Customer Testimonials

  • Date added: 01/07/2009
    Testimonial by: Al Stetz

    Great service from Brett. He walked me through a kitchen ceiling replacement fixture with several options and we settled on a model at a very reasonable price.

    He was polite, patient and responsive to all of my inquiries which allowed me to make a rationale decision. Thank you, Al Stetz

  • Date added: 11/11/2009
    Testimonial by: Ralph of Cresskill, NJ

    Hey Harold,

    It was a long strange trip, but, in the end I am very happy with the quality of the 4" HI HATS and under cabinet lights. Thanks for straightening out the minor shipping issue, you're great to work with. I will definately purchase from here in the future.

  • Date added: 09/12/2008
    Testimonial by: Jason Stebbins

    I haven't been this impressed with both a company's products and customer service in along time! I'm finishing out a residential basement and needed a small number of can lights. After being unimpressed with the selection at my local big box Store, I searched the web and found Within 5 minutes of calling, Contractor Lighting's customer service rep (Brett) had my order setup and scheduled to ship the same day. I received my lights and accessories in 48 hours with that one little phone call......and I saved over 75% over buying those same lights at big box (big box Price was $23 ea / Contractor Lighting was $11.99 ea WITH the trim rings included)! 

    I know Contractor Lighting deals with orders 10, maybe even 100 times larger than my little basement lighting order, but you wouldn't have been able to tell by the high level of service, great products, and even better pricing I received. They treated my order like I was ordering enough lights for a high rise! I've already recommended to at least 5 friends who are doing the same type projects!

    Congratulations to Contractor Lighting! You have a new customer for life! Please pass on my appreciation and extreme satisfaction to everyone.

  • Date added: 08/08/2012
    Testimonial by: Rob

    Brian is great! I was wrestling with a custom lighting question, and with great patience, we figured out a cost effective solution. He delivered outstanding customer service and displays extroadinary persistence with problem solving. Truly memorable and I will recommend your firm to all my friends!

  • Date added: 01/04/2010
    Testimonial by: Laura Wiles

    Hello Elizabeth,

    Just wanted to let you know -- my under cabinet LED lights are installed and they are AWESOME! So glad I found your website - I had given up on finding LED lights that could be hardwired without huge transformers taking up space. My electrician talked to the lighting supply store in our area and they said you couldn't get any such thing! Your customer service people were excellent to deal with and my lights came quickly. 

  • Date added: 02/10/2009
    Testimonial by: David H Wesley of Daves Hydraulic Repair


    Thank you for your personal expertize. Your fixtures where of better quality than I had expected...and your service...and your prices...and your fast...super fast delivery. I truly wish I and all could have this kind of personal service in all we do in all our purchases, our country would be back on track and our minds would have a lot less anxiety. Thanks for all, and will be calling you again for other purchases.

  • Date added: 03/02/2009
    Testimonial by: Pat Morgalis of Atlanta, GA

    Chris was so helpful and knowledgeable. I got all the lights for under my cabinets at 60% less than the prices I was quoted in Atlanta.

    The product was exactly as described and was shipped quickly. They are excellent quality and look beautiful. Thank you to Chris for his patience and expertise. I was a rookie but he made the process very easy. Even allowing me to return the extras that I bought w/o any hassle. Great company.. terrific website and staff.

  • Date added: 09/12/2008
    Testimonial by: Linda Folstad

    Many thanks to Brett for his help in my recent telephone order. I was impressed with his efficiency, initiative, and friendliness. He was very professional in our phone conversation.

  • Date added: 08/21/2013
    Testimonial by: Kathy Wright of ETI Services, Inc.

    Prices were very competitive. Best of all, product satisfied our customer. Working w/Josh was a pleasure. We were treated as if we were his only customer. Hope to work w/him again!
  • Date added: 10/21/2010
    Testimonial by: Herman Cárdenas of Renaissance Properties

    Thank you so much Kelly!!! Your service is impeccable and we will be doing more business with you in the future.

