard Luminaire WattsProtec 92against input lineien ( nd kV)ou00k-2 E34 ted LEDFHB-PMK 4KTYPE 0nting kitincandesc Mo or l uor net luminaires. Complies withFCC Part15 classB= lor TemperatureTotal harmonic distortion 20%Lumens PerWatt = Pe3 Co3ORDERING INFORMATION = 4000kde Luminaire Lumens K t-m Total harmonic distortion 20% 327 9.7 20-LEDFHB320 LE f DF l HB- l CMK t 3 n d hou an ng0 0.0 kk). le:LEDUC-E9-3KStep-downtransformersare requiredfor347-480V Com89 arra ntyh f FCC Part 15, ents (2.5kV) ng kit, 3 meters long05-LEDUC-E24 865 Protected against input line transiclas l s - B. un E k 0V pColor rendering index 805-year w eswit o Ea B-CMK5 = 3b l K t= 425to 50C (-4F to 122F). l eectronics a = CaK e si 30 0pli = o ti4 -m05-LEDUC-E48 19.5 1,805Protected againstinputline transiens ( n xam FEATURES s g i el dexsi ng and polycarbonate lens 3.993 L 84 ll elec ronics and CATALOG #applications. r P end t er - 9 nhou 80DLC Premium approved. Ca Keu 4000k g kit, 5 meters longColo r LEDUC i Ete 5-year warranty oDa 4bomoug 3K =P Exa t 0 T i ain - ed n E E34 ss Luminaire 23714.7 s ns k (neutr ur l e1,357 x5-ye NSIONSFH all electronics h =sin tin 05kV).po a :lt DU s a 300 -Eand polycarbonate lerin a white) 92 warranty of Watt sie= s (2 k3000km 5-LEPS C- DUC 0k t o warmLumen 00 g enclos Luminaire WattsProtected againstinputline tran3K nt300. =4000kFEATURES l e 5s N40 cce 9 (LED channel and wi DIME ar x CATALOG #ng.LEDW and housilo lelwhite)&40 Lumens Per 4K Med l e 0 e -L housing -3K 320 Watt Full-Body LED High Bay all electronics Color TemperatureoComplies with RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances) require-ain v des ble in0-10vdc dimming drivers are standard. 4K = 4000kA aLEDUC-E12 * 457 5.05-yearwarranty of 3 and housing.91 3K 00=k 3000k Toolo les t cmperanridsD and nnelk snmpliiri ng enclalsuonnections x DIMENSIONS 05-LEDUC-E18K = 30 4K =4000k 05-LEDUC-E48corsekouts - sotosLE. chabac aid wfyelectrico cre whit 1,805 ments 93 05-LEDUC-E9x 05-LEDUC-E2405-LEDUC-E34 -l 0 Knoaccestu ees white)&4000k (neutr 05-LEDUC-E12Contractor Lighighting & Sup (877)-664-5483www.contractorlighting.com Power factor 0.90. 0 actor Lting & Supplyaly e) )-664-5483www.contractorlighting.comcolorLn Contr k (warm e ck t l imp 27 8 05-LEDUC-E05-LEDUC-E984 12" 18" 4 K = 4000 k 34" 3000k 05-LEDUC-E48Available in 3 SN4 E48 519.5 pl (877 3K =LEDWP 000LEDUC t t- E e for e3a2s7y installat t t ion in new constructio3.9n 7.7Complies with FCC Part 15, class A. 24" 24" 3K = 3000k 48" 48"5-LEDUC Kntek K-eEy9 hole slots provi i de as eas l t2 y 1 t , l 00 05-LEDUC-E9" 94 1.0 05-LEDUC-E18 2.0 4K = 051618 3.4LEDUChigh ExaCnt o o m E t D sr e- n 18D e.* C- l Ein r s 7 i5 d e c 0cal c r onn f operaabinet Luminaires 1.4 05-LEDUC-E24 4 2.6 4000k lens 3.4 LEDUa n t v deasl LED e t Underctionx DIMENSIONS x . res 18" 2.0 4K =05-LEDUC-E34u lif o L rc Lg- eCtusidss pro d ba f ri hou s o ections 05-LEDUC-E12opt U a E E e s APPLICATIONS -DWDSN40 70%e foir itiay 237 469 autn in (L 70 ).