b'PROJECTTYPECATALOG #180 PIR WALLBOX VACANCY & OCCUPANCY WALLSENSOR THREE-WAYPART NUMBERAPPLICATIONS & occupancy sensor is11-SOVS-WH-MV Vacancy & Occupancy SensorsThe PIR wallbox vacancy designed to replacea standard light or fan switch. Thisdevicecandetectmotionfroma heat-emitting source (such as a person entering a room) within its eld-of-view and auotmaticallyPIR wall-box vacancy and occupancy sensor designed turn lights ON and OFF. The controlled lights will remain ON until no motion is detected and timeto replace a standard light or fan switch. Detects delay has expired.Its suitable for indoor use only.motion from heat-emitting sources within its field-of-ILLUMINATION Passive Infrared (PIR) Technology view and automatically turns lights ON and OFF.Replacesastandardlightorfansingle-pole switch 1. at bulbs causes a temperature change that can be detected by thedevice .Mount the YM2301 at least 6 ft. away from large bulbs. Automatic ON/OFF and Manual ON / Automatic Works with most common lighting fixturesOFF operation INSTALLATIONNot required Neutral wire 081318Adjustable time delay from 15 seconds to 30 minutes LED Indicates motion was sensed 3. Determinethebestlocationforthesensor.Installthe13-MWAVEDH-DIM10V-MT 2. least3ft.awayfromfluorescent Adjustable time delay from 15 seconds - 30 LED light indicaterleast 4 ft. away from incandescent andHVAC sensorminutes Microwave Motion Sensor 11-SOVS-MV-WHdiffusers. Install in a standard ballasts SENSORCuta 1-1/2diameteratWorks with most common lighting types For WarehouseDoesnt require neutral wire4. single-gangbox installed.holeinfixtures ducts,and & California Title 24 compliant Remove ADJUSTMENT Two year warranty wires. approximately NEMA single-gang box.HVACand APPLICATIONS theMotion can be detected through plastic, glass and thin non-metal Connect wires per3/4(1.9cm)of ceiling beneath the PROGRAMMINGBLACKleadto LINE appropriate insulationThe MWAVEDH sensor is innovative and active motionNEUTAL. Twist strands of each lead asdetectors with HF system 5.8GHz. Motion can be detectedmaterials, except the higher mounting height 15M Max.PARAMETERS conditions, WIRINGscrew push (HOT); RED from circuitACCESSORIES : Electricalthrough plastic, glass and thin non-metal materials, exceptTYPICAL APPLICATIONS Voltage: 120/277VAC, 60Hz 5. shows connector firmly into the lead to LOAD; WHITE follows:DIAGRAMthe higher mounting height 15M Max. Coverage: 180o, max 720ft 2 (67m2)Private OcesFind below the on clockwiseelectrical tape.(refer to Fig2) making tightly and, with leadtoThe sensors Load horse power : L 1/5hpCopy Rooms1-10V dimmable LED drivers or ballasts, 120-277VAC, 50Hz/60Hallow energy saving without compromisingthe connector. appropriatecomfort. When used in combination with 1-10V dimmable 6. as sensor each wire wire connector,and back of Secure sure circuit Operating Temp: 32o to 131oF (0o to 55oC)Confrence RoomsLED drivers or ballasts, they can achieve 3-step dimmingSensor that no400W@120VAC, 800W@220-277VAC(Inductive) PROGRAMMING detailed (refer to Fig bare wire Humidity: 95% RH non-ondensingLunch / Break Roomsfunction. This is perfect for use in some areas that require a light change before complete switch off.Restrooms PROJECT Coverage Range: 180 Degrees in connectorRestore power at circuit breaker or fuse.Time-delay, withTIME:FEATURES STANDARD section. 800W@120VAC, 1200W@220-277VAC(Resistive)INSTALLATION IS COMPLETE. the 4).Set ADJUSTMENT & still work Load requirements: 0-800W/0-1200W Incandescent, uorescent, Storage Rooms SENSOR indicate LED lamp, compact uorescent (CFL), magnetic low-voltage Classrooms(MLV) and electronic low-voltage (ELV).Common Areas Light time-delay adjustment.Fig4Automatic dimming when used in combination with 1-10V 13-MWAVEDHS-REM(Remote sold seperately) TYPEdimmable LED drivers or ballasts. 