b'LED Outdoor Cylinder Light Fixture6 inch cylinder with heavy duty aluminumNEW!construction and die-cast wall bracket.Sleek design offers a superior low-profile option for lighting building exteriors. Features 2-light configuration which illuminates both up and down - creating a dramatic lighting effect. 15 Watts (Each Direction) Lorem ipsumOUTDOOR : SecurityLandscape153,000 Life Hours PROJECTBronze powder coated aluminum body 2.5kV 4kVTYPE SURGE SURGEAcrylic Lens Lorem ipsum PROTECTION PROTECTIONLorem ipsumCATALOG #Down or Up/Down switch standard Voltage: 120V, 50- 60Hz 07-LED-SL15W 2.5kV 2-5kV 2kV SURGE 1kV 6kV IP 654kVLED-DDALSN LED-DDALSN SURGE SURGE SURGE SURGE 35 & 55 Watt LED Dusk-to-Dawn Luminaires SURGE LED-DDALSNLED-DDALSN 35 &3 55 5& W 55a tWt LaEtDt L Dusk-to-Dawn Lu PROTECTION PROTECTION PROTECTION PROTECTION PROTECTION Number of Lamps: 2 WET PROTECTIONED Dusk-to-Da3w5nm & Liu n5ma5i riWneasaitrte sLED Dusk-to-Dawn Luminaires15 WATT LED LANDSCAPE SECURITY / FLOOD LIGHT COLORMODEL NOMINAL LUMEN OUTPUTTEMPERATURE VOLTAGEAPPLICATIONS ProjectPr:oject: Project: 3K 3000k Project:The LED-SL15W landscape security / ood light is an ideal solution for general08-CYLUPDN Type: 2L 2,000 lumen 2kV 4K E 1.5kV4kV 6kV IP 65 IP 65 Type:1.5kVs 2kV 4000k 120V 120 VoltsType:Type: SURGE SURGSURGE SURGE SURGE SURGEPROTECTION 5K PROTECTION 5000k PROTECTIONPROTECTION PROTECTIONPROTECTIONsite, landscape, sign and pathway lighting. With a die cast aluminum housing, CataloCga #ta:log #: Catalog #: Catalog #:and a polycarbonate lens with seamless silicone gasket to prevent leaks, theLED Landscape & Security Flood LightLED-SL15WwillstanduptomanyyearsofpunishingenvironmentalSpike-MountPROJECTconditions. High ecacy, long-life LEDs provide both energy and maintenance(LEDSL-BS) PROJECTcost savings compared to traditional, incandescent landscape lights.STANDSATRADNDARD Ideal for general site lighting, landscape,STANDARDSTANDARD WET Surge Surge on WET Surge TYPEFEATURES WET1.2kV 1.2kV RoHS1.2kV RoHS TYPE RoHS 1.2kV Surge Protection WET sign and pathway lighting. Driver is located in isolated compartment forProtectionProtectiAvailable in 3000k & 5000k (cool white) color temperature* Protection RoHS CATALOG #CATALOG #TheLED-DDALSNdusk-to-dawn security/floodT lhigehLEt iDs -aDnD idAeLSaNldusk-to-dawn security/flood light is an idealdusk-to-dawn security/flood light is an idealLED-DDALSN The TheLED-DDALSNdusk-to-dawn security/flood light is an idealWARRANTY &LISTINGS LISTINGS WARRANTY & WARRANTY & LISTINGSimproved thermal management.LISTINGSLong-life LEDs provide 69,000 hours of operation with at least 70% of initial WARRANTY &solutiosonl ufotiro gne fnoerr gael snietera al nsdit efl oanoddflilgohotdin liggihnt icnogminm cesoormcluimatli oeanrnc dfioal in commercial andin commercial andsolution for general site and flood lightingragnedn eral site and flood lightinglumens output (L 70 )**cUcl ULuslisted folor -4F to 113F). waetitolosca(-ti2o0nsC( -t2o0 45C Cto/4-45CF/to-4 1c1FU3 LtF (-20C to 45C / locations wet listed for cULuswet locations(-20C to 45C / -4F to 113F).07-LEDWPSN un wet aluminum housing and a u s).11li3stFed). for Delivers 1,536 lumens (102 lumens per watt, LPW) at 3000k, and 1,700 08-LED-DDALSN st c n