*onstruction xComplies with IEEE C.62.41-1991, input transient protection (2.5kV). Total harmonic distortion 20% * Length x 000kLEDWPSN40 UCsof nlumenoioput new c Weight (Lbs.) 0.8 Shownwithmple: 0LErLE l P f fit -E9-3Kto lo 1,um r 457 LED Undercabinet Luminai opti3Kon a= 3000kwit 5r etro tst rovid tallo atseaspKey hhleloo Color re LEDUC-E12 factory forotherc LED UNDER CABINET LUMINAIRES91 12" 3K = 3000kLong-life LEDs provide at least 81,000 hours ofoperation 5.0The LEDFHB320ndering index 80. r t mpeaue 865 lumenpackage * 9.7 DIMENSIONS 89 ldiuseCois a full-body, premium-performance LED 5-year warranty of all electronics and housing. 4K =4000kwit o D * e LEDUC-E24of27i e ialra LED UNDER CABINET LUMINAIRESx contractorlighting.com T8 Direct Replacementbay Contractor Lighting e & S L gt). 9 ly mens per )-664-5483 9" x 1.0 1.4 4K =4000kr retrofits 0 70om 3 in o 805 ln ounsu ( upp 4 lu(877 x Length www 34"* LEDWPS 0 N4s -r r% ismpe ture eum n tp &84 e o* s.ax 1 0.8 94 2.6nac s ah at leaer 275 540 70 Weight (Lbs.)livstLEDWPSN40 d hours. Painted steel housing.Itdesigned to illuminatewide luminaire.other color t 725 d 357packa s. 7.7 92 3K = 3000k** L 7hours are IES TM-21-11 calculateo watt.*ory foE34 s an1,lumen 14.7 3K = 3000k De LEDUC- c E18 1,805 lumens &84 to 94 lumens per x X DIMENSIONS x L 4K =4000kact faLEDUCliversfrom 327 tovarietyofsettings, S includingcommercial, industrial&1 X 4K =4000k Easy installation in new construction or retrot.LEDWPSN40 SN M 469** L 70h Project: T 40 NS 1,162 is standard. * Un LEDWP l1-21-11 calculated hours.ours are IEwatt. iversa 20-277 ACvoltage (50-60Hz)APPLICATIOLEDUC-E Project: 865 9.7 93 L 3K = 3000kFull glass housing. No distortion,APPLICATIONS 1,805 89retail settings such kits as (includewarehouses,s v-hooks manufacturing andthick, plants, 1-me- 19.5 3K = 3000k24LEDUC-E48 Chain-mountEDarmo isA ni stc o niome 45 %.es of under cabinet . x x 4K = 4000k0 saN40 o c l s a sThe er 5-tL l lhUC-Enicad eortonia2 0eri eries o s s der cabnet Toa UnLEDWPS 120-277 Cv ltag 5(00- l 60Hz) i f un tandar i d 4K =4000kiv The 05-LEDUC-E is an economicsportinglum Clol Type: deo big-boxretailers.Withapainted, 92 3K = 3000kvenuesand ter long chain) are standard. kx8 1, . no yellowing and no embrittling. inaries fo Type: g e ideitchens 357LEDUC-E34 r use in kitchens, retail displays and coves. With aumirrens frr usinn0, retail displays and coves. With 14.7a onarie in Totalharmonicdistortion 20%. 3X 4K =4000ksteel housing,includethe LEDFHB320lenses ndprovide&a s high levelswire-guardof dura-pa 4d steelng a ngpolyc 162 nate len s, t s, t 05 05-LEDUC-EX LEDWPSN 0,and1, o rbonatelen h Options inted, steel housi housi (clear arb c diused),ehe-LEDUC-Ebilityandv painte#: ndex80. er poly long-lifeLEDs93 3K = 3000k Great stability. Painted steelhousing and polycarbonate lens. C pr l Catalog #: nd h High-ecacy, 19.5oLEDUC Catalog igh p 1,805o r performance.formance. High-efficacy, long-o ides durability arend46-Eering iprovides durability and high performance. High-efficacy, long-kits, surface-mounting kits, pendant-mounting kits, and34K = 4000k Tool-less access toLEDchanneland wiring