20-MWAVEDH-DM10V-MTDetection area, time delay and daylight threshold preciselyseconds up to 30 the set Timewithintime period. Itpeople Built-in adjustable daylight sensor. threshold can be set via DIP switchDetection area, time delay and daylightright is maximum 30 minutes. left Whencan be leave, the ** Can be used in Single Pole and/or Three-Way Applications** Theminutes.precisely set via DIP switch. CATALOG #Wide detection area, range up to 16m in diameter and The in seconds from10 hallways, kitchens, be reduced isminimum15 adjusted load canshould onlyheavyandthe11-CMS-YM2301 Ceiling Mounted PIR Occupancy Sensor replaces standard mounting height 15M Max. Suitable for warehouse use. savings.Contractor Lighting & Supply(877)-664-5483www.contractorlighting.com Keeps the copier rooms,Optional mounting brackets for different application. SEMSOR: etc. to trafficCEILING MOUNTED PIR OCCUPANCY SENSOR time setting at a maximum maximum such as DIMENSIONS 13-MWAVEDH-DIM10V-MTset a suitable sensitivity to achieve areasenergy Operating Voltage 120277VAC, 50Hz/60Hz light or fan switch. Private Offices, conference/break rooms andsensitivitysensitivity isadjustment.Rated Load 400W@120VAC, 800W@220-277VAC (inductive) action to open the load; the right is the it in large rooms (over 400sf). weakest, inAccordingopened even by a small detect persons. to ambience,youHF System 800W@120VAC, 1200W@220-277VAC (resistive) and more.5.8GHz75MHz, ISM wave band LIGHT: this Transmitting Power 0.5mW light caseThe leftAPPLICATIONS Power Consumption0.8W(standby), 1.5W(operation) Fig2 automatic state, you can adjust this button to set a brightness value canon level action. requestsis thewhich the sensingaminimum maximum, the large The YM2301 Ceiling Mounted PIR Occupancy Sensor is Detection Zone Max.(D x H): 16m x 15m Lorem ipsum120/277VAC, 60Hz Voltage environment and the right is adjustment. When the human Detection Sensitivity 100% / 50% sensorwill load canbedesigned to replace a standard light or fan switch. It is ideal for5s / 30s / 90s / 3min / 20min / 30minHold Time TROUBLESHOOTING work.The left sensor is in theinstructions before installing b ylight S start is fordarkestPlease read all applications including private offices, conference rooms,Da reakensor 50lux / 100lux / 200lux / Disable120V 800W incandescent lamp, 800VA fluorescent lampLights will notturnON for brightest environment.Stand-by Period 5s / 5min / 10min / 30min / 1h / + TOProoms. lounges and storage areas.Initial PowerUp (30 seconds w11-CMS-YM23012.5- A V arm-up)PROJECT CircuitStand-by Dimming Level 10% / 20% / 30% / 50% R 4k TED 4kVMounting Height TheMax. sor\'s relay is ship WARRANTY in a SURGE closed position so the 32 to 131F (0 to 55C) operating temperatureSURGE PROTECTION lightsbeing controlled is15m Lens breaker or fuse OFF:Turnthebreaker ON. EnsurePROTECTIONsen ped latched TYPEballasts, etc.) YM2301FEATURES Motion Detection 0.53m/s comeonupon initial power-up. The lightscontactedwith Detection Angle lightswill150(wall installation), the Sensor is are inCEILING 120UNTED PIR OCCUPANCY SENSOR sensorwillstkee) onworkingduringthe30 CATALOG # warm-upperiod, 15ft mounting/360 coverage rangeMO/277VAC,60HzVoltage 360(ceiling in allation seconds wired workingp sensors wiring incorrectly or-35C70C problems.is done may order (i.e., working bulbs,theOperating Temperature DIMENSIONS 2.5kV If the lights do not immediately turn Loadrequirement: then the sensor begin to work. 6kV IP 652kV360 High Bay Passive Infrared PIR Fixture Mounted Occupancy SensorSURGE SURGE SURGE the necessary, or remove the obstruction. be defective: Confirm thaton (initial installation only) the.92" PROTECTION Sensor is dirty or obstructed: Inspect the lens inspect visually for120V800Wincandescentlamp PROTECTION PROTECTION 4 latching relay opened during correctly andCost Less Lightingp. 