b'LEDCORN 30150W LED Corn LampsProject:Type:Catalog #:STANDARDDAMP 2.5- IP 64 WARRANTY & LISTINGS4kVSurgeProtectioncULuslisted for damp locations in ambient temperatures from -20C to LED corn lamps provide a convenient and economical way to45C (-4F to 113F).enjoy the benefits of LED lighting, which include both energyIP64 rated for ingress protection.and maintenance cost savings compared to traditional, HIDDLC standard approved.lamps. Simply remove the existing lamp, bypass existing Complies with RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substances) requirements.electrical components such as ballasts and capacitors, and install the LED corn lampno ballast are required with LEDComplies with EN61000-4-5, surge immunity protection (2.5-4kV).corn lamps. 5-year warrantyofall electronics and housing.MINIMUM ENCLOSURE DIMENSIONSFEATURESLED corn lamps can be used in enclosed luminaires with theAvailable in 5000k (cool white) color temperature.* following minimum internal cavity sizes. Long-life LEDs provide at least 183,000 hours of operation with at least 70% of initial lumen output (L 70 ).** 30W 60W 100W 150W LEDCORN30-5K provides 3,373 lumens and 109 lumens per15 x 8 x 8 LED Corn Lamps17 x 8 x 8 17 x 9 x 9 19 x 11 x 11watt, (LPW).* LEDCORN60-5K provides 6,473 lumens and 112 LPW.* DIMENSIONS LEDCORN100-5K provides 11,462 lumens and 115 LPW.* Long-life and maintenance free LED LEDCORN150-5K provides 17,592 lumens and 119 LPW.* replacement lamps are ideally designedUniversal 120-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz) is standard. Power factor 0.90. for use in recess down lights and trackTotal harmonic distortion 20%. 13lighting fixtures. Also in enclosed1111Color rendering index 80.9 Mogul base (E39) socket. For applications requiring medium baseluminaires with the following minimum(E26) sockets, use the Socket adaptor, mogul to medium base (p/n SKTADPTR-E39TOE26) internal cavity sizes Lorem ipsum Easy installation in new construction or retrofit.335 5Durable thermoplastic construction * Contact factory for other color temperatures and lumen packages. 30W 60W 100W 150W**L 70 hours are IES TM-21-11 calculated hours. (1.0 lb.) (1.3 lb.) (2.5 lb.) (3.0 lb.)2.5-4kV 4kVBuilt-in, high-efficiency LED Driver LLoorreemm i ippssuumm Lorem ipsum SURGE SURGE12-LEDCORNPROTECTION PROTECTIONORDERING INFORMATION OPTIONAL:12-SKTADPTR-E39TOE26 = Socket adaptor, mogul to medium baseExample:LEDCORN30-5K + SKTADPTR-E39TOE26Dimmable to 10% with most dimmers Model LuminaireLuminaireLumens ColorOptions (Order Separately)LEDCORN30-5K Lumens Watts .5.5-4k-4kVV Per Watt E Temperature SURGE 4kV 64 Socket adaptor, 3,373-17,592 Lumens22 4kV 2-6kV4kVSURG E SURG PROTECTION IPSURGE SURGE SURGEINDOOR : AccessoriesLEDCORN60-5K 3,373 31 PROTECTION 109 5K = 5000k SKTADPTR-E39TOE26 = 2.5kV 6kV IP 65PROTECTION PROTECTION PROTECTIONPROTECTION2kVSURGE mogul to medium base SURGESURGE6,473 58 112 PROTECTION PROTECTION PROTECTIONLEDCORN100-5K 