b'LELDE-DD-DDADLASLNSN LED-DDALSN 35 & 55 Watt LED Dusk-to-Dawn Luminaires LED-DDALSN35 &3 55 5& W 55a tWt LaEtDt L DEuDs Dk-utsok-D-taow-Dna 3Lwu5nm & Liu n5ma5i riWneasaitrte sLED Dusk-to-Dawn LuminairesProjectPr:oject: Project: Project:Type:Type: Type: Type:CataloCga #ta:log #: Catalog #: Mini Polycarbonate LED Wall Pack Catalog #:PROJECTPROJECTSTANDSATRADNDARD STANDARD TYPE STANDARDWET1.2kV 1.2kV RoHS1.2kV RoHS TYPE CATALOG # A tough polycarbonate lens and attractive dark bronze finish.RoHS 1.2kV Surge Protection WETWET Surge Surge on WET SurgeProtecti CATALOG #Protection RoHS Protectiondusk-to-dawn security/flood light is an idealAdd light where it is needed for a more secure environment.dusk-to-dawn security/flood light is an idealLED-DDALSN TheThe TDh-eDLEDADL-SDNDAduLSsNk-tdou-sdka-wton- dseawcunr isteyc/fuloriotyd/ flilgohotd Ti slhi geahnLEt i diDse -aaDnlDiAdeLSaNlWARRANTY &LISTINGS LISTINGS WARRANTY & WARRANTY & LISTINGSLE WARRANTY &LISTINGSsolutiosonl ufotiro gne fnoerr gael snietera al nsdit efl oanoddflilgohotdin lgigihnt icnogminm cesoormcluiamtli oeanrnc dfioa07-LEDWPS -4F to 113F). N in commercial and(-20C to 45C / locations wetlisted for 11li3stFed). for cULuswetlocations in commercial and-4F to 113F). solution for general site and flood lightinglragnedn eral site and flood lighting cULuslisted forresidernetsiiadl esnettitainl gses.t tW 08-LED-DDALSN waetitolnosca(t-i2ons(-2o0 45C Cto/4-45CF/to-4 1c1FU3 LtFou s). (-20C to 45C / aluminum housing and aresidential settings. With a die castinigtsh.aW ditiehcaa dstiea cluamstinaulumm hinouumsir nhegos iuadnseidnn tgai a aln sde tat ings. With a die castaluminum housing and a cULuslisted forwetloc 0C tflutedf,l uptoelydc, aprobloycnaartbe onnasteshleienlsds 40-120 WATT LED WALL PACKS protection.IP65 rated for ingress standard approved. DLC IP65 rated for ingress protecti LED- theDurable die-cast aluminum housing with dark br reduce glare, shield to lens fluted, polycarbonate onze pow- ated for . on.IP65 r IP65 rat eindg froers isngprroetsescptiroontection.lethoierledd tuocree gdluacree, gtlhafelruLEt,etDdh,-e pLEolyDc-arbonatee lensshield toreduce glare,theLED-DUSK-TO-DAWN SECURITY/FLOOD Prewired MV Unit DLC DLCstandard approved. DLC srtda nadpaprrdo vaepdp.roved.standaLoSvNidpersoveifdfeecsteivfefe, c videseffective,economical security lighting.der coat finisheconomical security lighting.effective, provides DDALSNDDALSDNDApr etcivoen,oemcoicnaol mseiccuarl isteyc luigrhiDttyDin lAgigL.h StNinpgr.o APPLICATIONS Compltihe sFCwCithP FaCrtC15Part B. 15, class class 15, B. Partwith FCC Photocell (120 volt) CompliesclassB.Complieswi ,classB. Complieswith FCCPart15,ghaceyff, ilcoancgy-,l ilfoenLgE-lDifse pLrEoDvsid perobvoitdhe ebnoetrhg eyn aenHrdgiygh a-nedfficacy, long-lifeLEDs provideboth energy and both energy and LEDs provide High-efficacy, long-lifeHigh-eHfific -Cop Complies N610 sur e 07-LEDWPSN is a series of rugged, durable LED wall packs, which are perfectwith E with E0N06-41-050,0-4-g5, simurmguen imitympurnoitteycptiroonCte (1ocmt.i2opknlV).i e(1s.w2kitV).h EN61000-4-5, protection (1.2kV). surge immunity with EN61000-4-5, Compliessurge immunityprotection (1.2kV).APPLICATIONS totsaving s compared totraditional,63,000 hour life ratingtraditional, compared to savings maintenance costmaintmenaainntcen c nsctes acovisntgssacvoinmgspacoremdp taoretrda