  • Date added: 02/26/2015
    Testimonial by: Jake of Florence Public Library

    Good products, good prices and excellent customer service. Would highly recommend.
  • Date added: 08/23/2010
    Testimonial by: Brian of Applied Electrical Solutions

    I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about the quality of the products that I was going to receive. But after multiple orders, and ABOVE AND BEYOND customer service from KELLY, I have nothing but great things to say about your company. Keep up the good work, and thank you---KELLY for all your hard work!! Brian, NJ
  • Date added: 12/08/2008
    Testimonial by: Brandon Every of Every's Custom

    Thanks a Bunch to Sarah and her team at Contractor Lighting! First time customer and they treated me like gold. I told them what I was wanting and they had me a layout within a few hours. I had my lights and bulbs in 2 days. The layout was a perfect amount of light.

    Job well done.

  • Date added: 08/21/2009
    Testimonial by: George Martin of Martin Electric

    I recently purchased a light from you and was very pleased.I will be contacting you soon again for more purchases.

  • Date added: 09/12/2008
    Testimonial by: Butch of BECKS Glass

    Recessed cans and trim arrived today. All I can say is wow! Excellent product, price and shipping. Better than Lowes or other chains products by far. Will definately use again . Don't hesitate to use them, the product and service is fantastic. Glad I found them. Thanks.

  • Date added: 03/20/2012
    Testimonial by: Phil of Blalock Electric

    Hi Brian, I did receive the fixtures yesterday. So far everything looks good, and I think they will work well for our needs. Thanks for your help, and for getting them to us so quickly. You and your co-workers have been great to work with. I look forward to doing business again in the near future. 

  • Date added: 09/11/2009
    Testimonial by: Gary Meyers of San Jose, CA

    I recently had a failure in one of the under cabinet light fixtures that I purchased about 18 months ago. I dropped an email inquiring about the life expectancy of the fixture. I was pleased to get a response the following day advising me that a new fixture was in the mail and that I could simply keep the failed fixture for parts.

    I find that kind of customer support very hard to find these days. It's a pleasure doing business with these folks. 

  • Date added: 03/31/2011
    Testimonial by: Eden Prairie of G.J.Therkelsen & Associates, inc

    Thank you for the superb service, packaging, shipping and communication. You are doing things right. Gary Therkelsen
  • Date added: 02/03/2009
    Testimonial by: Shirley Fields, Treasurer of Reynoldsburg Park Condo Association

    I wanted to express my thanks to Brett Clark for all the help he has given the Board of Directors for the Reynoldsburg Park Condo Association. We have been having trouble with exit lights for almost a year. We had new ones installed and after a period of time the electrician we had did not seem to want to see that they all worked at the same time. We were put in touch with Brett and your company through a relative of one of our board members who knew Brett.

    We now have lights that work and are so thankful for all the help we received from Brett and also Kelly. They took care of it all for us and were so friendly. We just want to you know how much we appreciate doing business with your company and the good help you employ. 

  • Date added: 10/23/2009
    Testimonial by: JOSE

    I placed an order online for 2 airtight low voltage housings. I was surprised to get a follow-up call from Kelly to make sure that my order was ok. 

    I have purchased thru the internet many times and never before received a follow-up call. I will be ordering from you from now on. Thanks for your service and good prices

  • Date added: 02/22/2011
    Testimonial by: William S Lieber

    Invoice 109079 - the replacement undercounter light is working like a champ! Thank you for replacing the defective one so quickly.
  • Date added: 11/25/2008
    Testimonial by: Robert Godard

    For my woodworking shop, I purchased seven high-bay fluroescent fixtures, four lamps T5HO; and one high-bay fluorescent fixture, six lamps T5HO. The light output and quality are tremendous. Wow! Quality of fixtures is very good. Shipping was very fast and packaging very good. One fixture came with a ballast rattling around. I called Contractor Lighting and they immediately sent another fixture.

    The people at Contractor Lighting are so easy to work with! For the price, compared with what is available through the big Box stores, these lamps are very reasonably priced and more than well worth it. The six lamp fixture hangs directly over my table saw, for no shadows. My shop looks like daylight in summer! Superb lighting! Outstanding company! Highly recommended!

  • Date added: 08/03/2012
    Testimonial by: Dr. Sara Seyedin

    Thanks so much, Kelly. This was my first experience purchasing from your company. You sure made the who experience a pleasant one. I will buy from you again.