enclosure.provide both energy and maintenance cost savings com- , PATASKALA OH 43062 740-964-1198www.bestlighting.net P lif i etedeLE o l s housing an r enan y IN a a bon n an n a S co 2 t o s avi NA PARKWAY 2.5kVan LE l D st pr e vi de bot ebot e g IG rg d a G r int ai DUCT e n 1 s 3ET av gs gsSURGEif s e D provid h BEST d y eHT c ndPRO n te c le c s. st s n incable-mounting kits. en h L poly mm e ate nec1Compatible with most electronic instant STANORD pa Rt adi G a Ii al esO , R d b sc TIO n pl u flesc ctri S n e if c a rerand dim s sionspared to traditional, HID high bays. en s i e Nlo i rofruorescte p a c d ic o t n i nection en . subjectto change withoutnotice. PROTECTIONcomparomE r u d N t n rd N oin cla nn e acktcor tf y ele enut l und onsS K ced k o e Ito io sd i F a n i d ca A es m c n eDTA noc t o tr so t E nit, n a M ndNDARD FEA URESARD FEATURTS Tool-less access toLEDchanneland wiring enclosure.ca K c t a l bi mi leir lot . aire rovide for easy installation in new start, programmed start and emergency bineu n o na s e i s sp s. ey h et lumn* contact factory for other color temperatures and lumen packages.FEATURES ckoutso ctiI MODELtrobackIONlify electr 2.5kV LUMINAIRE LUMENS LEDUC-E9 LED COLOR TEMPERATURE LEDUC-E48 ORD constru n siNF ORMAT simp i ATTS LUMENS MOUNTING UC-E12 LEDUC-E18 LEDUC-E24 LEDUC-E34Kno ERING one rand fits. LUMINAIRE W calconnections. PER WATTd o s re 2.5kV**L70hours are IES TM-21-11 calculated hours. Surg Surge Length 9 12 18 24 34 48 T8 ballastAvailablein4000k(neutralwhite)and 213 ETNA PARKWAY, PATASKALA OH 4 NTY & LISTI 98www.bestlighting.net LUMENS REF. POWER (W) CRI CAP LENGTH LIFE HOURSey hole slotsp BESTLIGHTINGPRODUCTS1 5000k(coolWARRA 3062 740-964-11 NGS MODELeDAMP n in newChain mounting with V-hooks is standard. K FEATURES r ES -E9DAMP 3.9 Protection ion LUMINAIREWWARRANTY &LISTINGSG t S -E 3K = 3000kfor damp locations.-E46FEATUR ovide for easy installatio Protection ARRANTY &LISTIN* 05-LEDUC Specificat s 327 subje WARRANTY &LISTINGS L 1. andard 1 =Listed0 d TURE 6 mp l 3.4 EDUCns. 11 80 G13 47" 90,000Available in 3000k (warm white) & 4000k (neutral white) and dimensions ctc c LUMENSutnoice. LEDU.L. s 0 C 4KLs.40080 2.DUfE2 dED 4 1,700ha 84 ho lePRODUCT PARAMETER ts. nomi LUMINAIRE WATTSral whi bi )toETLngslwit e edt t o L tapplicab b .8U.L.E COLOR TEMPERAC-or4 2. a UC-E3ocLatioR9: 20e isilable in 3000k (warm white) & 4000ku W t igh ( bs.) 0 .4white) color temperatures.* calseriesof un t ca te netOptional surface mounting kit provides attachment to at ceilings.Ttructio MODEL is anPER WATT UC DU 2 EDU.-E1 LEconsheLEDUCr retrofi eco (neu der LUMENS cETLus listed to applica le -E9stan1dardsC Liste L Ava n o-E 12-DR4FT11W k ** Contact factory for other- colortemperatures. ndlumen packages. 32 h ( l - C itable fo listed t n applicable U.L.standards. Listed for 46m 11 80 G13 47"" 90,000The LEDUC-Eis an economical series a of undercabinet 457 Su ETL pendanto t temperatures from -20C to40C 34 damp pto color tefor ra ELUMINAIRE ens, r LUMINAIRE ays and coves. 