ditional, m liee ao traditimonaainl,tenance cos sfor outdoor perimeter and area lighting. With a die cast aluminum housingThe 08-LED-DDALSN dusk-to-dawn security/flood light is an 5-y5-year nty of all ele and housing.5-year warranty of all electronics warranty of all electronics 5-yearand housing.earwarra warranty of catlrl oenleiccstraonndic hsoaunsdin hgo.using.FEATURES LED-DDALSN 35 scentand HID security/flood lights. MOUNTING ARM MOUNTING ARMTested to UL1598, UL8750 & IEC60598 safety norms and HID security/flood lights. FEATURES incandescentes edn tHan dse HID security/flood lights. incandeincandinecsacnedntacn ID curity/flood lights.and a polycarbonate lens, the 07-LEDWPSN will stand up to many years of OUTDOOR : Wall Packs + Photocellideal solution for general site and flood lighting in commercial both energy and maintenance cost savings & 55 Watt LED Dusk-to-Dawn Luminairespunishing environmental conditions. High-ecacy, long-life LEDs provideand residential settings. With a die cast aluminum housing and a FEATURES FEATURES MOUNTING ARMcompared to traditional, HIDfluted, polycarbonate lens shield to reduce glare, the MOUNTING ARM 1212 wall packs. 1212 08-LED-DDALSN provides effective, economical securitytio owder- *powder- Optional Optional powder-*Sealed & gasketed tempered glasslens cover*OptionOaplponwadlepr- oolw el) wchoiltoer)tceomlopre treamtupree.r * atureA. vailable in 5000k(cocoolawtehdit es)te ceollomro tuenmtipnegr ature. mountingcoated steel coated steel mountingwhite) color temperature. (cool Available in 5000kAvaila 5b0le0 i0nk 5(0c00k(choitocoated steelmounting FEATURESAvailable in Project:lighting. High-efficacy, long-life LEDs provide both energy andLong of armattaches to poles ofoperationarm attaches to poles aum arm operationof 78,000 hours Long-life LEDs provide at leastAvailable in 3000k (warm white), 4000k (neutral white) and 5000k Lorem ipsttaches to polesoLpoenragt-iloifneLEDs aprrmovaidttea acht elesa tsot 7po8,le0s00 hours-lLifoen LmgEa-lDiinfesteLpnaEronDvcseidcpeor aosttvsiledaeavs inatgt7 sle8 ca,o0sm0t0p7a 8hr,eo0du0 rt0sohotrofauodriptsieornaatli,o inn candescentor walls. ** or walls. or walls. **of n l 70 ** (L 70 ).** with at least 70%orowfainllsit.iallumen output(L 70 ). 11 120-277 Multi-Volt ). 70 (L lumen output initial with at least 70% ofwith at le0ID t 70%tty ype: 11 with at leaasntd 7 H as s i T l itieanl%oefcunriia/floi liuomd lights. uomutepnu to(uLtpu).t(cool white) color temperatures*LED-DDALSN35W 216,000 hours of operation with at least Mounting bracketMounting bracket Mounting bracket15 and 122 lumens 4,269 lumens delivers LED-DDALSN35WLong-life LEDs provide n70%15LED-DDALSN35W deliv,2e6r9s 4lu,2m6e9n lsumanedn s12a2n dlu 1m2Le * included. included. included. ** delivers4 2E lsDum-DeDnAsLSN3M5Woudnetinlivge brsra4c,k2e6t9 lumens15and 11522 lumenserFEAT Catalog #: 70 )** per watt. included. 1.2- per watt.of initial lumen output (Lper waptt.*watt. URES AvailaLbSleN 5in5 W500ds ool ,w7h0i3te l)u mcoelonrs taenmdpe eDnAsLSN55Wdelivers6,703 lumens 2.5kV WET IP 65 and 126 lumens SPEC SHEET 6,703 lumens delivers * LED-DDALSN55W ekli v(ecr3s 6lumens4kVLED-DLDEADL-SDND5A5Wdeliver 0 6,70 1r2La6Et ulDurem-D* PROTECTION PROTECTION 07-LEDWP40SN provides 4,734 lumens & 115 lumens per watt (LPW) at 3000k; and 126 lumens SURGE SURGEand 126 lumensper waptet.r Laotnt.g-life LEDs provide at least 78,000 hoursp eorfwopaettr.ation per watt.