866.633.6883f. 866.699.8099www.costlesslighting.comPleasereadallinstructionsbeforeinstalling800VAfluorescentlamp shipment and will close after warm-up period is over.360High Bay passive infrared PIR fixture mounted occupancy Initial PowerUp (30 seconds warm-up)Lights will notturn OFF Thesensor\'s relay is shippedinalatchedclosedpositionsothe 277V1200VAfluorescentlamp FEATURES YM2301 lightswillcomeonuponinitialpower-up. Thelightscontactedwithsensor. Auto ON/OFF with time delay. Ambient light level adjustment.The line is incorrectly or may be defective:sensors wiredproblems.wiring is visually and clean ifCEILING MOUNTED PIR OCCUPANCY Coverage Area willkeeponworkingduringthe30secondswarm-upperiod, NoMinimumloadrequirementscUL Listed / FccBest choice for 10 to 15 ft (3.05 to 4.60 m) 2.36" heightsSENSOR sensornotimmediately Sensor donethenthesensorbegintowork.Ifthelightsdo mountingturnheating vent: may becorrectly 1/6HPLoadHorsepower10 to 20ft (3 tnitial .10 m)n radial covhingge overlaps area lit by a Single Pole on (io 6installatio only) the latcerarelay opened during120/277VAC, 60Hz Voltagemounted andFig3ensure the line Move the sensor or close the vent. inspect Confirm thatshipment and will close after warm-up period is over.Fixed15secondsto30minutestimeDelayAdjustment typical fixture refer to Fig1:Sensor Coverage Area Color: White voltage has too closely to an air visually for 32to131F(0to55C)operatingtemperature Coverage Area PROJECT480V availableTime voltage has not dropped beneath necessaryLights turn OFF and ON too quickly Perform the conditioning or dropped: tests to Operational Mode: Auto ON, Auto OFFBest choice for 10 to 15 ft (3.05 to 4.60m)mountingheightsSensor 95%RH,non-condensingoperationhumidityrange10 to 20ft (3 to 6.10 m) radial coverage overlaps area lit by aheatingvent:Move the 100V.may be mounted too closely to an air conditioning or Upto15ftmounting/360degreescoveragerangeTime Delay: Adjustable (15 seconds up tofixture refertoFig1:Sensor TYPE Area32 to 131F (0 to 55C) operating temperaturetypical C 20-FL-OSFHU-RGoverage30 minutes) delay set improperly: to another Black-Hot,White-Neutral,Red-Loadterminalline 20-FL-OSFHU-RG sensor the locationorAPPLICATIONS CATALOG # Terminal Line: White- Neutral, Black- Hot, Single Pole20-MC613VDRC-MWAVE Ambient light level adjustment used to detect if other light sources are enough to Red- Load Adjust TIME DELAYilluminate the space without turning on thexture. close the vent.MICROWAVE MOTION SENSORPassive Infrared Technology: Motion sensor switch provides hands-free operationCoverage Range: High Bay mounting SPECIFICATIONS heights up to 30ft mounting/ 360 field by detecting a change in temperature. Turn lights ON in response to the heat OPERATION MODE S generated energy (when a person enters a room) and OFF when rooms areEquipped with a microwave detection technology.SPECIFICATIONVoltage-120/277VAC, 60Hzunoccupied.APPLICATIONSHumidity Range: 0% to 90% RH, non-TheYM2301CeilingMountedPIROccupancySensor(Auto -120/277VAC,60Hz Load requirement-120 Voltagecondensing The 20-FL-OSFHU-RG occupancy sensor is designed to mount directly onto aSuitable for warehouse applications.V 800W in 13VDrg escent la q p thein-Mre cand -Mivenof e mON/OFF)detectschangesinThe 20fraC6deneRCygWAVEi f sby uiped with microwave detectionluminaire and is ideal for high mounted areas such as manufacturing facilities, Load requirement-120V 800W incandescent lamp occupantsastheymovewi t i ec 0 no VA y -f m - o o n w. ng he nto t ca spanc Operating d get 18m distancewarehouses, and all other high ceiling applications.h log ,u ti igh a u p to 15m an thnth0fieldofuieeschen l cup y Temperature: 30 to 131 F (0 8 e l v r We m 800VAfluorescentlamp277V 12 to 55 C) lamp The 20-FL-OSFHU-RG detects changes in the infrared energy given off by area. Suitable for warehouse applications.Easy to install with isdetected,aself-containedrelayswitchestheconnectedlighting fluorescent00VA277V 1200VA fluorescent lampHigh Bay fixtures. The sensor is designed for indoor use. The load on. The sensor is line powered and can s-Nooltagie. um Load RequVAC, 60Hz occupants as they move within theeld-of-view. When occupancy is detected, a 120/277/347VAC, Input Voltagewitch line v mVoltage: 120/277irementsself contained relay switches the connected lighting load on. The