  • Date added: 09/12/2008
    Testimonial by: Tom Cook of Saint Paul, Minnesota

    I recently ordered some T8 fluorescent fixtures from your company. I was not able to find these at any local supplier so I was delighted to see you carried them. I ordered 5 of them and paid for with my credit card. These light fixtures arrived right on time, and were packaged extremely well to avoid damage. The assembly of these fixtures was far more simple than other fixtures, and the lights worked perfectly first time around.

    I appreciate your great service and the speed at which my order arrived and the fact that these fixtures work flawlessly is a true bonus. No problems, no hassles, everything worked exactly as was needed. I will definitely purchase materials from your firm again.

    Thanks from Saint Paul, Minnesota.

  • Date added: 05/13/2009
    Testimonial by: Philip Himot

    Dear Sarah,

    Thank you so much for your help on my last order, you really came through for me. Attached is the way the old covers were deformed. But with your follow up skills the problem was mended in a timely manner. 

  • Date added: 01/13/2009
    Testimonial by: G.D.

    Knowledgeable staff, great prices, super fast shipping, and outstanding service after the sale. What more can I say - we will definitely look to do business with Contractor Lighting & Supply again!

  • Date added: 02/14/2011
    Testimonial by: Robert Koffsky of Miller Hill Limited

    The replacement fixture arrived yesterday. Super service!!!!
  • Date added: 12/01/2008
    Testimonial by: Joe Spelz

    Steve did a great job helping me put together my order. Everything arrived quickly and Steve provided lots of followup to ensure the whole sale went well for me -- it did. I was impressed with the level of customer service and the prices were excellent. Couldn't be more satisfied. This company really stands for customer service.

  • Date added: 01/05/2009
    Testimonial by: Rod

    Kelly, Just installed lights in our old shop and I have a complaint. You should include several pairs of sunglasses with your lighting packages to eliminate damage to our eyes. Just kidding!

    We left our old lights up to compare the lighting. I cant believe we were working in that atmosphere. It looks like we are in the dark when we shut the new lights off and turn on the old. If they hold up okay we will be buying more for our new shop. They are awesome! Thanks for steering us right. 

  • Date added: 12/28/2010
    Testimonial by: Amit Sahasrabudhe

    Hi Nikki,

    Thanks for the quotation. I did confirm that Item #s listed in the quotation is what I ordered online yesterday. Truly appreciate your customer focus and ability to go above and beyond to meet customer needs. Thanks for all you efforts and time in getting this order shipped out today.I also received UPS notification which has a tracking number. Wish you a Happy Holidays and Great New Year!

  • Date added: 09/12/2008
    Testimonial by: Russel

    Glad I found you. You guys beat L--- and H--- D----!

  • Date added: 03/23/2010
    Testimonial by: Sam of Corinth, MS


    Things are going well here…saving around $2,000 per month, from now on! We are very pleased. I sent a couple of fixtures to my brother in Corinth, MS.

  • Date added: 09/20/2010
    Testimonial by: Bruce Dodge

    Hi Nicki,

    I received the lamp fixture, and it's fine. Thanks again for all your help in resolving the problems, even though they weren't your fault. I will certainly recommend you if I have the chance.

  • Date added: 03/04/2010
    Testimonial by: Dennis Yurik

    I ordered 6 can lights and trim rings on a Monday and they arrived in three days! Great prices. My son is a carpenter who does kitchen and bath remodeling and is very impressed with your product selection. He will be using your company for all his electrical needs.
  • Date added: 03/07/2011
    Testimonial by: of Milton Harvest job

    Hi Kelly! Thanks for all your help last week on the ballast issue! I'm more and more confident with your company with every order.
  • Date added: 09/12/2008
    Testimonial by: Scott

    Tell Brett thanks for following up.

  • Date added: 08/09/2012
    Testimonial by: Michel Musser, Building Performance of Lancaster, PA

    We have recently added lighting retrofit packages to our Home Performance Contracting business. Struggling to find CFL’s that worked well on dimmer circuits we began to explore LED options. Kelly from Contractor Lighting recommended the new Best-LED CREE Par 38 and 30 bulbs for our application. To say the least our customer was really impressed with the quality of light and how well they dimmed.