*w * *4,751 lumens & 116 LPW at 4000k; or 4,817 lumens & 117 LPW at 5000k*with at least 70% of initial lumen output (L 70 )**Univers TANDARD voltage (50-60Hz) is standUanrdiv.ersal 120-277 ACvoltage (50-60Hz) is standard. is standard. voltage (50-60Hz) Universal 120-277 ACUniversal 1S al 120-277 AC re s and 122 WARRANTY & LISTING DIMENSIONS DIMENSIONS 07-LEDWP60SN provides 6,983 lumens & 114LPW at 3000k; 7,052 0280L2E7D7 -ADCDAvLoSltNag3e5 W(5 0d-e6li0vHerzs) 4is, 2s6ta9n lduam dn.lumens & 116 LPW at both 4000k and 5000k* DIMENSSIONS 0.90. 1.2kVDIMENSION MODEL WATTAGE INITIAL LUMENS LUMENS / WATT LIFE HOURS COLOR TEMPERATUREPower factor 0.90.CRI DIMENSIONS Power factor 0.90. PowerP foawcteolrurmfa ec0nt.o9sr0p.er watt* S urgeRoHS cULus listed for wet locations (-20C to 45C / -4F to 113F) 2381 121 63,000 harmonic distortion 20%. 3000KTotal 80 5" x 8" x 3" 07-LEDWP80SN provides 9,768 lumens & 122 LPW at 3000k; or 9,885 hWET lumens Tan tdDIMENSIONS 2kV 1.5kV 6kV Total Taortma lo0hn8ai-cLr mEdisDon-tDoicrD tdiAoisnLtS oNr t25io05n%W .d2e0li%ve.rs 6,703 oal1 IP65 ratedProtection h2a6r monic distortion 20%. lumens & 124 LPW at both 4000k and 5000k* Colorrendering index70. DLC standard approved SURGE SURGE IP 65 123 70. 63,000 rendering index 4000K Color 80 5" x 8" x 3"lumens per watt* SURGE PROTECTION PROTECTION Colorrend e sk-to-dawn security/flood light is an ideal07-LEDWPPCSNF 20 2113ColorTheLED-DDALS70. PROTECTIONrendering index Ndu07-LEDWP100SN provides 11,967 lumens & 117 LPW at 3000k; 12,159 WARRANTY &LISTINGSeUrninivge irnsdal x1207-02.77 AC voltage (50-60Hz) is standard Die cast aluminumhousing. Die cast aluminumhousing. Complies with FCC Part 15, class B solution for general site and flood lightingin commercial and cULuslisted forwetlocations(-20C to 45C /-4F to 113F). 2147 126 63,000 housing. 5000K Die cast aluminum 80 5" x 8" x 3" lumens & 119 LPW at 4000k, or 12,350 lumens & 121 LPW at 5000k*Die cast al uPmowineurm fahcotours in g0906Complies with EN61000-4-5, surge immunity (40W: 1.2kV; all others: 4kV) 6residential settings. With a die castaluminum housing an 6pce glareF. 6 d a 07-LEDWP120SN provides 13,213 lumens & 119 LPW at 3000k; 13,589 s protection. shield to reduce glare. polycarbonate lens Fluted,FlutedF, luotel yTdco,atparobl olhynacaramtrebo olnenincas tdesi shletioenrlsdti ostohnierel dd2 0uto%c er e gdlaure.luted,polycarbonate lenshiIePld6 5to r areteddu cfoerginlagrree.ss fluted, polycarbonatelensshield toreduce glare,theLED- 5-year warranty of all electronics and housing lumens & 122 LPW at 4000k; or 13,966 lumens & 126 LPW at 5000k* Color rendering index 80 NEMA-type photocellincluded (120-277V). ebt NEMA-type photocellButton Photocell " CdS Photocell or retrofit. construction included (120-277V). installation in new 58" - 19 Thread Nipple with NEMA-type photocell EasyDo asalll provideh effective,economical security lighting.includedD (L1C20s-t2a7n7dVa)r.d approved.ieh ALSN um num s ousing NEMA-typeD p D c tocte inciluded (120-277V).Uniform illumination with no visible LED pixelation Easy la on i,n neycacrbo ten feLs Ds n rovi reduE installation in newDIMENSIONS CPart15,classB. Rubber Gasket & Plastic Lock-Nut Easyinstainstallation in neswntarcuol struct hiroeie o frtito retrofit. e glaasryeconstrCuoctmiopnlieosr rweittrho fFitC.lF Hi ted -effi lw cy, long ct i ons Ep .d c h energy andltui ghpo ca on -l ienor tlrdo oUniversal 120-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz) is standard* NEMA-type photocell included (120-277V) Complieswith EN61000-4-5,surge immunityprotection (1.2kV). Polycarbonate ** Power factor 0.90 t m r andlumenkages. factoryforothercolortemperaturesand lumen packages. 