protection. protection.o IP65 rated for ingress protection. aluminum housing and aresidential settings. With a die castLus isted forCanopy-Moca Shroudresidernetsiiadl esnettitainl gses.t tWinigtsh.aW ditiehcaa dstiea cluamstinaulumm hinouumsir nhegso iuadnseidnn tgai a aln sde tat ings. With a die t IP65 rated for ingress Die-cast aluminum housing with durable(LEDSL15W-SHROUD) IP65 rated for ingress (LEDSL-CMB) protection.flutedf,l uptoelydc, aprobon IP65 rated for ingresslumens (113 LPW) at 5000k* lycaartbeolennasteshleienlsds thoierledd tuocree gdluacree, gtlhafelrueLEt,etDdh,-e pLEolyDc-arbonatelensshield toreduce glare,theLED- LED- the reduce glare, shield to lens fluted, polycarbonate Narrow beam spread is standard.Medium beam spread is availablec 40-120 WATT LED WALL PACKS B. class class 15, B. Partwith FCC Complies Complies with FCCPart 15,classB. economical security lighting.effective, provides DDALSNDUSK-TO-DAWN SECURITY/FLOOD DLC standard approved. standard approved. DLC dark bronze powder coat finishDLC srtda ndard approved. DLC standa approved.etcivoen,oemcoicnaol mseiccuarl istey cluigrhiDttyDin lAgigL.h Complieswith FCC Part 15,DDALSDNDAprLoSvNidpersoveifdfeecsteivfefe, DIMENSIONS StNinpgr.ovideseffective,economical security lighting. by Complieswith FCC Part 15,classB.High-eHfifgic h-nedfficacy, long-lifespecial order (contact factory for details) ha-ceyff, ilcoancgy-,l ilfoenLgE-lDifse pLrEoDvsid perobvoitdhe ebnoetrhg ey naenHrdgiyg a LEDs provideboth energy and both energy and LEDs provide High-efficacy, long-lifeAPPLICATIONS Tempered glass lens with seamless4protection (1.2kV). su surge immunitywith EN61000-4-5, iopknlV).i e(1s.w2kitV).h EN61000-4-5, Compliessurge immunity protection (1.2kV).APPLICATIONS trad 3tComplieswith EN61000-4r-g5e, simurmguen imitympurnoitteycptiroonCte (1ocmt.2 traditional, compared to savings maintenance costComplieswith EN61000-4-5,Power factor 0.90 ingscompared toititorandali,timonaainl,tenance cos savingscompared totraditional,maintmenaainntceen caonsctes acovisntgssacvompared to07-LEDWPSN is a series of rugged, durable LED wall packs, which are perfect silicone gasket ity/flood light is an 5wa aele and housing.5-year warranty of all electronics warranty of all elec 5-yeartroricsa ipsumThe 08-LED-DDALSN dusk-to-dawn secur5-year -yerrarnwtya roraf natlly of catlrl oenleiccstraonndic hsoaunsdin hgo.using. Lonemnd housing.Universal 100-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz) is standard LED-D security/flood lightN 35 &and HID security/flood lights. MOUNTING ARM MOUNTING ARM and HID security/flood lights. FEATURES incandescentTotal harmonic distortion 20% FEATURES es edn tH an ds eH DDALSs. incandescent MOUNTING ARM Shroud Option 1212 incandinecsacnedntacn ID cIurity/flood lights.for outdoor perimeter and area lighting. With a die cast aluminum housingideal solution for general site and flood lighting in commercial and a polycarbonate lens, the 07-LEDWPSN will stand up to many years ofUniversal 100VAC277VAC voltagepunishing environmental conditions. High-ecacy, long-life55 Watt LED Dusk-to-Dawn Luminairesand residential settings. With a die cast aluminum housing and a LEDs provideColor rendering index 80 FEATURES maintenance cost savingsFEATURES