11,462 100 115LEDCORN150-5K 17,592 2kV 148 2.5k 119 6kV LED PAR\'s BR\'s & R20 Lamps 2kV E 2.5kVV E 6kV 2kV IP 65 6kV IP 65SURG SURG SURG SURGE IP 65 SURGE1.5kVSURGE SURGE SURGEE SURGEPROTECTION PROTECTION PROTECTION PROTECTION PROTECTIONPROTECTION PROTECTION PROTECTIONPROTECTIONBEST LIGHTING PRODUCTS1213 ETNA PARKWAY, PATASKALA OH 43062740-964-1198www.bestlighting.netSpecifications and dimensions subject to change without notice.PROJECT PROJECT PROJECT PROJECT BRK-LED4-GR-ECO 4 GimbalTYPE TYPE TYPE TYPEPROJECT PROJECT PROJECT PROJECTCATALOG #CATALOG # CATALOG #CATALOG #PROJECT PROJECT PROJECT PROJECTTYPE TYPE TYPE TYPETYPE TYPE TYPE TYPE20-LEDFHB320 20-LEDFHB320 CATALOG #CATALOG #20-LEDFHB320 CATALOG #CATALOG # 20-LEDFHB320CATALOG #320 Watt Full-Body LED High Bay CATALOG # 320 Watt Full-Body LED High Bay CATALOG #CATALOG #320 Watt Full-Body LED High Bay 320 Watt Full-Body LED High Bay STANDARD05-LEDUC-E05-LEDUC-E 05-LEDUC-E05-LEDUC-E LEDUC -E 05-LEDUC-ELEDUC -E 05-LEDUC-Enet Lumi ShownwithShownwith CLASS BLEDUC-E 05-LEDUC-ELEDUC-E ShownwithShownwith 05-LEDUC-Enairesnaires optionaldioupseti olAennPaslPdLiICusAeTlIeOnsNS highLEDULEDUC-EC-E to illuminatea wide highLEDULEDUC-EC-E to diuselens a LED Lumi PROJECT PROJECTAPPLICAATPIOPNLISCATIONS LED UnLEDder Uncabidernecabit Luminairesnaires LED UnLEDder UncabidernecabitThe LEDFHB320The LEDFHB320 is a full-body, is a full-body, premium-performance premium-performance LEDnet Lumi LED UNDER CABINET LUMINAIRES APPLICAATPIOPNLISCATIONSLED UnLEDder Uncabidernecabit Luminet Luminairesnaires LED UnLEDder Uncabidernecabit Luminet LuminairesnairesLED UNDER CABINET LUMINAIRESLED UNDER CABINET LUMINAIRES LED UNDER CABINET LUMINAIRESoptionaldioupsetiolennasl LED The LEDFHB320The LEDFHB320 is a full-body, is a full-body, premium-performance premium-performance LED LED UNDER CABINET LUMINAIRESLED UNDER CABINET LUMINAIRES LED UNDER CABINET LUMINAIRESLED UNDER CABINET LUMINAIRES bayhigh bay luminaire.It is ddesigne nate a wide bayhigh bay luminaire.It is ddesigne nate a wide wide luminaire.It is designeto illumidluminaire.It is designeto illumid illuminate 4Gimbal solution with integrated LED power supply andProject: Project: Project: Project: designed to fit most standard 4recessed cans.HOUSING varietyofsettings,ofsettings, includingindustrial&& varietyofsettings,ofsettings, includingindustrial&&thermal management system combined in a single compact unitvarietyincludingcommercialcomme, rcial, industrialvarietyincludingcommercialcomme, rcial, industrial APPLICAT ATIONS APPLICAT ATIONSPIPOLNICS PIPOLNICSProject: Project: Project: Project:APPLICAATPIOPLNISCATIONS APPLICAATPIOPLNISCATIONSretail settings retail such settings as warehouses,such as warehouses,manufacturing manufacturing plants,plants, retail settings retail such settings as warehouses,such as warehouses,manufacturing manufacturing plants,plants,TYPE TYPECompatible with most 4" housings.The 05-LEDTUhCe- E05 i-sL aEnD UecCo-nEo ims