7C ETL i U fel r ambie mountingl kit2 provides 0k s.Liste attachment L ri colo es for use i s*alculae etaildispl LUMENS Optional9 Lor iah .ent tem lica ture1 f L 3K = 1 3ard24 -20C to Long-life luminari r temperature n kitche t ns, retaildisplays and coves.SuitableSngtt mbitoapp p9ra be U.rom t - an 00pendantd for da LEDs provide - 122,000 hours of operation withlocat U1 0 sed s.) e s .s 8d t000s from 2.6 1,800hours ar 05- turenki 12 9 hours of opera on w,o F tio S s.Suitable forambient 3K 20C to40C 3.4lumina 70 esmpeuseT UC i - 1 tch east d hours 3.0 5.0 arbonatet ilensittheCOLOR4 cat 8 ons.Suitable forambienttemperaurek -20C toFor covered use onlydamp rated0onLE e I L S i M2 E 11 c eas and 0 lyc junction boxes. 4 F) (Lb 0.8 1.0 4K == 3 0 tures fromED s* 400 ko 1MODEL tL5-g-lDU ed, s provide at lngt 81,0po 4 to4 - 04 F t OPTIONS (ORDER SEPARATELY)Wi h a paiintC-E9teelhousi Fn eF to104F). tempera 2.0feLEDs 0C ( 4 igh ). 4K 1.4Wat least 70% of initial lumens output (L70).** 725 TEMPERATURE(-4 0R 1 F to ce04F).= 4000k 1,800 11 80 G13 47" 90,000WitLo ng-liinted, s provhousingand 0 hours of opePER WATTSration with ENEC (-4TAR1rtified3K = 3000k WATTS LUMENS* h apa fe LEDsteel de at l81,00 lum7.n packages. 4 GY S05-theDUC-E18 polycarbonate lens, the Optional cable mounting kits provide suspension at two lengths (i.e.,20-LEDFHB320-4K-MVD at least 70 - % -of initia lumen outpu (L 70 )** lumen 138 457 4K = 40Compl 94 r LHS HB320ric on on 4K = 4000k 0k 2,200 15 80 G13 47" 90,000**L 70 LEDUC-E provides l 1 durlability and thigh performance. High- ENERGY STARcertified t-CRtLiENS =Ha 3K = 3000kContact factory for oLEr colortemperatures and e7 Delivers 44,298 lumens (138 lumens per watt, LPW) at Energy Starcertified. Clearrdous LEDUC-E providesdurability andt high performance. High- 00K 91 EDF(Res za lensat least 70% of initia -lumen outpu(L 70 )** 9.7 ens s 865 5K = 5000K ies with Ro ertifie estriction on3Kzardous rdousSubst C-E9-3 )05-LEDUC E132 44,2958IM 2 .0hours a e eliSTM-I 11127 ltculat80 I 5 lours.ns & 84 to 94 140 Complies with RoHS (R d. S Ha K = 400Available in 3500K, 4000K and 5000KORDERING rom FORMAThume 3 & 5 meters).c 4 = 3000krDIEvers f2 N3ca o 1,ed ON Energy Sta LEDFHB320-DIFLEN = Diuse lensefficacy, long-life 2 LEDs provide both energy andSubstances) requirements12-DR4FT15W 00k LEDU ances K Delivers from 327 to 1,805 lumens & 84 to 94 lum 89 n= E 00kefficacy, long-lifeLEDs provide both energy and Complies withRoHS(Restriction oKH3 zample:20-LEDFHB320-5K-MVDIM 05-LEDU 3 1 44,940CE24 3 a4000k, and 44,940 lumens (140 LPW) at 5000k.* LEDFHB320-WG 4K= 40 xaper watt*= Wire-guard kitmaintenance costsavingscompared to traditional,725 Substances) requirements Res s B3K K =0 o 0 00k Substances) 15 80 G13 47" 90,000per w 05- * 7.7Com94mieh ts h C Part 15, clas triction on Hazardous 2,200LEDUC-E18 pl s s wit . RoHS (Compl r iemaintenance costs 0-277 gs compared t Hz) is st it ndardl,1,357 WARRANTY/LISTING = Surface 3 4 un kng kit, 8 LED modulesatt 05-LEDUC-E34(50-60 o trad a ionarequiieewtnFC 4=-m 00 tiUniversal 12 avinAC voltage 9.7 14.7 865 s requir