1212and lumen packages. temperatures color other for factory Contactct maintenance costsavingscompared totraditional, 12 12ContactCfaocnttoaryffoa r ctoryfocroothercoorr te epse tu rleus ackagepsa.c *Contactoth or mpl e aand men p ** 70 **LEasy er S lalltetion au rnew construction or retrofitare IES5-yearwarranty of all electronicsand housing. TM-21-11 calculated hours. are IES hours 70 L **hoursare inst a -11 c in lated hours70 Total harmonic distortion 20% . **L 70 hours TM-21-11 calculated hours.L hours incandescentand HID security/flood lights. Enclosure & Eye Electrical Life: 6500 Cycles IE TM-21 alcuare IESTM-21-11 calculated hours. Color rendering index 80 Weight: 4.4 lbs. Weight: 4.4 lbs. Weight:4.4 lbs.* Contact factory for other color temperatures and lumen packages. Weight:4.4 lbs.** L 70hours are IES TM-21-11 calculated hours. Die cast aluminum housing with durable, dark bronze, powder coat paint FEATURES MOUNTING ARM 12" Leads On-Off Level: Polycarbonate lens with seamless, silicone gasket to prevent leaks 12DERING INFORMATION MOUNTING ARM 10-20Lx On(Dusk); 30-60Lx Off(Dawn) ORDERING INFORMATIONORDEORRING INFORMATION *Optionalpowder-WARRANTY & LISTINGS ORDERING INFORMATIONPolycarbonate has F1 rating to avoid discolorations Available in 5000k(coolwhite) color temperature. coated steelmountingInternal bubble level facilitates level installationOptional powder-coatedThermal Switch cULus listed for wet locations (-20C to 45C / armattaches to poles Easy installation in new construction or retrothoursofoLumens s Color lls L rm Accessories inaire 1ns W60WColor Col Temperature or 100W 120WLumens Per Watt Accessories Lumens Luminaire Luminaire Watts On-Off Level: Model Long-life LEDs provide at least78,0minaire perationteel mounting a umLu00L eaFstLumens mensPer WPaettr WatTtempeTreature AccLeusmsoerieModel 13in Luminaire WattLsuminaire (L Lumens Color or wats. AccessorPieersW 40s 80WPower Consumption: Model-4Fwith at l m )aire Watts Lu 70 ). Model LumimnapiererW t Lumens att Temperature to 1u70% ofinitiallumen output ** atuare*Contact factory for other color temperatures and lumen packages. attaches to poles or walls.9 lumensand 122 lumensMounting bracket Weight (lbs.) Temp: -40F ~ +158FIP6L5E rDat-eDdD AfoLrS iNng3r5eWssd perliovteersct4io,2n615 **L70 hours are IES TM-21-11 calculated hours.-DALSN35W * 35 35 4,269 4,269 LED-D1D22ALSN13252W 5K = Mounitnicnlgu dberda.cket included Arm withMounting = = M1o2u2nting LED-DDALSN-ARM Arm wit5hK5000k 5K ==5000k 122 1.5VA Max. 4,269 35 LED-DDALSN35WLED-DDLAELDSN3D5W LED-D AL9SN-ARMp esrt wanadtta. 4D,26DLC rd approved 50050Kk =355000k LED-DDALSN-ARM = MountingArm withLED-DDALSN-ARM = MountingArm with PRODUCT PARAMETER 6,703 LED-D ALSN 126 Bracket 6,703 Bracket Bracket 5000k 5K = 5K = 5000k 126 6,703 Bracket 53 LED-DDALSN55W-D omp 5 C 53 6,0 slu mensand 126 l 55W 5K =50050Kk =553000k 126 Relative Humidity: 96%CALSN55W 35W Padertl iv1e5r,s C6l,a7 s 33 26 umens MODEL TYPE VOLTAGE RATING LEADSLED-DDLAELDSN5D5W 5C 70 B 1DLEDlie-Ds DwAitLhS FN Compe * ith EN61000-4-5, surge LUMINAIRE LUMENS LUMINAIRE WATTS LUMENS PER WATTprl iwesa twt. ge (50-60Hz) is standard. 