iacanlesceornieosm oicf auln sdeerri ecsa boifn uentder cabinet The 05-LEDTUhCe- E05 i-sL aEnD UecCo-nEo ims iacanlesceornieosm oicf auln sdeerri ecsa boifn uentder cabinetThe 05-LEDUTChe 0 5is- LaEnD eUcoCn-Eom isic aanlseecroienso mofi cuanl dseerr iceasb oinf eut nder cabinetThe 05-LEDUTChe 0 5is- LaEnD eUcCon-Eom isic aanlseecroienso mofi cuanl dseerr iceasb oinf eutn der cabinet -E -EType: Type: big-boxpainteaType: Type: big-boxpainteapainted,ILLUMINATION Compatible with insulated, non-insulated, and air-tightsporting sporting venuesandsandretailers. reWith tailers. aWithd,painted,sporting sporting venuesandsandretailers. reWith tailers. aWithd,venuebig-boxvenuebig-box luminaries flourm Type: luminaries flourm Type:Type:e Type:e uisnea riine sk iftocrhunses,inre ktaiticl hdeisnpsl,a ryest aainl d icsopvlaeyss. aWnidth c aoves. With auisnea riine sk iftocrhunses,inre ktaiticl hdeisnpsl,a ryest aainl d icsopvlaeyss. aWnidth c aoves. With aluminaries folr muusinea irnie ksi tfcohre unsse, rient akitlc dhiespnlsa,y rse taanild d cisopvleasy.s W anitdh ca oves. With aluminaries folur musinea inrie ksi tfcohre unsse,rientk aitlc dhiespnsla, yrse taanild d cisopvleasy.s W anithd ca oves. With aPROJECT PROJECT ceilings.steel housing,steelhousing,the LEDFHB320 the LEDFHB320 provides provide high levelss high of levelsdura- of dura-steel housing,steelhousing,the LEDFHB320 the LEDFHB320 provides provide high levelss high of levelsdura- of dura-painte painted, st oe p, h st u a i ngousyngscarp n la ens yc t a b on a0e ED nD, e- CeE 5-LEDUC-Epainte pai step , st oe pa i st u a i ng oul gscarp n la ens ec t ar eon a0e E eED, e- CeE 5-LEDUC-ECATALOG #CATALOG #la g esd l heel po ra ng a e pe le ne e n , thC 0 lg es ls teed ou b ng aond pe ly nt e n , thC 0n ee sn o , sandhou bonaond lt or, ohth 5e 5-lLUt E5 0 ean ee sin o d, hanlhpo raon b e l c or, oha h 5e 5-lLUt E5 0d, stepeal ihtudiint ee n d t pol i ca lyi nd b toyca l b nsr, at0 el- t L s eEsU hLEDUC-E d,nted l ihtud, hnt ee n d posyinca lyi ndatoy t a l b ns,b t0 el- t L sD nsU hLEDUC-ELong life LEDs with up to 50,000 hours at 70% lumenbilityCatalog #:Catalog #: h i tp abi f orha rd c hince i p er -a hm e fi cy, c y,-e h f -g-f acy, cy,LEDs bilityCatalog #:Catalog #: il u tp abi f orha rd c hince i p er -an - i ef a i cy, c y,-e h f -g-f acy, cy,LEDsPROJECT PROJECTDurable thermoplastic construction.ande r Catalog #:Catalog #: ndm o h a .h f or Hior f - i ef aca i . l H n o f-i e ficalong ng- andpr Catalog #:Catalog #: n terao he.hor Hi e rm e f ca i . l H n o f-i e ficalong ng- maintenance.bility performance.h s High-ecacy,High-ecacy,long-life long-life LEDslo - bility performance.h s High-ecacy,High-ecacy,long-life long-life LEDslo -provid p s and d performance.ra i nm eeH . h fg nc an Hgo ilgn c provides and d performance.f i nma eH . h fg ffc an H o ilgn covi upaov u t r yr a nd r a i n il ur yea lity f gn p g r gmef c. e h g ovi upaov u t r ys nd r a i n h ir y g a li dm gn