    Our next project required a lighting retrofit as well and we surprised the customer with installing the Best LED’s in their music study for an example of how an LED can perform. They loved the light quality so much we’ve now ordered an additional supply of bulbs for their entire kitchen, master bath, and all accent lighting. I have searched long and hard for an LED that truly gave the warm quality of light we are all used to. These bulbs are built iron-clad and outperform any other bulb we have tried and the white housing is stylish with clean lines. 

  • Date added: 03/02/2009
    Testimonial by: Stephen Filoramo

    These folks are a dying breed. They actually call to make sure your order is intact and everthing you expected. For me, it is very refreshing to get this kind of excellent service.
  • Date added: 09/12/2008
    Testimonial by: NUTRONICS of NUTRONICS

    Contractor Lighting has been a pleasure to work with. Excellent pricing, quality and customer service is beyond our expectations!

    We received our order within 3 days!

  • Date added: 02/04/2010
    Testimonial by: Karen Baird

    My experience with your company has been a pleasure... Steve was an incredible help and wonderful to deal with! This was so easy--the products are exactly what I wanted and they look fantastic, not to mention the quick delivery. Communication and customer service A+ Thanks Steve for making this such a positive experience. I will certainly pass your website on to family and friends and we will be back!

  • Date added: 02/12/2010
    Testimonial by: Pat Toliver

    Good morning Sarah,

     Thanks for your attention to my order. Just because someone else dropped the ball it's always a breath of fresh air to call and get someone such as yourself to correct it. I usually get someone on the other side of the world that when I "push 1 for English" I still can't understand them!! Your telephone demeanor is excellent and I appreciate it very much. Good thing I'm not still running those big ole parts departments....I would try to steal you away from that bunch! Have a COLD but nice day.

  • Date added: 06/11/2009
    Testimonial by: Denny Martin of The Martin Company

    We recently were refitting our warehouse with t-8 lighting and taking advantage of our local utility department's rebate program to save money. We immediately found that we would have to buy a much more expensive lamp and fixture in order to qualify for the rebate. This would nullify and previously estimated savings.

    Luckily, Steve at Contractor Lighting worked out a bid that saved us money, and kept us in a lighting range that works great in our warehouse without the hassle or jumping through the hoops that the utility company was wanting us to do. I am truly glad I happened on the guys from Contractor Lighting.

  • Date added: 09/12/2008
    Testimonial by: Michael Jinks

    I needed a replacement for an BRAND NAME under-the-counter light fixture ($115 msrp). I’ve always suspected BRAND NAME was over-priced and this experience proved it. The ballast was dying, so I scoured the internet for an exact replacement, BRAND NAME $26 plus $12 shipping and handling. I balked at the $12 and looked some more. I found Contractor Lighting. A complete fixture for $19.58 plus $3.92 S&H. Now that’s more like it.

    The order process was as smooth as and I got a shipping reply within two hour on a Friday afternoon. Wednesday morning UPS delivered a well wrapped package.

    So what did my $23.50 buy? The no-name fixture was every bit as good parts wise as my old BRAND NAME It has two single-lamp ballast. Assembly was meticulous and in several ways better. It is quality stuff. And it even included two F8T5 florescent lamps – now I’m luving it! Installation was easy and this note is taking longer time wise. It is very satisfying to find organizations that provide both outstanding service and good value for my money.

    Contractor Lighting has earned my business and I will be shopping here again soon.

  • Date added: 09/12/2008
    Testimonial by: David Derby of Sequoia Publishing, Inc

    I ordered 2 emergency lights to replace some existing lights and found Contractor Lighting had the best prices after shopping for a while. The lights were shipped to me very quickly but upon opening the package I found one of the lights was broken in transit. I called Contractor Lighting (after hours) and left a message asking them how they wanted to handle the problem. After a couple of days I was intending to call again to check if they had received my message.

    As I was heading to my office to make the call, there was a package on my table from Contractor Lighting with a new unit to replace the broken one. Now THAT is customer service!!! I was so impressed I had to call to thank them. Contractor Lighting is the best.