occupancy sensorMinsensors allow energy saving without compromising comfort. -No Minimum Load Requirements Load Horsepower1/6HP is line powered and can switch to line voltage. An internal timer, factory set at 15 When used in combination with 1-10V dimmable LED drivers or Aninternaltimer,factorysetat15seconds,keepsthel i ightson Load Requirements: 800VA at 120VAC seconds, keeps the lights on during brief periods of inactivity.Timela -l-y Adjust an e- c -F1/6 tdimmingf t unct 0 mi nut i esLoad Horsepower- l -ea- th a t h 3- d HP conds o 3 ion,whch is ba D sts, - ey c m n- ieve xe s 15seep during brief periods of inactivity. This timer is knob programmableui13s F(0t change ) The best coverage area for the 20-FL-OSFHU-RG is between 15ft to 30ft mounting ON/OFF, 3-step dimming function with detachable sensorOperatect fTemperature 32 to re1a ligh to55Cnotice perfing or use in some areas that reqTime Delay Adjustment-Fixed 15 seconds to 30 mLoad Horsepower: 1/GHP heights. 15ft to 20ft radial coverage overlaps are lit by a typical high bayxture.inutesfrom15secondsto30minutes,andwillreseteverytimewhen non-condensingbefore totally switching off.Operationhumidity range-95%RH,occupancyisre-detected. Coverage range- Up to 15360 Degrees Operating Temperature 32 to 131F (0 to 55C)Ambient light level adjustment The time delay adjustment controls the amount of time the lights stay ON after the ft mounting /Operation FEATURES ensing last detected motion. Time delay can be adjusted from 15 seconds up to 30 minutes Functions can be set via DIP or infrared remote MH02, such as Terminal Line-Black-Hot,White-Neutral, Red-Load humidity range-95%RH, non-cond (factory time delay set at 15 seconds) CoverageArea 120/277/347Vac Input Voltage Fig1:SensorAVOIDING HVAC TURBULENCEMicrowave Motion Sensor MC613V D RCCoverage range- Up to 15 ft mounting / 360 DegreesTo decrease PIR detection range and sensitivity, rotate the knob counter clockwise.detection area, hold time, stand-by level, stand-by dim level.Stand-by Power: 1.0W MH02WhenHeating,VentilatingPHYSIonAL SPECS The detection range can be adjusted from 100% down to 30%. barrierswillorAirCCditioning(HVAC) Windows,glassdoors,andothertransparent On/Off, 3-step dimming function with detachable sensorTerminal Line-Black-Hot, White-Neutral, Red-Load SIZE 2.36 H x4.92 W x4.92 DDRC ob 20-MC613VDRC-MWAVEregisters turn on, they create Nortu lAmere an hiersiocancaeasestructthesensorsviewandpreventdetection. turbhencciwvch n forlinur &batten lightsSpecificationforMicrowave Motion Sensor MC613V Fig1: Sensor Coverage Area (5.99 cm x12.5 cm x 12.5 cm) Detection Distance: (Diameter*Height: 12m*6m Max.)thesensortoactivate.ItisimportantthatthesensorandHAVCregisterWEIGHT 5.64 ozContractor Lighting & Supply(877)-664-5483www.contractorlighting.com Functions can be set via DIP or infrared remote control MH02, such as120/277/347Vac Input Voltage; Windows,glassdoors,andothertransparentbarrierswillPHYSICAL SPECS DE detection area, hold time, stand-by level, stand-by dim level etc W1.0W;ws, glass doors, and Call Today For Special Pricing 877.664.5483www.contractorlighting.com55beseparatedbyatleast6ft.Inaddition,itisalsorecommendedNOT SCa r r a arr r IntyN AND OPERATIONStand-by Power:indo obstruct the sensors view and prevent detection. barriers willINSTALLATION & other transparenttomounttheYM2301directlyund eRIPT gelightsource.LargewattageOn/Off, 3-step dimming functionwithWIRINGSIZE 2.36 H x4.92 W x4.92 D5-Y eW la aObulbs(greaterthan100winc heY esc 301Ceil eoff Mount ofhe I at OccupancySensoriachaesi gnedr;t obstruct the sensors view and prevent detection.T and M2 ent)giv ing alot edPR and detsdblesenso o(5.99 cm x12.5 cm x 12.5 cm)l fo Nort ppl me at i i an nsfor linear & batten lights;replace a standard light orfanswitch.It isidea r a h A ic rc oversion DIMENSIONSswitching the bulbs causes a temperature change that can be detected ak Det oms.lounges WEIGHT 5.64 ozincludingprivateoffices,conferencerooms,bre ro ection