p g rf gm oh c. e gh g d d rrbilid pblvi u ab high ped d rrbilid p a lvt u e g hi e h pyes es d ye gr es eoi d id abra oiitdd arb i ydDIMMABLE DIMMABLEprovide bothprovide energy both and energy maintenance and maintenance cost savings costcomsavings- avicom-provide bothprovide energy both and energy maintenance and maintenance cost savings costcomsavings-com- 2.5kV 2.5kV TYPETYPE(145), 3000K, &4000K (275) colorE26 medium screw-base Edison connector provides easyfd p vebtd m h e e an n d m n sn e co fd p vrnatd mifvedE ive Lre o iprn irdy enent angy e aose s nn i cge s ifvedE ivi s Lre o ip e b n y e olife LE l Ds LEDs ipro bote bDsh rg oe o ge aotd ir mner a e dcmcin c t o navic a g n st ost savingslife LE l Ds LEDs ipro bote bDt edg oe o ge a naeirngtye naanndc me acionstte nsavnicneg scost savings Choice of 2700Kife prlo Lel D i s h E on t edey v anhbn agy i n t n ancet ai s t eavn scs ngs ife prlo Lel D eh E on sh r e y vird hb 2.5kV2.5kV ntdhmenaeinrtgeyn ancde m caoisnt esnaavnincgescost savings SURGE SURGE SURGE SURGE retrofit of incandescent housings.pared to traditional, HID high bays. HID high bays. ercenfutrlesc sc under pared to traditional, HID high bays. HID high bays. erteonfutrlesc sc under TYPE TYPE SPEC SHEETpared to traditional, a UR to D dit E oer a U nioa S i R eistae,nitnloeofruesesce nu ofrurorrentent underpared to traditional, a U a NT d AEE n T U ii A oa S i R oistae,nitnloeofruesesce nu ofrurorrentent underSPEC SHEET PROTECTION PROTECTION temperature with 80 CRI.STANSTANDF t E r DTA a NT d A to E n Tla ii A re U dioncorn cr nldocteorttlo dndee 2.5kV STANDTANDF t E ro l DTE ci D n F ttooitnala ni E nndiencorn cr nldoccerttlo d20-LEDFHB320 CATALOG #Produces 675-750 lumens output from luminaire.WARRANTY/LISTING co DA ar D d A a NSF d i ici D n FR D dd i RE nnt, E n lafduasc snn nue 2.5kV co SARD d A a NSF d i R to D di R r D dd i R re U t, E n lafduasc snn nundee 2.5kV 20-LEDFHB320CATALOG #e T oo D t A rmp R SF t ac e T o DT t A Ep R SF d ac PROTECTIONmp R omp RA rTEA oa S liritnat,otncas le S c e mparomp RA rpotroa S li er at,otncas le S c e ec SAem potr Eaa A c Ed T dn c SAem A i A emaa A c Et T dnctd R e U , ctd R r U , PROTECTION cabinet abi mc t a l b m et aibi minaires. cabinet abi mc t ab m et aibi minaires.clu ne aiirns. lu nset lumnaires.clu ne aiirns. lu nse lumnaires. in u e n re .in u e n re .t FEATURFEESATURES c 2.5kV Surge MOUFNETAINMTGUORUFENESTAINTGURES c 2.5kV 2.5kV MOUNTINMGOUNTING CATALOG # Uses 1.18W high power, high quality LEDs.2.5kV 2.5kVSurge CATALOG #AvailableAvailable in4000k DAMPand Surge and5000k(cool RANWTAYR & AI ISTING I IS utral(newhiteutral)and 320 Watt Full-Body LED High Bay TGSGS Tested in accordance with IESNA LM79 & LM80.in4000k(neutral(newhiteutral)white5000k (coolChain mounting with V-hooks is standard. DAMP whiteSurge and320 Watt Full-Body LED High Bay RA TY inS TURESS Protection & Y & LSINSTINTY R AISTINGSection R in4000k & S ITIN PDrotAeMctPion Protection WARRA WAR &LNT Y & LISTINGSWAR LNTProt PrDotAectMiPon Protection WARRANWTAY RLNTYNGL STING 5000k 5000k Chain mounting with V-hooks is standard.