HID MOUNTING ARMboth energy andcompared to traditional, fluted, polycarbonate lens shield to reduce glare, the Over 69,000 hour rated lamp life 1212 Die cast aluminum housing with durable, dark bronze, powder coat paint *tio wder- *powder- Optional Optional powder-2.5kV * 4kVwall packs. OptionOaplponwadlepro- SURGE08-LED-DDALSN provides effective, economical securitySURGE 000k(coolwhite) color temperatureA. vailable in 5000k(coolwhite) ceollomro tuenmtipnegr ature. mountingcoated steel coated steel mountingPROTECTION white) color temperature. (cool Available in 5000k o Polycarbonate lensaiinla 5ti le0 i0nk 5(gch- roject:e *both energy andcoatedc osateteedlstoeuntingPROTECTIONAvailaAblve ligh b0ng. Hi Polfi whcity, )l ocnogl-olirf ete LmEpDes rpartouvried.e m FEATURES DT white), 4000k (neutral white) and 5000k 5arm attaches to poles ofoperationLorem ips attaches to poles um arm operationof 78,000 hours Long-life LEDs provide at least ested to UL1598, UL8750 and ef caSeveral mounting options provide easy installation in new construction Ds aprrmovaidteta acht leesa tsot p78ol,e0s00 hours arm attaches to poles Long nmga-liinfeteL (warm70 ** 70 ** or walls. 70 ** 11or walls. or walls. 1** ). 70 (L lumen output initial with at least 70% of -lLifoe LEDs paEAvailablenronvcseidpceor aosttvsildeaeavs iantgt7 sle8 ca,o0sm0t0p7a 8hr,eo0du0 rt0sohotrofauodriptsieoornafatoli,Lo pionnen craagnt-ildoifenescLeEnt in 3000kIEC60598 safety normsor retrot. Yoke-mounted models available by special order Type: lumen output(L ). with at least 70%orowfailnlsit.iallumen output(L ). 1 with at least 70%ti aolf nitial (L ).with at leaasntd 7 H0I%Dsoefciunriity/floliuomd eling hotsu.tput(cool white) color temperatures* LED-DDALSN35Wdeliv,2e6r9s 4lu,2m6e9n lsumanedn s12a2n dlu 1mens leastMounting bracket and 11522 lumens 15Mounting bracket Mounting bracket15 and 122 lumens 4,269 lumens delivers LED-DDALSN35W(contact factory for details)Long-life LEDs provide 216,000 hours of operation 2L2E lDum-DeDnAsLSN3M5Woundteinlivge brsra4c,k2e6t9 lumens LED-DDALSN35WdIP65 Rated with at* 70% included. 15 included. included. *elivers4per wa *watt.T Catalog #: per watt. included. per watt.ptet.rFEA* URES 70 )**of initial lumen output (L AvailabSleNd5e5liWverdse6liv,7e0r3s 6lumenstemp* delivers6,703 lumens 2.5kV IP 65 1.2- 1kV and 126 lumens 6kV SPEC SHEET 6,703 lumens IP 65 delivers * LED-DDALSN55WcULus listed for wet locations2kVeand 1 1r2La6tE ulDurem-*DeDnAsLSN55W PROTECTION PROTECTIONSURGE PROTECTION PROTECTIONLED-DLDEADL-SDND5A5LWin 5000k (cool ,w7h0i3te l)u mcoelonrs2a6n dlu mens and 126 lumens SURGE 4kV SURGE SURGE 07-LEDWP40SN provides 4,734 lumens & 115 lumens per watt (LPW) at 3000k; SURGE* Laotnt.g-life LEDs provide at least 78,000 hoursp eorfwopaettr.ation WET PROTECTION per watt.per waptet.r w * (-20C40C)*Contact factory for other color temperatures and lumen packages.4,751 lumens & 116 LPW at 4000k; or 4,817 lumens & 117 LPW at 5000k*with at least 70% of initial lumen output (L )** **L70hours are IES TM-21-11 calculated hours. STANDARD70 voltage (50-60Hz) is standard. is standard. voltage (50-60Hz) Universal 120-277 ACUniverUsnail v1e2r l 7120-C 7o AltaCgevo (l5ta0g-6e0 (H50z)-6is0 Hstza)nids asrtd.andUanrdiv.ersal 