  • Date added: 04/15/2012
    Testimonial by: Chris of James Christopher Builders

    To have found a vender with reliable quality products is hard to begin with. Than to find that vendor with great pricing. Than to have a sales rep like Ryan Bosker is just mind blowing. Customer service is alive and well at CLS. Keep up the great work!
  • Date added: 03/18/2009
    Testimonial by: Margie Marsells


    Thanks for the quick responsiveness, great customer service. The remainder of the order is as ordered. Have a great day.

  • Date added: 03/31/2009
    Testimonial by: Jon Shaw of Owner-Builder

    I needed a large quantity of recessed lights for the house I'm building. Through my own mistake, I didn't get them ordered when I should have. I called your company to see if I could get the material delivered to my site in two days, and preparing myself for a steep upcharge for express shipping. Your salesman (Harold) helped me finalize my order, and told me that there was no need for express shipping. I was skeptical, but he assured me that an order placed by 3:00 PM Wednesday would arrive by COB Friday.

    When I arrived home Friday, my lighting supplies were waiting for me. The lights had to be available for my electrician the following Monday morning, so I was very pleased. Your guy could have easily sold me the express shipping. Instead, he saved me a big chunk of change and still got the product to me on time. I'd also like to add that the quality of your merchandise is top-notch. I had considered splurging for Halo lights, but couldn't stomach the additional expense. Your lights are every bit the equal of Halo's, and about 1/3 the price. (for 4") I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with both your product and your representatives. I got just what I needed, just when I needed it, and got it for a great price.

  • Date added: 02/06/2009
    Testimonial by: Clinton of Storage Maintenance Specialist Inc.


    Thank you! I appreciate the great service! Definitely earned my business!

  • Date added: 09/12/2008
    Testimonial by: John B. Gaither

    Received my order today and am very satisfied with everything. Quick shipping, quality of can lights and trim. You saved me a little over $300 on my home addition. I shopped hard and you beat them all.

    If ever I need more, I will return to you. Plus, will tell my friends about Contractor Lighting. Thanks much!

  • Date added: 11/13/2008
    Testimonial by: Trey of White Management

    Great Company! Very personable, Always willing to help out with an order. Great shipping prices. Best prices anywhere on the net.

    I highly recommend using this company for all your electrical needs. They will never let you down.

  • Date added: 01/25/2010
    Testimonial by: George Martin of Martin Electric

    Hi Stephen,

    It was great finding your company as an alternative source, you were friendly and knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. You gave me a good product at a good price. Your service had a quick turn around in getting product delivered to me or my job site. I look forward to working with you as much as possible. 

  • Date added: 03/02/2009
    Testimonial by: Barry Hurd, Owner of Medford, OR

    I’m the owner of Delta Waters Car Wash in Medford OR. We have recently replaced all of our mercury vapor lights with the Premium Vapor Tite 4ft 54watt T5HO Fixtures. The help I received from “Chris Petty” in this transition was very valuable, thank you Chris. The lights are far better than the lights we had before the change, and we are now saving a large amount on our power bill. I highly recommend these lights to anyone looking to better their situation. 

  • Date added: 03/02/2009
    Testimonial by: Judith C Nicholson

    We are in a overseas location and items arrived well packed and in good shape thanks to the attention to detail.

  • Date added: 10/31/2009
    Testimonial by: Michelle

    You guys are GREAT! Your prices are fantastic and Grant is always very helpful! You are the only place I'll buy my electrical stuff from now. Thank you!

  • Date added: 11/30/2009
    Testimonial by: Richard

    Just wanted to say thanks! I received my order today and I had no idea it would show up the NEXT DAY! That's hard to find anywhere!. Between your excellent prices, and CHEAP AND FAST shipping I know where to look first now. I just had a small order but it still blew the big box stores out of the water!

  • Date added: 05/20/2011
    Testimonial by: Don - LDS of Jamaica Queens, NY


    Thank you - you make me so confident in your company.

  • Date added: 09/19/2012
    Testimonial by: Anthony Benson

    I just wanted to say thanks. I received my (12) 4' 2 bulb T8 fixtures and (25) T8 rapid start bulbs in 3 days with free ground shipping on my order. All the ballasts and bulbs were good.