& LNINGR(ne GS WARRANWTYA &RRLIASNTITNYG &SLISTFEATUREFESATURES DAMP Surge )Surge WARAvailableAvailable& L 4000k GS DAMP Surge )Surge (coolARRANTY RA ISTINGIS INDAMP ProtectionChain mounting with V-hooks is standard. PrDotAectMiPon (cool WChain mounting with V-hooks is standard.FETTUSEE RESLIAA FSAFEATURFEESATURES WARRANWTYA &RR SNTY &LIST N WARRANWTYA R&RLAISNTTINY G&SLISTINGSFEATURFEESATUWARRANWTYA R&RLAISNTTIYN G&SLISTINGSwhite) color tewhite) color temperaturempes.*ratures.* i 0w0h fl serder ral white) white) color tewhite) color temperaturempes.*ratures.* r s d.a r m miof a un l a i 05-LEDUC-Ec toT Laupsp licstaebdle t oU a.Lp.p slitcaanbdlaer Uds.L. .L sisttaendd afordr sd.a Lmispt elodc faotrio dnasm. p locations.to ETL Listed for damp location. The LEDUCT-hEei LEDU r m00h0it esnomica)iescaofbi unnetcETLus lisid m The p LEDU t C- aL is an economi d i al d s no s 0 oc t f te o er . es of un tr l05-LEDUC-Et m d i e t o kit.Li e s tbl 0 d s rL. m 02 C to .ELECTRICALThe LEDU -E a m0weconomica un 4a wk i binet te)WitLo nl Lonisv s es an ecoC-Enoism an icalecosernoiesmiofcal unserderiescaofbi unnetdercabinet it s. 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The LEDUTheC-EnA an ak -Eno i anca l l ) & m 0 el o ene&u t4ra0l0 w0kh i(tnee)utral white) tcoveSuitable fo tecE tT o au o lisca . d l ao l . p.psitcaa . b a r rds L rss ten- E m0 m c -E t alo ) ca ) t i onsa.t wh at ilithSu CRI U stes l itbel leS e i l r nairesnaires Crd damp tedp for dampMACL-153MRAvailable i LEDUC (ewin s 3 weco ar4 es kit ( i un etai andl ut tycl dercabinet it s, hC ETL U The l C o L c ps i t l ls i tebdl t l U e t .p piLEDUC al id der m l i t(e loc i a fi ca ca net s,h cETLus listecdE TtoL uasp plilsicteadb lteoUa.pLp. lsictabnldea Urd.sLLsitsatnedda frodrs d. aLmispte ldo cfoart idoanms.p locations.cETLus listecdE TtoL uasp pica ile Thei LEDUC-Eis antkafr eries isp ncor 4 on 0k neu derva bb E L. 300 n a e ( lw . i.Lita ts c a ) &a4 dL k e e) f &t ra00 s.p l A c nbdle U. dL 300 tn for (w.twh u atid whAvailable in3A0v0a0ilka b(lwea irnm 3 0w0h0itke )( w&a 4rm00 w0kh i(tnee) u&t r4a0l 0w0hki t(en)uteOptional surface Optional surface mounting kit provides attachme mounting kit provides attachment to at ceilings.nt to at ceilings. te)Optional surface Optional surface mounting kit provides attachme mounting kit provides attachment to at ceilings.nt to at ceilings.a0i d be h ete lte U n ls v a lkaU anm L w a 0 dors 0 l30 eco ami k (w er USLEDUC-E i ov aC te i l s 3 r .s i sis ed m 0hia en t& dercaf neutral whi bi to C ETL S WATTS ttfeomr apmerbaitunret ste fmropme r-a2t0ureCstfor o 4m0 -2C0 Lisattachment a0il0b l i S C Available in s an abl(w noancal ) &i 0w0kt fl ) sl dto i 000 o ( COLOR TEMPERATURE C US listeETd toLaplpislitceadb tloe aUp.Lp.licsatabnled aUr.dLssLtaisntedda rfdosr to3a0il0k i 0h0t e er