120-277 ACsa 2707-LEDWP60SN provides 6,983 lumens & 114LPW at 3000k; 7,0520-2 7 A v MODEL WATTAGE WARRANTY & LISTING COLOR TEMPERATURE08-LED-DDALSN35W delivers 4,269 lumens and 122 DIMENSIONS LUMENS / WATT LIFE HOURS DIMENSIONS DIMENSIONS CRI DIMENSIONS (AxBxC)1kVlumens & 116 LPW at both 4000k and 5000k* DIMENSIONSINITIAL LUMENS 1.2kVPower factor 0.90.SURGE Power factor 0.90. WARRANTY/LISTINGPowerP foawcteolrrumfa ec0nt.o9sr0p.e 0r .w90at.t* SurgeLISTED 15PROTECTION 102 69,000 3000K 80 5" x 4" x 3" harmonic distortion 20%. Total cULus listed for wet locations (-20C to 45C / -4F to 113F) 07-LEDWP80SN provides 9,768 lumens & 122 LPW at 3000k; or 9,885 1,53607-LED-SL15W-3K TotWETlumens Tan a S DIMENSIONS Total a l0h8a-LrmEDon-toDicrD tdiAoisnLt SoNr t25io05n%W . d 2e0li%ve.rs 6,703 RoHh2a6r monic distortion 20%. 113 2kV 1.5kV 6kV 80 5" x 4" x 3"Protection otd l1 IP65 rated harmonic dis D- r wdaett* 7 07-LED-SL15W-5K Color 151,700 SURGE 69,000 5000K IP 65 70. rendering index Color lumens & 124 LPW at both 4000k and 5000k*Color C lumensr ip g i n x Ndu rendering index DLC standard approved PROTECTION SURGE SURGEcULus listed for wet locations (-20C to 40C / -4F to 104F) LEne DDALS 0.sk-to-dawn security/flood light is an ideal70. PROTECTION PROTECTIONThe reonldoerrie e 70. 07-LED-SL28W-3K 26 86 69,000 3000K 80 7" x 5" x 3"rnngd index 07-LEDWP100SN provides 11,967 lumens & 117 LPW at 3000k; 12,159 2,501 WARRANTY &LISTINGSUniversal 120-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz) is standardComplies with FCC Part 15, class BIP65 ratedDie cast aluminumhousing. MOUNTING OPTIONS 26 housing. cULuslisted forwet locati69,000 5000K 80 7" x 5" x 3" housing. Die cast aluminum solution for general site and flood lightingin commercial andlumens & 119 LPW at 4000k, or 12,350 lumens & 121 LPW at 5000k*Die cast al uPmowineurm fahcotours in g090Die cast aluminum Complies with EN61000-4-5, surge immunity (40W: 1.2kV; all others: 4kV)07-LED-SL28W-5K2,50186 ons(-20C to 45C / -4F to 113F).Complies with EN61000-4-5, surge immunity test (1kV) Threaded pipe (NPS ), which attaches to a junction box, is standard 6 607-LEDWP120SN provides 13,213 lumens & 119 LPW at 3000k; 13,589 6presidential settings. With a die castaluminum housing and a4,201 shield to reduce glare. protection. 3000K 80 8" x 6" x 4" shield to reduce glare. polycarbonate lens Fluted, 6 nrsdti ostohnireel dd2 0uto%c e re gdlaurcee. glareF. 39 5-year warranty of all electronics and housing FlutedF, luotel yTdco,atparobl lohynacaramtrebo olnenincas tdesi shletioel 07-LED-SL42W-3K luted,polycarbonate lensIP65 rated 107 69,000Optional spike-mount (LEDSL-BS) for ground mounting for ingress5-Year Warranty of all electronics and housinglumens & 122 LPW at 4000k; or 13,966 lumens & 126 LPW at 5000k* fluted, polycarbonatelensshield toreduce glare,theLED- Color rendering index 80 NEMA-type photocellincluded (120-277V).NEMA-type photocellin122 69,000 5000K 80 8" x 6" x 4" included (120-277V). NEMA-type photocellUniform illumination with no visible LED pixelation 39 4,800 r.d approved.NEMA-type photocell 07-LED-SL42W-5K cludedD (L1C20s-t2a7n7dVa)Optional canopy-mount (LEDSL-CMB) for attachment to at surfacesincluded (120-277V).Die cast Nprovideseffective,economical security lighting.DIMENSIONSDDALSaluminum housing Universal 120-277 AC voltage (50-60Hz) is standard C Part 15,classB. or retrofit. construction installation in new EasyEasyiEyinstad lilatnioo ln in nesntwconstruction l orti tor.e rterodfuitc.e Eglaasrye installation in newconstrCuoctmiopnlioesr rweittrho fFitC.nsatsa llFa on ,ney arbo atec lens s retrd **High-efficacy, long-lifeLEDs provideboth energy andComplieswith EN61 12 120-4-5,surge immunity protection (1.2kV). 