Lume LEDFHB-SMK8 ransient s eK. B.V0 3o 0 00ng kitmeters long 15 80 G13 47" 90,0005-Year Warrantyincandescentor fluorescentundercabinet luminaires. rotect ements. C Part 15, class B 4nK k = ) 0 0 k k Universal120-277ACvoltage(50-60Hz)isstandard.P Com 92 with Fns iPer -l Watt =P(2d Color TemperatureORDERIN Model d o RMATION 0der ens Luminaire WattCompliesrra ntyC E FCC Pat rt 15, = Ca 3 5 -. n4 u0 0ntikit, 3 le:LEDUC-E9-3K T G INFO nicresc Luminaire LumcULus listed for damp locations in ambient temperatures from -20C Universal 120-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz) is standard plies with DFHB PMK rt 15, class =t-m ued againsL nput ine aStep-downtransformersare 0 requiredfor347-480V Compli t t input line transientsb l 2 5k u n0k, 5 meters longincandescentorr muo distortion 20% cabinet luminaires. 89 LEDFH 12-T8L-IDDM13-2200-4FT-*BA-91 2,200 otal ha -n fl erUC-E48 entun 19.5 1,8055-year 93 eswith DFH B-CMK3 nics and l 3Kl emo V)tingkit p05-LEDUC-E24 Total harmonic distortion 2 % Protected agains FCCctroc a(= 30 Exam05LEDing index 8 to 50C (-4F to 122F). B-C Pa ho 4KB. 4000kLE usi =Color re wa of all ele MK5 = Ca ss ng ntingLEDUC-E9 327 3.9Protected again 4 tinputline trans K e-mo(2.5kV).8 s 4 ibnts00k =k3000ke = 40 3K FEATURES s 4-E34 i ng and polycarbonate lens 1,357 x5-ye 92 ed a ens x stinput 3K = 3000 =kV).applications. rrendering index80 237 14.7DLC Premium approved. line transients (2. 54000kColo 05 aintedC0 el hous 5-year warranty of all electronics and housing 4KP -LEDUE LEDWPSN te Protect Lum gain Watt and Color TemperatureFEAT Model lt-eess access Luminaire Lumens in Luminaire Watts MENSIONSPer 4K = 4000k g.P URES s lel housing and polycarbonate lensg enclosure5.0 DI arwarranty ofall electronicshousinxample: 05-LEDUC-E9-3Kaint e LEDUC-E12t(warmwhit 457 nd wir 0k (neutral white)Complies with RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances) require- 0-10vdc dimming drivers are standard. 00 91 3K = 30 3K = 3000kAvailo o LED channel a 4 00kdTo able in 3000k e)&LEDWPSN40 48 * 27519.5 1,805 x93 warranty usinKr Contractor Lighting & Supply ly 77)-664-548 5-year SIONSxo trac lectrotorland h .com .om 53 Power factor 0.90. -E t sides and bac2k simplify electrical connections 3.9 DIMEN www.contorlighighti 3K = cAvai ce 5-LE ko UCon (warmwhit el )&4000k (neutral white) ments 3 83 84 05-LEDUC-E184K =4000kToolo l 0 s Contractor Lighting & Supp(8 (877)-664-54 www.con fall etracnics ting ong.g 05-LEDUC-E48D-lors amutsra u resD chann eand wiring enclosure 05-LEDUC-E905-LEDUC-E124K = 4000k 3000kKnocc 0 ees k o LE. 3 7 05-LEDUC-E2405-LEDUC-E34te c 00tpLEDUC- in 3 slableE9 r etusi D e.