eu r unA0 eco nmi k (war4 es o ( er es hte dercolor tempercaotulorre ste* mperatures*ns, rays d coves.SuitableSm ib eetfeomr ap t e c aiteunret use r i MODEL stfor ns 0-20 tail LUMENS ail d 05-LEDUC-Et maib oUapp r ica e mountingr a o s. -C d S r fos 4 Lis -20C toluminariesluformina usreies inforkit chusense in, kirettchaiensldis,pl retaysai landidspl coaysve san.l raS e um aplpislitceadb tloe aUp.Lp.licsatabnled aUr.dLssLtiasntedda rfdosr.de ae dis plcov 05-LEDUC-Eebl t ee provides kit pendant provides attachment pendantLong-life Long-lifeLEDs provideLEDs 122,provide000 122,hours 000 of hours operation of operation withera on w tE locati fo listeETd toL Ua o r i or mr uminari es2 LEDU spl C t fandto ayses and.er l on witt 4 ETL cabinet Lumi 2 0 ho . 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SWit b Lopai 12-LEDA19-9 ivi mper lineel LED UNDER CABINET LUMINAIRES at - LE s 0 eee l ds a r sersvt n d1e, 0a0 ab sut ) 8an uthi oa )* en t gh- GY S at le e onsfo l) nteLEDFHB320 ar re de f 00 0 e t-arbonaheu 2 np ,p ens,the0RGY S E oucaitatiobnles TAR certified44F a td, stt r-o dLa iet 0om ens feth a t d,lp ai liv d L E g and ( poao u and o p ehr * arbo,tperat s theNER rg Wi i thcaLEDFHB320 neent f eE t i sng ta full-body, rtotyclrso Cna ion w loc0LEDRC (-4 .oSruaitmablie nfot . Lutron Skylark C-L4to10 le .S ife ah a f g r fhousatt 8i1ppol u re oo0ela o 0 w tothe40C (-4F4to01C (04-4F).F0 C ( s. ). uitm E l sn ot a ed,s erng 8 1f0porotarboie D p lleast 7DUC edu7 f vides dud7 uig 0 n*perdformancHigh-nce. 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Complies with IEEE C.62.41-1991, Complies with IEEE C.62.41-1991, input transie input transient protection (2.5kV).nt protection (2.5kV).Ks pr id f ine 0 in toll oa l Ltc Key hst r 18"12"tftiner 18" % s a i iisy t (te 0 o o ur ucetiwon 2.5kV 2.5kVy holetotewito e sll oa i rovi d oeneiiolpumtalw).iopt ncComplies with IEEE C.62.41-1991, e sll oos ttaolylumeinatutn insnalw).utnsitn(L 70 ).onstruction 2.5kV W0.8 1.00.8 3.42.6 3.4ypa eight (Lbs.) ole sloKteswith ae f si 7s ine f n oa l L 7tc 3.4operatio p 0 * ontact factory f oroother foclor tyeop ertatees lan dt elmmenapu eksaa 0 s 0f0o hpoeurarsti onf operationLength9" FEATUREFSEATURESt 2.01.4 ortahtee umernapu eksa 0 s 0f0o hpoeurarsti 2.5kV Surge MOUNTINMGOUNTING 24" 34" 48" 48"Long-life LLEoDnsg -plirfoe vLidEeD as tp leroavsitd 8e1 a,0t 0le0a hsto 8u1rs, o o1.00.8 1.41.0oonfLong-life LLEoDnsg -plirfoev LidEeD as tp leroavsitd 8e1 a,0t 0le0a hsto 8u1rs, o 3.5"C *C nactca torfmrohurcoo ed **Color re Color rendering index 80.ndering index 80. 24" gned.l 34" ** S5-year warranty of all ele 12" Color re Color rendering index 80.ndering index 80. r up r tarcgn * .lumen packages.DIMENSIDIMENSIONS ory*f oroo 12" r factoryeo 24" urcso laonr dtelm34"tarca ** 48" men packages. urge Surge DIMENSIDIONSMENSIONS 18" 18" 24" 34"* ONS * Con 12" t fact C18" aetcolorfmp 18" p u 48" Length5-year warranty of all electronics and housing.ctronics and housing.with att l eawit70oteae storoluof2lnimunsut58u oensult(Len . s 1 54 oat leawit70 %leae7 tor1lu r o e 2me1 e ut58 no l. utput (L 7 s ). 