Distance:bythedevice.MounttheYM2301atleast6ft.awayfromlargebulbs. (Diameter*Height: 12m*6m Max.and storage areas.Fuctions can be set via DIP or infrared remote control MH02,such as detection area, hold time, DESCRIPTION AND OPERATION INSTALLATION & WIRINGOperationMode stand-by level, stand-by dim level etcThe YM2301 Ceiling Mounted PIR Occupancy Sensor (Auto5 Years GuaranteeON/OFF)detectschangesintheinfraredenergygivenoffby CAUTIONFOR YOUR SAFETY: IF YOU ARE NOT SURE ABOUT ANY PART OF TheYM2301CeilingMountedPIROccupancySensorisdesignedto CAUTIONFORYOURSAFETY:IF YOU ARENOT SURE ABOUT occupantsastheymovewithinthefield-of-view.Whenoccupancy AN THESE INSTRUCTIONS, CONSULT A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN. ED Y PART OFTHESE INSTRUCTIONS,CONSULT A QUALIFIreplace a standard light or fan switch. It is ideal for applicationslighting ELECTRICIAN.including private Contractor Lighting & Supply(877)-664-5483www.contractorlighting.comisdetected, a self-contained relay switches the connectedoffices, conferenc PR n. oms en b o e i a RAMET s. loungesitchlinevoltage. Anload o o Th U s , Tr r A kroo wered andcanswer OD e C s P slinepo m ERand storage areas.1. Parameter Input VoltageRange 108-382VAC Avoiding HVAC Turbulence 020619internaltimer,factorysetat15seconds,keepsthelightsonduringbriefperiods ofinactivity. This timer is knobprogrammablefrom15 WhenHeating,Ventilating orAirConditioning(HVAC)registersturnInput nteenput Voltawevey tmeseconds to 30 miRautd Is, and geill reset120/27r7/34i7VAC whenoccupancy on,theycreateturbulencewhichcancausethesensortoactivate.OperationMode isre-detected. Stand-by Power 1.0W ItisimportantthatthesensorandHAVCregisterbeseparatedby atWiring Method (Screw type) Push terminal least 6 ft. The YM2301 Ceiling Mounted PIR Occupancy Sensor (AutoON/OFF1-10VOperating Mode In addition, it is also recommendedNOTtomounttheYM23013A (Inductive)@120VAC3A (Resistive)@277VAC3A ON/OFF) detects changes in the infrared energy given off by dir R YOUR a larg ETY: I our YOU ARE NOT SUREter BOUT Output Load Power (Resistive)@347VAC CAUTIONFO ectly under SAF e light s Fce. Large wattage bulbs(grea Aoccupantsastheymovewithinthefield-of-view.Whenoccupancy urr NY PA than100wincandescen CTIONS alotof NSU andAi QUALIFIED 1-10VDimming 50mA (Non constant c A ent source) RT OF THESE INSTRU t)giveoff , CO heat LT swtchingtheWirincohod gh erminal ELECTRICIAN.is detected, a self-contained relay switches the g Metnnected liPush titngHF Operating frequency 5.8 GHz 75 MHzISM Wave Bandload on.Thesensorislinepowered andcanswitchlinevoltage. AnHF Radiated power 0.5mW Max.internaltimer,factorysetat15seconds,keepsthelightsonduringDetection Area Avoiding HVAC Turbulence100%/75%/50%/25%Remote Control100%/75%/50%/25%briefperiods ofinactivity. This timer is knobprogrammablefrom15 Remote Control Air Conditioning(HVAC) registersturnWhen Heating,5S/30S/1min/5min/10min/15min/30minVentilating orSensor Hold time p 30S/1min/5min/10miseconds to 30 minutes, and will reset every time when occu 5S/ ancy n/15min/30min Parameters on, they create turbulence which can cause the sensor to activate.0s/1min/3min/5min/10min/30min/+Remote Controlis re-detected. Stand-by Level 0s/1min/3min/5min/10m It /3 isi / mportantthatthesensorandHAVCregisterbeseparatedby atin 0min+5lux/15Lux/30Lux/50Lux/100lux/150lux/DisableRemote ControlDaylight Sensor least 6 ft. 5lux/15Lux/30Lux/50Lux/100lux/150lux/DisableStand-by Dim Level 10%/20%/30%/40%R Int addi l tion 20%/30 i %/40% lso recommended NOT to mount the YM2301emoe Contro10%/ , it s a directly under a large light source. Large wattage bulbs(greater Shenzhen Merrytek Technology Co., LtdContractor Lighti n g & Supply(877)-664-5483www.contractorlighting.com 050818No. 3 Building, 380 Xiangshan Avenue, No. 3 Industry Park Luotian, Songgang, Baoan, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China,give off a lot of heat and switching thethan 100w incandescent)Tel: +86 (0)755-2305 7253Fax: +86 (0)755-2786 3012Web: www.merrytek.comPage 1of 5'