* and back s23p 725 1, l 000cal ur onn foperation 7.7 05-LEDUC-E994 12" 05-LEDUC-E1824" 4K = Call Today For Special Pricing 877.664.5483www.contractorlighting.com LEDUC-E18 3K = 3000kcolon L Key hole slots provide for eas7y linstallation in new construction xComplies with FCC Part 15, class A. 4K = 051618 05-LEDUC-E48LEDWPSue0nE - dss pro im t 8 eectri hoc s o ections x x 05-LEDUC-E2434" 4000k 48" tempt4 a L re svide at leas ifyx 4000kExample o ko - N if o UC0oc ng-l s PSN4E9-3K Total harmonic distortion 20% 469 ** DIMENSIONS 05-LEDUC-E1218" 05-LEDUC-E34: 0LEDW5 LEDor retrofitsLength 9" Kewith-a sleast rov% ofoir easly457en atutn in new).onstruction5.0Complies with IEEE C.62.41-1991, input transient protection (2.5kV).LEDUC et lots p70ide f nitia l installoioput(L 7c Weight (Lbs.) 0.8 91 3K = 3000ky hol n E12 PSN r 40 um 86 n 5 lumenp * of x Length 9" x 12" 18" 4K 2.64000k Long-li * fe LEDUC t t -E t 24 or other color temperat81 ,0 d 00h ours0 operationx 9.7 DIMENSIONS 89 1.0 1.4 2.0 24" 3K = 3000k 3.4 48" LEDs provide at least Color rendering index 80. 1,um ng & Supply(877)-664-5483www.contractorlighting.comwithCo i ntractor Lighti n oe . 0 put(L 70 ).94 lumens per 14.75-year warranty of all electronics and housing. = 34" 3.4LEDWPSN40 acoy f 275 sa ackages.x 4K =4000k C LEDW 54 a e lea ias f rom 3 initia eu e tD t l o vsrsor r t e rof e c7f0% of27 to l l805 l ur muns &84 to *t tLEDUC-E18 -E34 725 7.7 1 94 3K = 3000k Painted steel housing. color temperatures d ho1, l 357packages. Weight (Lbs.) 0.8 92 1.0 1.4 2.0 3K = 3000k** LLEDUCare IES TM-21-11 calculate urs 2.670hours * Cont watt. t * ory for other and umen Deliver t sLEDWPSN47 to1,805 lume 9 s &84 to 94 lumens per x X DIMENSIONS X L 4K =4000kac facS om 1, xLEDWP fr N40320 46 n162 4K =4000k Easy installation in new construction or retrot. 1 93 3K = 3000kwat70 * hourive 24 al120-277 ACvolursge (50-60Hz)is standard. 9.7 89 3K = 3000k** L s are IESTM-21-11 calculated ho .LEDUC-E rs ta 1,805 19.5t. Un LEDUC-E48 865LEDWPSN40 540 x 4K =4000k Chain-mount kits (includes v-hooks andthick, 1-me-x L 4K = 4000k To al 120-277 ACvol ione (50-60Hz) is standard. Univers talharmonicdistort tag 20%.LEDUC-E34 1,357 14.7 92 3K = 3000kter long chain) are standard. 80. 162 X X 4K =4000k Co PS rrendering index 1, LEDW lo N40 distortion 20%. 3 Totalharmonic Options include lenses (clear & diused), wire-guard93 3K = 3000k Painted steelhousing and polycarbonate lens. 19.5LEDUC-E46 1,805 Colorrendering index80. 4K = 4000kkits, surface-mounting kits, pendant-mounting kits, andTool-less accessBESTEDchINGPRODUCTS ing enclosure. , PATASKALA O3 H 43062 740-964-1198www.bestlighting.net toLLIGHTanneland wir1213 ETNA PARKWAY Painted steelhousing and polycarbonate lens. Specificationsand dimensionssubjectto change withoutnotice.cable-mounting kits. ORDERING IiNFORMATION connections.Knockoutson sdes and back simplify electrical Tool-less access toLEDchanneland wiring enclosure. Key hole slotsprovide for easy installation in new* contact factory for other color temperatures and lumen packages. LUMINAIRE LUMENS ORDERING INFORMATION connections. PER WATT LEDUC-E9 LED COLOR TEMPERATURE LEDUC-E48Knockoutson sides and back simplify electrical UC-E12 LEDUC-E18 LEDUC-E24 LEDUC-E34constructioMODEL LUMINAIRE WATTS LUMENSn or retrofits.**L70hours are IES TM-21-11 calculated hours. PRODUCTS1213 ETNA PARKWAY, PATASKALA OH 43062 740-964-1198www.bestlighting.netBESTLIGHTING Key hole slotsprovide for easy installation in new and dimensionssubject Length notice. 