    Garage is lit up beautifully and I couldn't be more happy. Great price, great service and everything worked. Thank you!

  • Date added: 02/09/2009
    Testimonial by: Brian Hayes, President of Quality Homes by Brian Hayes, Inc.

    I never, ever file a testimonial when purchasing online. However, I want to compliment your company on your very fine service and products. Most importantly though you have wonderful and helpful people on your staff.

    Steve has been most helpful and courteous and made me feel as my business is important to him. In a day where customer service has been replaced by low cost/service, your professionalism is refreshing. My company will be a long and loyal customer. 

  • Date added: 09/29/2015
    Testimonial by: Al Oppenheiser

    Camaro Chief Engineer


    Everything arrived flawlessly and on time. I can't thank you enough for your urgency, cooperation, honesty, and for working with me on costs. It is nice to deal with people of integrity, in a day when you can't rely on everyone you deal with online or over the phone. I will surely pass your name on to friends and family. Thank you very much. 


  • Date added: 09/11/2013
    Testimonial by: Steve Porter of Industrial Sales Company

    I would like to thank Joshua Prather for the excellent work and service that he has provided me on my orders. His professionalism and knowledge made the ordering process fast and accurate. Pricing was the best from any other supplier I looked at and the speed of getting the order was faster than I thought possible. He is great on updating the delivery tracking information. I wish that all the suppliers that I work with were as efficient and professional as Joshua. I didn't know Joshua when I first called to check on the cost and availability of the items that I needed, but he instantly worked hard to help with pricing and delivery information and always kept me informed and even checking with me to make sure everything was ok when I received the order. He is certainly dedicated to his job and servicing the needs of the customer. Thank you for your help and support! Steve Porter Industrial Sales Company
  • Date added: 03/04/2011
    Testimonial by: James Venable, Maintenance Manager of LaQuinta, Bozeman


    Thank you for your time on the phone, we figured we saved over a thousand dollars through your company. That is significant, and your time and patience is a great reflection on your company. 

  • Date added: 01/05/2009
    Testimonial by: Jully Linart

    I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that the lights were a success. Having each unit have it's own switch and two settings at that, was very impressive. Thank you for all your kind help.

    I have put you into the file for electrical contacts. If we have to do more remodeling to survive this recession you will definitely be hearing from me again. I will also recommend you to others.

  • Date added: 01/27/2009
    Testimonial by: Michael Nystrom

    Overall, I was very pleased. This was my second order. There was a problem with my first order, but was they were eager to resolve it quickly. I will order from them in the future.

  • Date added: 02/08/2010
    Testimonial by: Jason Webster, Purchasing

    Just wanted tell you You have a great employee! The CEO of the company hit me with a new company to buy from. Saying we could save about 6% a year on the total cost of lighting and electric parts.

    But because your rep Chris Petty gives such great service I fought that fight and got my way. The savings is not worth losing the service I get from Chris! 

  • Date added: 02/08/2011
    Testimonial by: Rick J.

    Searching for under-counter lighting at the big-box stores was one of the most frustrating experiences I've ever had. We found the staff to be seriously short of experience and information when it came to lighting and fixtures. The under-counter lighting they sold was overpriced and packed with alot of 'consumer grade' extension cord wiring that we were never planning on using.

    Thank goodness we found the Contractor Lighting website. This company was excellent to work with, not to mention getting us excellent quality fixtures in record time.

  • Date added: 12/09/2010
    Testimonial by: Mike of Bruno Mfg

    Thank you for the super fast service! I ordered on-line Tues. afternoon (the 7th) and the package was delivered Thurs. afternoon (the 9th). I have your website bookmarked and will definitely recommend to others.
  • Date added: 09/11/2009
    Testimonial by: Brendan Cain of BRENMAR Partners

    Purchased a quantity of trim kits - very happy with them, the pricing, and the delivery.

  • Date added: 03/02/2009
    Testimonial by: Jennifer Corliss

    Hi Harold, I received the lights on Friday and they were installed later that night. They are exactly what I wanted and expected.