5000k (coolLength RR A 12"9" T Y & LI ISTYNS ISTG GSMOUNTING3.4 5-year warranty of all ele 5-year warranty of all electronics and housing.ctronics and housing. ret li 7 v * it ro r %l 3 0 27sif0l m05 nto 1,um(Lt). 94 u84 o Weight (Lbs.) 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WA W Y & A T G&LIST Sac fac watt. tloryfopoe atrur r nteluera precsnd0.8 fac 1.0 s aotat ATURFpoe Call Today For Special Pricing 877.664.5483www.contractorlighting.com 0.8 FEATUREFSEATURES P0rDotAeMctiPon 0.8 WARRANTWY A&RLRIASTNNI SLtory* Cfoorn otathcet rf acct emr trhecePainted stee Painted steel housing.l housing. o URES kagds age . 3.4 WARRANWTYA &RRLAISNTTINYG &SLISTINGSo * Contacttory* Cfoorn **S a 70 M 1r-s1 EA T s ar ntde 1r1 mra 2.6 eWeight (Lbs.) 0.8 1.0 2.0ceL T oh-o2 ES EuSla 1.4m e nt up1.4 a lIcTteMwatt.1.0 trh 2.0 lup Delivers frDel iv3e2r7s tforom 327umens & lumens & 84ens p DIMENSIDOINMSENSIONS el iv3er eLEDUC 27u o lo ens & no m0hal 4(&no ewh( al e&mwn of DIMENSIDOINMSENSIONSL le p locations. cctlory t efomr b TE int m1,8a(wa8n m on eco 800 n c i p ltr al0 ca k r derca te)cETLus liste dc EtoT aLpupsl ilcisatbeldetUo .aLp. psltiacnadbalerd Us.L L. isteadn dfaord dsa. mLips tleodc aftoior ndsa.m ** L 70hou a omT* ho-u2ri-1e 1, l 8l 05 l to r 1,80 l 5 d 84 to 94 lum to 94e lrumens per 1Delivers frD sal Th t rftfAoa, l 80 l l5 l esLEDU l C l elu sanss wam mof unerie0i bi peutral whi binet u ETL USlt m d to l t fom i pe e b rntst .L. m L a rUds.L. .L sistatendd afordr sd.a Lmispt elodc faotri odnasm. p locations. toom 27 ovma -h u 30v0 eco r i3 ic i0e) lur es o 9e s u 0ht e net cETLus listecdE tTo Laupsp lisctaebdl t oU a.Lp.p slitcaanbdeL i c A0al b - 4 te tkwhite) color tewhite) color temperaturempes.*ratures.*eri 4 0ksn4ur 4 es s() unOptional surface Optional surface mounting kit provides attachme mounting kit provides attachment to at ceilings.nt to at ceilings.sr 1il 3eanik05 E im w09 & 4mt i te)der ne Easy installation in ne -vr7s ATM20 luageuC0 holurHze) (is5 0s-t6an0dHazr)di.s standard. 1 70hours aer *LAvaila C-Es 30ai0 econo t mical seri 000hf l seri 0 t cabiundercabinet 1 S C itable for i Subabtee r a t m d e oU ermpe-2 ble ULfor damp L Easy installation in new construction or retrot.w construction or retrot.Easy installation in ne i-1 The n LEDUC-E u nm e an 0 economio tn) ut r4a es o t( )eutral white) C US s eETLappllic ra bltef pls t ra n r a rd.Lsstisatnedda frodrs.dLaismtepdattachment* Univer *I*ELl 12n0 2 eaal 1-d 1 27.7 Aatev-o0sgEasy installation in new construction or retrot.w construction or retrot. n if n net 1 a C itien US s a tiu e ap o ica 0 d es Easy installation with integral clips.rs reS 70 M 1sa1c IEcS ate2h-o11 scalc . ** L * The LEDU ble i i lAv0 h ab . wis 30ho t r e) & 4 es ki(ee& der 0hk e d. 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