Xenon Under Cabinet Lights

Xenon Under Cabinet Lights

Xenon under cabinet lights provide ambient illumination for large under counter spaces. Our xenon under cabinet lights can be used wherever there are cabinets or counters and a need for good illumination or as an accent light in a confined space. Popular under cabinet lighting installations include within bedroom shelving, in wall nooks along hallways or stairways, in dining room hutches, in living room shelving. Plus family room entertainment centers,under kitchen cabinets, in museum display cases, within some trade show exhibits, on office desk tops, at hospital work stations, in bookcases in studies or libraries, in display cases in restaurants, under tavern shelves or under bars, in bathroom linen closets. 

The average rated life on these Xenon bulbs is 8,000 hours. The old style halogen bulb fixture is just 2,000 hours.

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