07-JL403C Button 110-130V 120VAC 12" AWG#18 AWM1015 SPEC SHEET Ballast: 850VA/ Tungsten: 500wMODEL COLOR TEMPERATUREimmUunnivietyr sparlo 1t2e0c-t2io7n7(A1C.2vkoVlt)a 07-LEDWP40SN-3K 3K = 3000K 4734 DIMENSIONS 41 208-277V 115 12" AWG#18BEST ele 4c= T nd62 RK 240VAC 07-year warr-4n y 0 9 ll . PRODUCTS 1NA K ETNA P g , PWATAASY, KPALATBEAAS OSKHTAL 4L3AI 4 751 I 4 tlingeWhttAinYg,. nPeATt ASKALA OH740-964-1198www.bestlighting.net 43062 43062116 ETNA PARKWAY, PATASKALA OH 1213PRODUCTS BEST LIGHTING5-LEDWP40SNaK ILIGHTING CTS1213E a 213 housin YRK 0 OHN 4006P-29R6O4 7-DU14109-CT986 S4 -w1w1192w81. 3b eEwsTwtlNAiwgh.b PteinAsg 1 740-964-1198www.bestlighting.net Powerfactotr of PR0DU ctroniK s 4000PARKWAA GHT 73G 4 .BESTLIGHTNG .a O07-LEDWP40SN-5K 5K = 5000K s s 4817 ut notice. Specifications an 1 to change without no to change without notice. 117 Specifications and dimensions subjectSp ang 4 d dimensions subject tice.Specificationesc aifincda tdioimnse nasnido ndsi mseunbsjeiocntto cuhbajencgtet ow cithhout en owtiictheo. Totalharmonic distortion 20% 3000K07-LEDWP60SN-3K 3K =. 6983 61 11407-LEDWP60SN-4K ho 70. 4K = 4000K LUMENS 7052 Pencil Photocell " CdS Photocell Rain Tight ForAmbient Temp: 61 116 Color 0SN-5K 5K = 5000K 7052 61 11607-LEDWP6 rendering index07-LEDWP80SN-3K LUMINAIRELUMINAIRELUMENSCOLOR 80 1223K = 3000K 9768 MODEL st-4K WATTS 4K = 4000K PER WATT TEMPERATURE OPTIONS (ORDER SEPARATELY)Outdoor Use -40F ~ +158F07-LED ie ca SN aluminum using. 9885 80 124D WP8007-LEDWP80SN-5K 5K = 5000K 9885 680 124 " Threaded08-7D Fluted,polycarbonate lensshield to reduce glare. 1211,967 5K = 5000k102 08-LED-DDALSN-ARM = 117E -DDA00SN5K0L-LEDWP1LSN3-3W 35 3K = 3000K 4,269207-LEDWP100SN-4K 4K = 4000K 12,159 102 119 conduit with rubber6" Leads Relative Humidity: 08-7D NEMA-type photocellincluded (120-277V). 1212,350 5K = 5000k102 Mounting Arm with Bracket 1210L-LEDWP1LSN5-5W 53 5K = 5000K 6,7036 E -DDA00SN5K07-LEDWP120SN-3K 3K = 3000K 13,213 111 119 gasket & zinc alloy96% Easyinstallation in newconstructionor retrofit.07-LEDWP120SN-4K 4K = 4000K 13,589 111 122 Swivels 0-20007-LEDWP120SN-5K 5K = 5000K 13,966 111 126 lock nut12 * Contractor Lighting & Supply(877)-664-5483www.contractorlighting.com Power Consump-Contactfactoryforothercolortemperaturesand lumen packages.**L 70 hoursare IESTM-21-11 calculated hours. Convenient direc-Contractor Lighting & Supply(877)-664-5483www.contractorlighting.com Polycarbonate tion: 1.5VA Max.Weight:4.4 lbs. 080618 tional controlEnclosure & Eye Ballast: 1100VAORDERING INFORMATION Electrical Life: On-Off Level: 10-Luminaire Lumens Color 6500 Cycles 20Lx On (Dusk); Tungsten: 500WModel Luminaire Watts Lumens Per Watt Temperature Accessories On-Off Level: 30- Thermal SwitchMODEL TYPE VOLTAGE RATING LEADSLED-DDALSN35W 35 4,269 122 5K =5000k LED-DDALSN-ARM = MountingArm with6" AWG#16 AWM3321; 150C 60Lx Off (Dawn)110-130V 120VACLED-DDALSN55W 53 6,703 126 5K =5000k Pencil Bracket07-JL404C208-277V 240VAC 6" AWG#16 AWM3321; 150C SPEC SHEETBEST LIGHTINGPRODUCTS1213 6 43062 Call Today For Special Pricing 877.664.5483www.contractorlighting.com ETNA PARKWAY, PATASKALA OH740-964-1198www.bestlighting.netSpecifications and dimensions subjectto change without notice.'