b'GLS-20A SPECIFICATION2017 Version Standard GFCI Receptacle Meet UL/CUL943, UL498 Prevents line-load reversal miswire Automatic end of life detection (EOL), Self-testing every 2.5HRS Able to detect up to 5mA of leakage current. Trips within 0.025 seconds 125V, 20AmpGFCI/Receptacles/Wiring DevicescETLus approved Keep up with current code: use tamper- resistant to avoid intentional malfunctionand harm by either the normal users, or others with physical access to it. PerformanceElectricalACCESSORIES : ElectricalCertified UL948 compliant Device able to withstand AC shock of up to 10kV15 amp Tamper15 amp Receptacle20 amp TamperResistant Receptacle& Switch Resistant ReceptacleIsolation ration up to 1240V- Commercial WALL SWITCHESMechanicalMODEL DESCRIPTION11-2SD12 2 Gg Plt, 1 Switch, 1 DuplexWire AWG from #10 to minimum #14 single coil11-2SD131 2 Gng Plte, 1 Switch, 1 Decor11-D2SLL3 Fan300 Lit Dual DM Slid OffCopper conductor.11-DDS61 Sgle 600W Decora Touch DIM SPEC SHEET11-DDS63 3 way 600W Decora Touch DIMTolerance11-DDSM1 Mag LV Sgle Lit 500 TCH DIM RECEPTACLES GFCI11-DDSM3-WH Mag LV 3way Lit 500 TCH DIM MODEL DESCRIPTION MODEL DESCRIPTION11-DR61 Sgle Ple Push 600 Rotry DM 11-115R-S-WH 15 amp WH Stand Single Recep 11-GFCI-ST-15TR-WH-K 15 amp TAMPER WhitePCB classification UL 94V-211-DR63 3 way Push 600 Rotry DM 11-120R-S-WH 20 amp WH Stand Single Recep 11-GFCI-ST-15TRWR-WH-K 15 amp TAMPER/Weather WhiteOperating temp. UL rating if -35 to 66 C11-DS115 Sgle Pole Dec Switch 15 Amp 11-15R-D 15amp DecoraReceptacle 11-GFCI-ST-20TR-WH-K 20 amp TAMPER White11-DS315 3 Way Decora Switch 15 Amp 11-15R-D-TR 15amp Dec Rec TAMPER 11-GFCI-ST-20TRWR-WH-K 20 amp TAMPER/Weather White11-DS3K15-WH Decora 3 Rocker Switch MV 11-15R-D-WH 15amp Decora Receptacle11-DS415 4 Way Decora Switch 15 Amp 11-15R-HS 15amp Hosp. Grade recept. ORG WALL PLATES11-DSL06-1LZ 150W LED Dimmer w/Plates 11-15R-S 15amp Stand Duplex Recep MODEL DESCRIPTIONDimension in mm [inches]11-DSL710 Sgle Ple 700 SLIDE DIM O/OF 11-15R-S-TR 15amp STD Dupx Rec TAMPER 11-1T 1 Gang Telephone Jack11-1J 1 Gang Coaxial Jack11-DSL71 Sgle Ple Lght 700 SLIDE DIM 11-15R-S-WH 15amp WH Stand Duplex Recep 11-BP1 1 Gang Blank Plate11-DSL73 3 Way Lght 700 SLIDE DIM 11-1RP-WH 1 Gang Single Rec Plate11-DSL73OF 3 WAY 700 SLIDE DIM OFF 11-20R-D 20amp Indust DecoraRecep 11-BP2 2 Gang Blank Plate11-DSL73-WH 3 Way Lght 700 SLIDE DIM 11-20R-D-WH-TR 20amp Indust DecoraRecep 11-DDR-PL2-SS 2 Gang Stainless Steel Plate11-DDR-PL-SS 1 Gang Power Outlet Plate-SS11-IPL06-10 300W LED Dimmer w/Plates 11-20R-HS 20amp Hosp. Grade recept.ORG 11-DP1 1 Gang Decorative Plate11-OCC-VACSEN-WH-MV 180 OC/ VAC WH w/plate MV 11-20R-S 20amp COM Stnd Duplex Recep11-OCSENPU-WH Push on/off 180 OC Sens 11-20R-S-TR-WH 20amp DUP REC TR 11-DP2 2 Gang Decorative Plate11-RTS215 15amp Toggle Switch w/Recep 11-20R-S-WH 20amp COM Stnd Duplex Recep 11-DP3 3 Gang Decorative Plate11-SOP Push on/off 180 OC Sens 11-BDR-50-BK Dryer/Range Receptacle, 50A, 125 11-DP4 4 Gang Decorative Plate11-SOS Slde on/off 180 OC Sens 11-DR30A-4S Dryer/Range Receptacle, 30A,125 11-DRP1 1 gang duplex recep. plate11-SVP-WH Push on/off 180 VC Sens 11-DDR-50-WH Dryer/Range Receptacle, 50A,125 11-DRP2 2 gang duplex recep. plate11-TS115 Sgle Pole Tog Switch 15Amp 11-TR20-DC 20amp TR Decora Receptacle 11-LVDP1-WH Leviton 1 Gang Deco Plate11-TS215 15amp 2 Toggle Switch Side 11-TR20-SC 20amp TR Decora Receptacle 11-TP1 1 Gang Toggle Plate11-TS315 3 Way Toggle Switch 15Amp 11-USB-15R-TR-WH 15 amp Receptacle USB TR 11-TP2 2 Gang Toggle Plate11-TS415 4 Way Toggle Switch 15Amp 11-USB-20R-TR-WH 20 amp Receptacle USB TR 11-TP3 3 Gang Toggle Plate11-TP4 4 Gang Toggle Plate56 Call Today For Special Pricing 877.664.5483www.contractorlighting.com'