9 12 18 24 34 48Specifications to change without 3K = 3000k 05-LEDUC 3.9 LUMINAIRELUMENS0.8 1.0 1.4 2.0 2.6 3.4327 84PRODUCT PARAMETER-E9LUMINAIRE WATTS LUMENS Weight (Lbs.) LEDUC-E9 LED COLOR TEMPERATURE EDUC-E34 LEDUC-E46constructio MODEL trofits. PER WATT UC-E12 L ED 4000LEDUC-E24 Ln or re 4K=UC-E18 k *Contact factory for other colortemperatures andlumen packages.** 70 05- ESTM-21-11 calculated hours. 5.0 457 Length 9 12 3K = 18 24 34 46 3000k L hours are I LEDUC-E12 91 3K = 3000kLUMINAIRE LUMINAIRE LUMENS 327 COLOR84 OPTIONS (ORDER SEPARATELY) 2.6 3.44K = 4000k MODEL 05-LEDUC-E9 3.9 Weight (Lbs.) 0.8 1.0 4K 1.4 2.0WATTS LUMENS PER WATTS TEMPERATURE= 4000k* 05-theDUC-E18mperatures andlum7.n packages. 725 94 3K = 3000k Contact factory for oLEr colorte e7** 70 44,2958.0 138 457 4K = 4000K 91 LEDFHB320-CRLENS 4KK = 3000k20-LEDFHB320-4K-MVD0IM5-LEDUC-E12321 alculated hours. 3 = 4000k= Clear lensL hours are IESTM-I 1-11 c RMATION LEDFHB320-DIFLENS 3K = 3000k ORDERING 2 NFO 4K = 4000k20-LEDFHB320-5K-MVDIM 05-LEDUC-E24 44,940 9.7 140 865 5K = 5000K 89 = Diuse lens321 LEDFHB320-WG = Wire-gua3 0 i 00k LEDUC-E9-3K4K K = Example:3= 40 dkt05-LEDUC-E18 7.7 725 94 r 00k05-LEDUC-E34 14.7 1,357 92 LEDFHB-SMK8 = Surfa = =000kn k3K K 3 40 nti 0 g kit, 8 LED modules4 ce-mou 0ORDERIN Model RMATION ens Luminaire Watts Lumens PerWatt = PeKd Color TemperatureG INFO Luminaire Lum LEDFHB-PMK 4nK = 0 3o0 00ng kit3 = 4 0 0 k kant-m unti05-LEDUC-E24 9.7 865 89 LEDFHB-CMK3 = CaKl e-mou00ng kit, 3 meters long3b = 30ntik 05-LEDUC-E48 19.5 1,805 93 LEDFHB-CMK5 = Ca 4K = 4 Example:LEDUC-E9-3K000kble-mounting kit, 5 meters longLEDUC-E9 327 3.9 84 4K = 4000k =3000k3K3K = 3000k05-LEDS C-E34 23714.7 1,357 x 92 x 4K =LEDWPU40Model N Luminaire Lumens Luminaire Watts Lumens PerWatt Colork4000kExample: 05-LEDUC-E9-3K 4K = 4000 TemperatureLEDUC-E12 457 5.0 91 3K = 30 3K 0=k 3000k05-LEDUC-E48 0Contractor Lighting & Supply ly 77)-664-5483www.contractorlighting.comContractor Lighting & Supp(8 (877)-664-5483www.contractorlighting.comLEDWPSN40 27519.5 1,805 x 93 x 4K =4000kLEDUC-E9 327 3.9 84 4K = 4000k=3000k3KLEDUC-E18 725 7.7 94 3K = 3000k051618LEDWPSN40 UC-0 237 469 x x x 4K =4000kExample: 0LEDWPSN4E9-3K x 4K =4000k5-LEDLEDUC-E12 457 5.0 91 3K = 3000kLEDUC-E24 865 9.7 89 3K = 3000kContractor Lighting & Supply(877)-664-5483www.contractorlighting.comLEDWPSN40 x 4K =4000kLEDWPSN40 275 540 x x x 4K =4000kLEDUC 1,357 14.7 94 3K = 3000kLEDUC-E18 -E34 725 7.7 92 3K = 3000kLEDWPSN40 1,162 x 4K =4000kLEDWPSN40 469 x X X 4K =4000kLEDUC 1,805 19.5 89 3K = 3000kLEDUC-E24 -E48 865 9.7 93 3K = 3000kLEDWPSN40 540 x x 4K = 4000k4K =4000kLEDUC-E34 1,357 14.7 92 3K = 3000kLEDWPSN40 1,162 X X 4K =4000kLEDUC-E46 1,805 19.5 93 3K = 3000k4K = 4000kBESTLIGHTINGPRODUCTS1213 ETNA PARKWAY, PATASKALA OH 43062 740-964-1198www.bestlighting.netSpecificationsand dimensionssubjectto change withoutnotice.BESTLIGHTINGPRODUCTS1213 ETNA PARKWAY, PATASKALA OH 43062 740-964-1198www.bestlighting.netSpecificationsand dimensionssubjectto change withoutnotice.'