12and lumen packages. temperatures color other 9 for factory Contact *ltuitep wccon ru tion orhie ofPower factor 0.90 Call Today For Special Pricing 877.664.5483www.contractorlighting.com NEMA-type photocell included (120-277V)00ct maintenance cost savingscompared totraditional, forothercolortemperatures 12Total harmonic distortion 20% andlumen p kagCeosn. tactfactory and lumen packages.ContactCfaocnttoaryffoa r ctotryfocroothercoorrat tem rantu respa sa *ohinstorampl e uepse a constru ion o.c **** 70 **L 70 Easy er S lalltetion in rnew dlumen ctckag e r retrofitare IES5-yearwarranty of all electronicsand housing. TM-21-11 calculated hours. are IES hours 70 L **LColor rendering index 80d latID hours.rity/flood lights. TM-21-11 calculated hours.hours hoursincandescentancuHed secu L 70 hoursare IE TM-21-11 calare IESTM-21-11 calculated hours.PRODUCT PARAMETER* Contact factory for other color temperatures and lumen packages. Weightb: s44 lbs. Weight: 4.4 lbs. Weight:4.4 lbs.Die cast aluminum housing with durable, dark bronze, powder coat paint Weight:4.4 l** L 70hours are IES TM-21-11 calculated hours.Polycarbonate lens with seamless, silicone gasket to prevent leaksLUMINAIRE LUMINAIRE FEATURES COLORBEAM MOUNTING ARMLUMENSMODEL Polycarbonate has F1 rating to avoid discolorations OPTIONS (ORDER SEPARATELY) 12WATTS LUMENS PER WATTS TEMPERATURE SPREAD RDERINFORMATION ION ORDERING INFORMATION Optionalpowder- ORDERING INFORMATIONORDEORING IN G INFORMAT * MOUNTING ARMInternal bubble level facilitates level installation WARRANTY & LISTINGS07-LED-SL15W-3K 15 1,536Available in 5000k(coolwhite) color temperature. Spike-Mount coatedLEDSL-BS ounting102 3K = 3000K 30 = NarrowOptional powder-coated Easy installation in new construction or retrot = steelm07-LED-SL15W-5K 15 1,700cULus listed for wet locations (-20C to 45C / Canopy-Mount =att aches to poles 40W60W80W100W 120W 113 5K = 5000K 30 = Narrow armLEDSL-CMB Long-life LEDs provide at least78,0minairesofoLumens Color Color a tlls SL Luminaire Accessories essor Lumens 7.8Te Color Color Temperature tur Lumens Per Watt Accessories Lumens Luminaire Luminaire Watts Model*Contact factory for other color temperatures and lumen packages. Lu00 hour perationsteel mounting arm Model 1 in Luminaire WattLsuminaire (L Lumens Lumi naire W = ats. Weigh - tHROUD Accessories 10.410.4 eModel-4Fw itthoa1um )aire Watts lumen output 70 ). MoPdeerl Watt Shro T r w e 15WS ( e Acc 7.21.8 att mperat l3eaFstudoLED .)L70% of initial ** emperatur Lum lbs s Pieers 7 **L70 hours are IES TM-21-11 calculated hours. LumensPer Watt Temperature nW Lumens attaches to poles or walls.IPMounting bracket 6L5E rDat-eDDALSN35Wdelivers 9 lumensand 122 lumens 15 d for ingress protect4io,2n6 PRODUCT PARAMETER 35 4,269 4,269 5K = Mounitnicnlgu dberda.cket included Arm withMounting = = M1o2u2nting LED-DDALSN-ARM Arm wit5hK5000k 5K ==5000k 122 LED-DDALSN-ARM 4,269 = MountingArm with35 LED-DDALSN35W-D ALSN35WLED-DDLAELDSN3D5W 35 50050 LED-DDALSN-AR = MountingDLC *rd approved LED-D1D22ALSN13252W Kk =355000k LED-D4D,2A6ML9SN-ARM Arm with p esrt wanadtta. Bracket Bracket Bracket Bracket DALS pli 5W 53 COLOR TEMPERATURE LED-D1 LUMINAIRE LUMENS LUMINAIRE WATTS 126 LUMENS PER WATT 5000k 5K = 126 6,703 53 LED-DDALSN55WLED-DDLAELDSN- MODEL es DwAitLhS FNCPartl iv1e5r,s C6l,asslu mensand2 AL 6 lu 5W 5K =50050Kk =553000k 6,703 5K =5000k5D5W N5 5W 53 770 B 6,703 6 126Com 5C de 6,033 1D 2 SN5 mensLED-DContractor Lighting & Supply(877)-664-5483www.contractorlighting.com021120 per watt.* 4-5, surge 4734 41 115Complies with EN61000-07-LEDWP40SN-3K 3K = 3000K07-LEDP40S n -4K 4K =age (50-60Hz) is standard. 4751 41 116W Uun N ier sparlo 1t2e0c-t2io7n7(A1C.2kV 4000Kimm iv ty volt) 07-LEDWP40SN-5K 5K = 5000K 4817 DIMENSIONS41 117 5Po N- e BEST LIGHT l I l elec ODUCT s 1NA ETNA P ASKAL 0 6OHT2HI 4N73G4006P-29R6O4 7-DU14109-CT986 S4 -w1w1192w81eEwsTwtlNAiwgh.b PteinAsgRKtl.ingeWhttAinYg,. nPeATt ASKALA OH740-964-1198www.bestlighting.net 43062 43062 740-964-1198www.bestlighting.net ETNA PARKWAY, PATASKALA OH 1213PRODUCTS BEST LIGHTING-year wa a y of9 NGPR S 1 0i 1 K ET 2136983 T L3AIG 6 b 11407-LEDWP60S 3K .a 0. 3K tron0 3Sand housing BE 4 . 3BEST LIGHTINGPRODUCT 2 c PARKWAAYRK, PWATAASY, KPALATA OSH 1w r frarctnotr 0 =3007-LEDWP60SN-4K 4K = 4000K Specifications and dimensions 70bjectto change without notice. Specifications and dimensions subjectto c 116 ge without notice. to change without notice. Specifications and dimensions subjectsu52 61 hanSpecifications and dimensions subjectto change without notice. Totalharmonic distortion 20%.07-LEDWP60SN-5K 5K = 5000K 7052 61 11607-LEDWP80SN-3K 3K = 3000K 9768 80 122 Colorrendering index 70.07-LEDWP80SN-4K 4K = 4000K 9885 80 12407-LEDWP80SN-5K 5K = 5000K 9885 80 124LUMINAIRELUMINAIRELUMENSCOLOR07-LEDWP MODEL 3K = 3000K 11,967 102 OPTIONS (ORDER SEPARATELY)100SN-3K housing. LUMENS PER WATT TEMPERATURE 117Die cast aluminum WATTS07-LEDWP100SN-4K 4K = 4000K 12,159 102 11907-LEDWP100SN-5K 5K = 5000K 12,350 6102 121 Fluted,polycarbonate lensshield to reduce glare. 122 5K = 5000k08-LED-DDALSN-ARM =08-LED-DDALSN35W 35 4,269 07-LEDWP120SN-3K 3K = 3000K 13,213 111 119 NEMA-type photocellincluded (120-277V). 1265K = 5000kMounting Arm with Bracket 07-LEDWP120SN-4K 4K = 4000K 13,589 111 12208-LED-DDALSN55W 53 6,703 07-LEDWP120SN-5K 5K = 5000K 13,966 111 126 Easyinstallation in newconstructionor retrofit.* Contractor Lighting & Supply(877)-664-5483www.contractorlighting.com 08061812 Contractor Lighting & Supply(877)-664-5483www.contractorlighting.comContactfactoryforothercolortemperatures and lumen packages.**L 70 hoursare IESTM-21-11 calculated hours.Weight:4.4 lbs.ORDERING INFORMATIONModel Luminaire Watts Luminaire Lumens Color AccessoriesLumens Per Watt TemperatureLED-DDALSN35W 35 4,269 122 5K =5000k LED-DDALSN-ARM = MountingArm with LED-DDALSN55W 53 6,703 126 5K =5000k BracketBEST LIGHTINGPRODUCTS1213ETNA PARKWAY, PATASKALA OH43062 740-964-1198www.bestlighting.netSpecifications and dimensions subjectto change without notice.'